2014 Senior Bowl Weigh-in Notes

January 20th, 2014

Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas was one of the “stars” of Senior Bowl weigh-ins (Photo: Matt Gentry-Roanoke Times)

DraftBrowns.com Staff Writer: Justin Higdon

There’s little question that the most awkward spectacle of Senior Bowl week is the annual weigh-in, where players parade across a stage wearing boxer briefs and tattoos, stopping first for the for official height measurement (down to the nearest eight of an inch), and then onto the scale.  Player physiques ranged from good to bad to downright ugly, but you won’t hear official scouting terms like “bubble butts” or “moobs” from me.  I will, however, give a quick run down of the highs and the lows from this morning’s beauty pageant.


Logan Thomas was the only quarterback on either team to check in taller than 6’2 1/4”.  Thomas  was built like a defensive end and measured at 6’5 3/4” and 256 pounds.  Thomas also has gigantic 10 3/4” hands, and his measurables will likely trick some personnel types into thinking they can “fix” him.  Expect Thomas to be drafted higher than his game tape would suggest.

David Fales surprised onlookers with a half-sleeve tribal tat on his upper left arm.  He measured at 6’1 3/8” and 220 pounds, but his hands are on the small side at 9 1/4”.  Speaking of small hands, Jimmy Garoppolo came in at 9” even, though at 6’2 1/4”, he was the second tallest QB in attendance.  Just a week ago, people were wondering if he’d crack 6’2” and there he was measuring taller than Derek Carr (6’2 1/8”).  Carr’s hand size will be a bigger issue than his height though, as he measured at just 9 1/8”.


Perhaps the most disappointing weigh in of the day came courtesy of Alabama linebacker Adrian Hubbard, the only fourth year junior in Mobile this week.  Hubbard was nearly 6’6” tall, but weighed a soft 255 pounds highlighted by a pot belly.  Now, most of the football writing community has little room to talk about body definition, but writers aren’t auditioning for NFL jobs.  More alarming was Hubbard’s Greg Oden-esque, old man gait.  He looked like he’d been wearing shoes that were two sizes small just prior to the weigh in.  The guy simply looked uncomfortable.


South defensive tackle Dan McCullers was often listed at around 370 during his college days, but he checked in at 348 this morning, and he looked like he’d been on a crash diet.  His body hasn’t yet had time to adjust to the 25-30 pound weight loss.  McCullers does have incredibly long arms though, so he has that going for him. Baylor guard Cyril Richardson, often touted as a potential first rounder, joined McCullers in the sloppy body club, and sported the most prodigious belly of the day.  On the flip side, offensive linemen Gabe Jackson and Ja’wuan James carried their weight fairly well.


Arkansas defensive end Chris Smith looked like the Hulk.  he came in at 6’1 1/8” tall, but weighed a rock solid 266 pounds, and has an 82 1/2 inch wingspan.  To put that in perspective, his reach is 1/4” longer than the 6’6” James.


North teammates Stanley Jean-Baptiste (CB from Nebraska) and Ra’Shede Hageman (DT from Minnesota) also made favorable impressions.  Baptiste has the prototype body for the modern cornerback, at a sculpted 6’2 3/8” and 215 pounds.  Hageman is expected to display brilliant athleticism in combine tests next month, and looked fit for his 6’6” 318 pound frame.  Also impressive was Miami’s OT Seantrel Henderson, who measured 6’6 7/8” and carried his 331 pounds well.  His 84” wing span was among the best of the day as well.  Henderson is the offensive line version of Logan Thomas, in that his measurables are likely to gloss over his spotty game film.

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