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With Switch to 3-4 Looming, Browns Release Rucker

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

After only one season with the team, the Browns and Frostee Rucker have parted ways. (photo courtesy of Editor: Brendan Leister

With a new scheme often comes personnel changes.  After signing a 5-year, $20.5m contract last March, Frostee Rucker has been released by the Cleveland Browns.  WIthout having direct knowledge of Rucker’s contract, it’s impossible to determine the exact cap result.  However, with the limited knowledge that’s floating around, the savings or penalty isn’t enough for it to be a big deal either way.  The most likely reason for the release is the fact that Rucker didn’t have a natural fit in Ray Horton’s 3-4 defense. (more…)

Projecting the Browns Front Seven to Ray Horton’s Defensive Scheme

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

How will the Browns’ current pieces in the front seven fit in Ray Horton’s 3-4 defense? (photo courtesy of Editor: Brendan Leister

With Ray Horton being brought in as the Cleveland Browns’ new defensive coordinator, a switch to an attacking 3-4 defense seems to be in the cards.  With the switch, most of the players in the front seven are in line for a position change.  None of these projections are sure things.  I could be way off on a few of them, but I am simply looking at the players’ skill sets and projecting them the best I possibly can. (more…)

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