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Black Monday Is Coming: The Official DraftBrowns “Short List” of GM/Coaching Candidates

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

Is Oregon Coach Chip Kelly on the Browns’ radar to replace Pat Shurmur? (photo: Staff Writer:  Ryan Alton

The Monday after the last game of the season in the NFL is called “Black Monday” because it is typically the day that coaches and front office executives of struggling teams get fired. The powers that be often see little point in wasting valuable time keeping around personnel they don’t plan to have return and instead move fast to get the process rolling toward finding their replacements.


For the Cleveland Browns, with a new owner and new CEO/president coming in during the middle of the season, the changes coming down on the coaching staff and general manager have merely been a matter of time. It is widely assumed Head Coach Pat Shurmur and General Manger Tom Heckert will not be back next season. In fact, the moves should come quickly after the team plays its final game in Pittsburgh on Sunday. (more…)

“The Silly Season” Starts Early in Cleveland

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

What changes does Browns CEO Joe Banner have in mind? (photo courtesy of Staff Writer: Ryan Alton

In the NFL, the period of eight weeks between the Scouting Combine and the NFL Draft is typically nicknamed “The Silly Season” due to the rumors that often run rampant throughout landscape in the name of misdirection. Teams use misinformation about their intentions and eligible draft prospects to disguise their blueprint leading up to draft day and to throw off other teams who may be interested in similar prospects. The best avenue for laying down a trail of breadcrumbs for rival organizations (and fans) to follow is the media. Acting as if they are completely unaware that they’re being used, the media gobble up every piece of information fed to them, credible or otherwise, and regurgitate it for mass consumption.


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