2014 Browns Draft Picks

Picks that the Cleveland Browns have in the 2014 NFL Draft:

1st Round Pick (#8 Overall from MIN): Justin Gilbert, Cornerback, Oklahoma State

1st Round Pick (#22 Overall from PHI): Johnny Manziel, Quarterback, Texas A&M

2nd Round Pick (#35 Overall): Joel Bitonio, Offensive Lineman, Nevada

3rd Round Pick (#71 Overall): Christian Kirksey, Inside Linebacker, Iowa

3rd Round Pick (#94 Overall from SF): Terrance West, Running Back, Towson

4th Round Pick (#127 Overall from IND): Pierre Desir, Cornerback, Lindenwood

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  1. Shane says:

    this is a very early draft prediction for 2014 so I doubt any of these picks will happen. I’m only doing the first 3 rounds.
    1.HaHa Clinton-Dix S Alabama: We didn’t fill a need at safety unless you count Slaughter who plays strong safety. T.J. Ward is a top 10 safety already and even if we sign Kerry Rhodes to tide us over, we’ll need to get a solid upgrade after his one/two year contract expires.
    2.Cyril Richardson G Baylor: Guard is the only weak point on a stellar offensive line. Pinkston’s good when he’s healthy but that wasn’t much last year. Lauvou is improving but he might reach a Plateau shortly.
    3.Brett Hundley QB UCLA: Even if Weeden is good, we need a solid backup and a QB to groom for a year or two. Hundley has drawn comparisons to Cam Newton who Chud has some experience working with.
    3.Max Bullough ILB Michigan State: If Leon McFadden turns out as a solid #2, the only remaining weak spot after Clinton-Dix is drafted would be ILB. We would probably have the most promising young defense in the league. The oldest defensive player at the moment is D’Qwell Jackson and he’s not even 30 yet. So it looks the Browns should have a top 5 defense in 2-3 years.

    • Joe says:

      Your an idiot we did not trade Trent to get o-line or defensive players in first round we need a qb and everyone in the football world knows that. With the first pick we will take Bridgewater or the guy that the browns were all over about a week ago Johnny football.

      • Matt says:

        You’re an idiot can you not see that Shane posted that 5 months ago? look at the date bud.

      • bruno says:

        yes qb !!! trade up to #1 or #2 manziel or bridgewater then guard #2nd pick then running back -the guy from western kentucky

        • Nate says:

          Qb’s are crucial we need it more than anything AND if we want a running back then we go for Carlos Hyde off of Ohio State. Now in since Hoyer is back, we need a solid back-up QB (AJ McCarron is the best way to go as far as QB’s are concerned, then we needs someone to throw to so who else should they get except for Sammy Watkins out of Clemson!

          • Nick says:

            Nate, I agree with everything except that I don’t think hoyer is the way to go for a starting qb. I say we go with manziel or bridgewater at qb. Hoyer may last for a little while but we can’t depend on him in the long run.

      • JORDAN says:

        no joe you’re an idiot we need to build a defense and an OL be fore we put some other poor sap under center. CJ Mosley first pick all day and then either a saftey or corner opo Joe “SHUTDOWN” Haden…. Before you start going off about the Shorts play look at all the recievers he’s shut down all year and with this so called 4th ranked defense NO team should be able to drive down the field 80 yards in the final 2 minutes someonme else besides Joe needs to make a play! Just realized this was posted earlier but thats what they need…

        • MDPwithfries says:

          We’re all idoits, we’re Browns fans.

        • Mike says:

          OL can use help but defence is strugling because we have no offence.yes we can use a mlb and cb.The first thing we need to adress is WR to help out Gordon .Brian Hoyer is a solid QB maby get a QB in the second round.
          1 WR 3 CB 4 WR
          1RB 3 MLB 5RB
          2 QB 4 OL 6, 7 best available
          Would love to have michael Orr.

          • David says:

            Haven’t the Browns drafted enough QBs since they have been back. Do we not learn anything? You folks always love the sexy picks but no QB will make it, especially rookies, until we have a decent team around him. Stop draafting RBs and QBs and build the team

          • Mike says:

            Im just thinking Cusins and Cutler will go to a team in need of a QB befor the draft .That will change the top picks of the draft and there still wil be a good QB in the second round.Im not wanting to draft a QB just to draft one.I believe Hoyer is our starter.And we should take a good QB in the 2nd round if hes project ed to go in the first round..I dont want us to draft for needs I want to draft the best talent on our draft board no mater what the position is.And this is the year for WR and offence.

          • Zachary says:

            Lets not focus on QB this draft . There are tons of them but not one in my opinion is worthy or ready to start for any team week 1. We need to focus on solidifying that offensive line. The guard position left and right has been atrocious the past couple seasons mostly because of injuries and lack of depth, also the guard position is one of the main reasons we can’t run the ball. Anyone who knows squat about football knows the the guards are the 2 single most important pieces to an effective run block. Secondly right tackle should be addressed as well. Mitchell Schwartz has been unimpressive thus far. In my opinion he is a tad small and lacks the necessary strength and footwork . He has given up more sacks and tackles in the backfield than any other lineman over the past 2 seasons in Cleveland. Now we can address the qb. I believe we need to not be hasty to take a qb early this draft. With the abundance of qbs they will be scattered and many will drop and become steals in the 2nd & 3rd round or later such as McCarron , Boyd and others. Being patient will pay off. Nextly and foremost in my opinion we must address the cornerback situation. Joe Haden is a solid #1 corner ………. And that’s it for our corners. Skrine is to small and lack man coverage ability to play #2 corner and Leon McFadden falls in the same boat. I believe that with the colts pick in the first round Darquez Dennard should be at the top of the list if he is still on the board . He has good size, great speed and excellent ball skills. Pairing him with Haden fills a huge void in the secondary. A couple other positions we should add to would be a free safety to compete with Gibson , a middle linebacker with excellent coverage ability and also the running back position. The Richardson trade was ingenious. The draft class this year is full of rb that would fit in Cleveland. Guys like kadeem Carey, lasche seashrunk and CARLOS HYDE . Hyde is the obvious favorite of mine of those three and he should be yours too. He is an explosive runner with great power and vision , He has the speed to create space between himself and defender, he protects the ball and he has a very high motor . Cleveland would be foolish not to seriously consider drafting him.

        • The Fin says:

          Successful Cleveland Browns Draft (at this point) would look something like this:
          Round 1 C.J. Mosely ILB OR Jadeveon Clowney OLB
          Round 1 Taylor Lewan RT
          Round 2 Gabe Jackson RG or David Yankey RG
          Round 3 AJ McCarron QB
          Round 3 CB or WR

        • The Fin says:

          I think a successful Browns dradt would look.like this:
          Round 1 CJ Mosely (ILB) o Jadeveon Clowney (OLB)
          Round 1 Taylor Lewan (RT)
          Round 2 Gabe Jackson (RG)
          Round 3 AJ McCarron (QB)
          Round 3 CB or WR
          Round 4 CB or WR
          Round 4 Developemental athlete
          Rounds 5-7 Find special teams cintributors

          • patrick says:

            Clowney is going to be another bust….you people are dumb to want to take a def. Player with the first pick. If they can learn to play 4 qrts. We have the defense

          • Nate says:

            Also do not forget about Carlos Hyde we cannot just focus on QB’s we need a solid run and a solid line so go for a QB and a LG RG and RT and then beef up the defense as much as possible

        • patrick says:

          Jordan your the idiot..we don’t need early picks to go for defense that’s one of the stupidest things posted we need consistency on defense a few picks for the secondary is what we we need and there will be quality secondary players in later rounds secondary players..Secondary means defensive backfield I’m sure you had no idea what I was talking about as dumb as your comment was

          • BonerJammerUrMom says:

            No, Patrick, you’re the idiot. You sound like one of those idiots who thinks they know whats best for the Browns, yet struggle with posting a coherent thought. Please, enlighten me on your reasoning. However, you must stick with validating what you’ve posted so far.

        • Gavin says:

          We don’t need a safety we have a pro bowl saftey already and bust skrine is a good corner we should draft good lineman Tajh Boyd to play under Campbell or hotter for at leat a year and Carlos Hyde! Which Should be self explainitory (he is a monster)

      • wayne says:

        you are the type of fan that supports stupid draft picks & signings of big hype names that NEVER produce on the field. The smartest thing the Browns could possibly do is take the best available at pick 4, draft HaHa Clinton Dix with their second first round pick and then they can steal a starter in the second round with McCarron and wind up with 2 of the top position players in the draft and a starting QB who is as good as any QB in the draft.

      • Brian says:

        You’re an idiot because you don’t know the difference between your and you’re. And we did get a defensive player in the first round as well as did not draft a QB with the first pick which was also a stupid idea I was against the entire time.

      • Me says:

        Richardson was hurt too much

    • Austin says:

      The Browns need a scrambling west coast passer or a quick guy that can get out of the pocket and still wing it downfield and take off with it if he has to. They need Miller out of OSU or Martinez out of NEB or someone with wheels on em’. Pocket QBs don’t last on the Browns and there is a good reason for it. They don’t have a pass pro line and until they do, a pocket guy is getting rocked all day. Just ask Hoyer or Wheeden how the pressure is back there.

      • GT says:

        Oddly enough it has been proven that we do have a solid O-Line as I honestly suspected but couldn’t verify with Weeden. With Weeden proven to be one of the worst F-ups in draft history (thanks Mike) and Richardson now an official bust (thanks again mike) I think we can place teh blame solely on Weeden. Every other QB who understands the speed of the game and gets rid of the ball has been fine. Jason Campbell is a 33 yr old wash up that looked like a top half NFL QB last week against a good defense.

      • Terry says:

        The Browns should use the first three picks on #1 – a proven, big time QB (Carr, Hundley, Garappolo, Guiton). The players can pass, run and are winners. #2 – the best Off. Tackle on the board. #3 – the best Off. Guard on the board. The offensive line must be addressed with solid, players from solid programs.

      • dan says:

        1st round – Derek carr / broyles
        1st round – Evans / watkins / m. Lee / Robinson
        2nd round – shazier or best line backer / OG – whichever best prospect
        3rd round – Carlos Hyde or best rb available
        3rd round – OT
        4th round – OT
        4th round – DB

        rest picks – best player available per our needs.

        Superbowl bound! :)

        • David says:

          Scratch Hyde. drafting a RB is the dumbest move in football. Any back will do. Just ask Rainey.

          • jake says:

            your an idiot get carlos hyde he is a boss he will beet you any day get carlos #1 round because he is better than darren mcfadden also get kenny guiten he is better than peyton manning

          • Mike says:

            Ask mcgahee or our backs we have now cause they a beast.lol thats the most stupidest thing I herd.

      • dylan says:

        Watkins AND Mack available. Browns pass on both. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!? If we draft that no talent turd Johnny Manziel I am moving to Pittsburgh.

        • Karen says:

          Good luck in Pittsburgh!!!

          • Gerald says:

            Right. I think its funny how you will be rooting for him 4 or 5 months from now. Its okay to have an opinion. Just please don’t say something you wont follow up with? Okay? Okay.

    • bill crowell says:

      Our Defense is number 4 in NFL now. So your thoughts are suspect here as stated. Improvement with a solid LB is a must and will help. Getting an offense that can keep the D off the field will also help. How many games does the D have to play before they are affected and generating a let down?

      • Mike says:

        100% agree .Our main main goal should be offence.
        1 PICK IN DRAFT NEEDS TO BE WR.We need to not jump on a QB with our 2 #1 picks.
        I love what I seen from Hoyer. Give him another great wr whith Gordon ,Camoren pick up Michael Orr
        (FA) and a top gard in the draft.We also need to resign Mack .

        • The Fin says:

          We have so many cap issues up and coming over the next three years, no way can we address the,oline through free agency…we gotta both the RT and RG in rounds one and two of the draft…and there are some beauts in the top rounds in 2014.

    • charles phillips says:

      I think Hoyer will be just fine in the nfl… 3-0 as a starter. We cant afford to get players for the future.we need people to help NOW.
      1a Watkins
      1b Ekpre or Best CB
      2 S Landry
      3a RB Thomas
      3b ILB
      4a Oline
      4b RB
      5 LB
      6 Oline
      7 DB

      • Andy Swanson says:

        Yes, yes, and yes. I am at Clemson University and I have been watching Sammy Watkins play receiver for 3 years. He is a can’t miss NFL player. Best hands in college football, great route running, explosive stop and go speed, as well as a great open field runner. Not to mention tough as nails. Not a stretch to take Sammy at 4, he will be something special in the NFL. Gordon and Watkins might make Hoyer look pretty damn good.

        • Chris Petras says:

          People keep say the Browns need a QB and we do! But is Sammy Watkins a reach…..NO! Are Blake Bortles and Manziel a reach……DEFINITELY! It is important to remember that the QB position will be much better in next years draft if Winston, Mariotta, and Hundley come out as expected. I just can’t see the Browns pass up Watkins here. He is too good. The Browns other needs are RT, RG, CB, and obviously RB which I think they can improve in FA with the signing of Ben Tate. Here is my draft predictions?aspirations for the Browns.

          1a. Sammy Watkins WR
          1b. Zach Martin OG
          2. Justin Gilbert or Jason Verrett CB
          3a. Mettenberger or McCarron QB
          3b. Carlos Hyde RB
          4. best Center/ILB
          4b. best Center/ILB

          • Jeff tucker says:

            trade a second round pick for mallet from NE and take Watkins with 1st pick is my dream sceneriro.. if Watkins isn’t available we still get a future qb at #4 with 26th pick we can get off lineman or wr if Watkins is gone

          • Garrett Fontenot says:

            So far I like this mock draft best for the browns.. Meets all needs.

            However I doubt Gilbert or mayber verrett fall to the second round. If they dont then you may go with Aaron murray or Derek Carr

    • Ryan says:

      No no no. With are 1st pick we take Manziel. Then with our 2nd pick we take AJ Mcarron in case manziel dosnt work out and if neither of them dont work out, we still have Hoyer. Then we take running back Carlos Hyde. We also need to try to pick up Eric Decker because he would be a perfect duo with Josh Gordon.

    • cleveland rocks says:

      sammy Watkins
      Cj Mosley
      Aj McCarron
      Carlos hyde or tre mason (rb)
      Jimmy garoppolo QB or joel botino (ot)
      Rd 4
      Brand thomas OG
      TJ Jones WR
      Dion Baily FS
      Adrian Hubbert OLB
      Tyler gaffney RB
      Matt Patchan OT
      Fov fonoti OT

    • Tee Fallon says:

      Just My Little Mock Draft For The Browns.

      Round 1 Pick 4 Greg Robinson OT Auburn
      Round 1 Pick 26 Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville
      Round 2 Pick 35 Tre Mason RB Auburn
      Round 3 Pick 71 Bruce Ellington WR South Carolina
      Round 3 Pick 83 Logan Thomas QB Virginia Tech
      Round 4 Pick 106 Martavis Bryant WR Clemson
      Round 4 Pick 127 James Hurst OT North Carolina

  2. Matt says:

    Tajh Boyd & Jordan Matthews would make me a happy Browns fan. In addition, I’d like to see them add to that swarming D & bring in depth for the OL.

    • Matt says:

      Also, PLEASE trade the extra 3rd & extra 4th to Detroit for Joique Bell. I’ve been asking for this guy for 3 yrs now…. Please?

      • Dan says:

        Absolutely not! Cut out giving up the trades for someone else’s has-beens. Count on your scouts to build from within and get some of this young talent tied into some long term contracts of 5 years or better.

    • Ted says:

      I could see myself happy with Tajh Boyd….definitely have ZERO issues if we could get either Jordan Matthews or Mike Evans.

  3. Jake says:

    I believe they will probably get either Boyd or Hundley first and then will go for a running back later in the first round obtaining either Gurley or Seastrunk.

  4. Richard says:

    I’d start off w Boyd #1 & then his team mate Watkins the other #1, we have only 1 #2 which I would try & pickup another #2 & a #3 by trading Weeden & Little & pic up a tall DB & monster DL for the 2 #2s now with the trade we have 3 #3s there id take RB Girley a top OL & then QB Kenny Giuten so at this point we bring back Hoyer to start & teach Boyd & Giuten & that’s just the first 3 rds

  5. jcam222 says:

    You are insane to trade a 3rd and 4th for Bell. He is a good back but not worth those two picks. I also hope we spend our top round picks on O line and receiver as opposed to QB. There are plenty of QBs in the 2014 draft worth takign in the 2nd or 3rd round. Hoyer is a stud starter anyway.

    • G-Man says:

      Agreed. Don’t waste more draft picks on other teams cast-offs. Draft a RB or sign a FA player like Houston’s Ben Tate to be your new RB instead.

  6. Nick says:

    For the people wondering why we traded Richardson it was because we are still looking for a franchise quarterback. Brian Hoyer only played two games and while he looked good, he is not a “franchise quarterback” and will be best served as our premier second string QB. For those of you who think I’m an idiot look at Matt Flynn. As of right now we currently own the 13th(our pick) and the 26th(Colts’ pick) in the first round. Assuming we continue losing and we finish with what I’m projecting somewhere between 4-6 wins at the end of the season that will surely give us a top ten pick. If we use that pick plus the Colts’ pick and throw in a second rounder it should be enough to move up into the top 3 or 5 and select Teddy Bridgewater. To me Teddy Bridgewater is the closest thing you’ll get to an Andrew Luck coming out of college. Scouts have compared Bridgewater to be the next Aaron Rodgers and that is too much for Cleveland to pass up. With this organization doing bold moves such as trading Richardson, singing Kruger and Bryant to big contracts, I see no reason why we wouldn’t trade some quality draft picks in 2014 and 2015 to draft a quarterback who may be the best QB to come out of the draft in the next 5-10 years. He blows away any 2013 QB and I don’t see any 2015 QB being a better draft pick than him. We need a franchise QB and this is our chance to get one.

    • Brandon says:

      You think Jacksonville is gonna pass on Bridgewater if he is that good? I dont…

    • GT says:

      Bridgewater will be a total bust. He is playing against teams that make the same Big XII pass defenses that made Weeden a star look stout. I think we get 6-7 wins and will need to settle for a QB down the line a little but I am happy with that. Boyd/manziel/Murray/Mettzenburger would be nice additions with the Colts 1st round gift for Trich. Remember that for every Andrew Luck/Peyton Manning there are plenty of Ryan Leaf/Joey Harrington/MAtt Leinhart/Tim Couch/David Carr types out there. I feel there are no “sure thing” QBs out there so lets not get to anxious in the first round. We are going to be fine. Need a CB opposite Haden even though Skrine has really improved, RG out of necessity, pass catching RB (4th round) and a WR that can simply catch a football between the numbers. Seven of the first 125 picks should accomplish this. We are like Seattle/SF a few years back but short a QB. I think Hoyer had us in the playoffs. Feel horrible for that guy.

      • Terry says:

        You mentioned David Carr in a very negative tone. Do you realize the beating he took when he played for Houston. he was sacked close to 100 times in 2 -3 seasons. No Qb can function under that situation.

        For that reason, Cleve. should pick a solid, mobile Qb and 2 or 3 solid off. lineman to protect the QB.

    • John says:

      NO WAY!!!! How many draft picks have we wasted on a QB? Couch, Quinn, Weeden ect…. You win in the NFL by controlling the line of scrimmage. We need to improve our offensive line. You take a average quarterback and put him behind a good line you get a good QB. You take a good quarterback put him behind a bad offensive line you got a bad quarterback. Offensive line is our first priority. We can find another quarterback later if need be, I am encouraged by Hoyer and Campbell. Get two great hogs to move the line and I promise we will be in the playoffs every year.

      • Ted says:

        I’d like to see us sign Ben Tate (RB) in the off-season to a free agent deal, then take either Mike Evans (TAM) or Jordan Matthews (Vandy) and Cyril Richardson (Baylor) in the first round. Let Hoyer/Campbell start pre-season as starter with someone like Zach Mettenberger (LSU) or AJ McCarron (Bama) behind them. Upgrade CB in the draft with either Jason Verrett (TCU) or Bradley Roby (OSU). Then with the other 3rd round pick wouldn’t mind picking either the ILB A.J. Johnson (Tenn), FS Tre Boston (NC), or even RB Charles Simms (WVU).

        • John Eastman says:

          Every time the Browns pick early = top 5, they either go defense or RB. They have settled for QB’s later on before without success – mid or late 1st round on. You want a franchise QB = pick them in the top 5. This year they have that opportunity to do so from a group of very good QB’s, all of which can be stars in the NFL. The Browns can not afford to pass on the opportunity of grabbing one of them this year even though Hoyer will start. Hoyer is approaching his 30′s you know. Bridgewater, Manziel, Bortles, or Derek Carr would be awesome picks (I love all four of them) get one of them Browns! The OL needs lots of help as well and the kid that has been mention several times I think is the way to go: Cyril Richardson – OG, otherwise any of the top OT’s like Antonio Richardson, Greg Robinson or Cedric Ogbuehi in the 2nd or 3rd round or Gabe Jackson – OG. A top WR like Watkins, Evans or M. Lee would be nice with the 2nd 1st round pick, but I like D. Adams or Kelvin Benjamin – WR as later picks – maybe 2nd round or early 3rd round. The Browns need a CB as well – maybe Verrett in the 2nd or 3rd round. Middle Linebacker whom can cover would be C.J. Moseley or Christian Jones and safety would be Clinton-Dix. Both Moseley or Dix would have to be the 2nd 1st round pick unless they slide to the early 2nd round. Would love to see the Browns pick Carlos Hyde as well – 3rd round is where he is projected to go as of right now. Browns could avoid some of the picks by signing free agents like Ben Tate at RB, Hakeen Nicks – WR and A. Verner – CB. I would suggest trading down a few spots but not very far – maybe with Minni and pick whom is taken yet among Manziel, Bridgewater, Bortles and Carr, and pick up an extra 2nd round pick. this can also be acomplished by trading up from the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th round etc. to acquire the extra 2nd round pick or do both. 1a – QB, 1b and 2a pick among – OG – Richardson, S – Dix, MLB – Moseley. 2b – best OT, WR – Adams or Benjamin, or MLB – C. Jones. 2c or 3a or 3b – OT, CB or/and Carlos Hyde – RB or best RB.
          GO BROWN!!!!!

    • The Fin says:

      We traded Richardson because he doesnt take whats there he tries to turn every run into a home run…therefore causing him to be an indecisive back that averages 3.2 yards per carry.

  7. Devan Kernya says:

    Eric ebron and Mike evans then aj mcarron or taj boyd in the second then the saftey from osu and then sign brandon browner as a FA!!!

  8. Ben says:

    Here are a few that I would like to see as Browns next year. This is just a list and some are higher prospects as of right now. The browns have 7 choices in the 1st four rounds so maybe a few could be chosen.

    1.QB is a huge need and there are a few good ones in this draft so it would not need to be their first pick other than Marcus Mariotta. I also like Aaron Murray Georgia, David Fales San Jose State, and Jeff Matthews Cornell. As a bit of a side if only Manziel was a little bit taller and had a lil less baggage I would be very happy with him.

    2.I would definately like to see one or both of these recievers on the team next year who I believe are both better than Sammy Watkins. Mike Evans Texas A&M and Jordan Matthews Vanderbilt.

    3.Next we may have to recognize that T.J. Ward may be leaving in FA next year. As his replacement or to compliment him would be Hasean Clinton Dix Alabama

  9. Ben says:

    4.The Browns need to add an ILB who can cover TEs or RBs and I think that guy would be Christian Jones FSU. They have had him rushing this year and does that well also.

    5.On to the O line. OG would have to be Spencer Long. He would help in the run game but he was injured a bit ago so that knee would have to be made sure he is good to go. If the front office does not trust Schwartz anymore at RT I would be happy with Jawuan James Tennessee.

    6.If a CB is added I would really like to see Ifo Ekpre-Olomu choosen. This guy is a beast.

    7.Lastly I think they need to upgrade at the DT position. This fella would be Daniel McCullers Tennessee.

    This is in no way a ranking of need. I do think half way through this season QB,WR and ILB should be pretty high choices. We do not know yet what Hoyer can do from starting 3 games. Dont get me wrong he looked great, but 3 games are not enough.

    • thanegash says:

      WOW, I just read your post after sending mine and you and I are dead on in agreement about this draft. Now if we could only get the big boys upstairs to think the same! Hope we do not lose Ward! He may not cover well, but he hits like the screen name I chose. What Browns fans need, are a couple of hard hitting D-backs to fire the crowd up! When The late great Don Rodgers, Eric Turner, Thane Gash, Chris Rockins, Felix Wright, etc. used to lay guys out, the Pound would go nuts! Let me show my age by throwing in Thom Darden! The hit vs. Cinci…WOW!

      (Rockins & Gash) awesome names for a football player!

  10. Mark says:

    From the Buckeyes…Carlos Hyde!

  11. Joe says:

    We should go into the draft decided on Hoyer as our starting QB. Pick up Ben Tate in the offseason. Draft the best available WR and G in the 1st round. Draft the best available QB in the 2nd round. Something like Cyril Richardson and Marquise Lee, and then Boyd or McCarron in the 2nd.

    Our offense would potentially be something like:

    QB – Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell, Tajh Boyd
    RB – Ben Tate, Dion Lewis
    WR – Josh Gordon, Marquise Lee, Davon Bess, Greg Little
    TE – Jordan Cameron, Gary Barnidge

    OLine – Joe Thomas, John Greco, Alex Mack*, Cyril Richardson, Mitchell Schwartz

    *Assuming we resign Mack

    We could maybe add another CB and MLB in the draft, but I like the sound of that lineup across the board.. along with Benjamin as our designated return man.

    • Lee says:

      Tajh Boyd is not projected as a top 10 QB in the NFL.

    • Jon says:

      Joe you are right on… this is exactly what we need to do!!! We have wasted so many 1st round picks on QBs and have little to nothing to show for it… We could have built our team 3x over by now!!!

      Priorities (we have 10 picks)
      Rnd 1 WR#2 to complement Gordon and have target for QB (start 1-Hoyer, 2-Campbell)
      Rnd 1 RG – replace Lauvau for better protection and better run game
      Rnd 2 QB – best available mobile/quick release (we won’t take Manziel, we draft for character)
      Rnd 3 CB#2 to complement Haden
      Rnd 3 IML – replace Craig Robertson
      Rnd 4 RT – replace Schwartz
      Rnd 4 S – best available if we lose TJ Ward
      Rnd 5 C – best available if we lose Mack
      Rnd 6 RB – Or we get Tate in Free Agency as this is a passing league, won’t be high draft pick
      Rnd 7 FB – best available

  12. JimC says:

    Zach Mettenberger will continue to move up draft boards as the college season & post season, All-Star games, & finally the Combine are completed. He plays in the toughest division in college football, (SEC West), & has continued to carry a very high QB rating while playing defenses like Georgia, Clemson, Alabama, etc. At 6-5, 230, he has the size, arm strength, & football intelligence of an NFL franchise QB. Besides, when the Browns play the Steelers, it will be the battle of the ‘bergers between him & Rothlesberger. I predict HE will be the Browns first pick in the 2014 draft.

    • OTT says:

      I like Zach and Carr more than any other QB’s in this draft, with that being said I wouldn’t use my 1st pick in the draft for either of them. I take Sammy Watkins with the 1st pick in the 1st round and with the 2nd pick in the 1st rd I take either Mettenburger or Carr.

    • Lee says:

      Zach had only one decent year and was bad last year. The only reason he is even being mentioned in the news is because his one decent year was a lot better then the awful year before.

      Is he a one year wonder? Do not take him in the first round.

    • JohnnyMike says:

      We can’t pass on Sammy Watkins, I’ve been watching this kid since high school at S Ft Myers High, imagine him with Josh Gordon. Hoyer can be a great QB with both these receivers , then right away next pick fill in the gap on OL , next would be best corner or ILB. I DO THINK HOYER COULD BE GREAT

  13. thanegash says:

    Round one (pick 8-15?) MUST BE QB! We all like Hoyer and Cambell because it’s addition through subtraction. Watch Weeden long enough and St.Ed’s QB would look good us! There are so many quality QB’s this draft (some pocket & some more mobile), it’s impossible (for me at least) to speculate what the Cleveland brass has in mind? With the RB position becoming less and less important in today’s pass happy NFL, I think you go with a big time WR with second pick of round one. (unless you gave that up for top 3 pick?) Gorden is nice but still only one goof up away from long suspension and Little has not shown enough consistency YET to make me a believer.

    The next three picks should go to the best available. As a Raven hater, I can still give credit where it’s due. Baltimore has won for years b/c Ozzie is a master in the draft, never going after a position….ALWAYS TALENT FIRST! We may look decent in ourv weak division but are still A LONG WAY FROM DENVER OR SEATTLE! A great big O-Lineman, thumping LB, shut down corner to team up w/ Hayden (ala Hanford & Minni), etc, etc, all sound like good ideas to me. I can’t wait! If they get this draft right, things are about no get SERIOUS IN CLEVELAND OHIO!

    Mingo chasing down QB’s like Chip Banks….TJ Ward thumping anyone who dare enter his turf, like a young Eric Turner …..Hayden shutting down wideouts like Dixon or Minni….and Taylor and sheard clogging up that middle just like the mini-fridge Michael Dean!

    GO BROWNS from your #1 Baltimore FAN! Today is Friday and every Friday is “Purple day,” here in Raven country! But not for me. I just put on my #57 Clay jersey and orange & brown custom made Converse (dawg pound) Chouck Taylors.


  14. kenny dizeo says:

    Listen up: prototype NFL QB’s need to see over the lineman…therefore they must be 6’5 or better nowadays….Wilson & Brees are phenoms not the rule….
    get a long term giant lineman & money player who touches the ball for points in round #1 !
    get a shutdown defensive back in round #2
    get your two QB’s in round #3…….ie. Logan Thomas 6’6 260 VT & Jimmy Garoppolo EIU !
    get big RB with all day power & speed ie……OSU Carlos Hyde !
    then fill holes with late drafts !!!

    • Ryan says:

      This is awesome! Except for the fact that Logan Thomas sucks and the other guy will probably never play in the NFL. You DO NOT wait around for a quarterback who was passed on by every other team.

    • Eric says:

      The reason Wilson and Brees do so well is because they can move out of pocket and throw downfield. This is what the browns need a Qb that can get out of pocket and be able to still throw. This is why Hoyer played better out of all the QBs. I didn’t like Manziel originally but he would for sure fit what the Browns need from a QB. I would take Manziel if there is no way to get Bridgewater. Browns need a QB with out a doubt on 1st pick. Then don’t rush him to be a starter. We also need RG – RT. If we did secure our line no matter who is QB it will be another COUCH mistake. We killed Couch’s career because of the line.

      • John Eastman says:

        I agree with you 100 %. Best QB with the 4th overall pick and OG like Cyril Richardson at 1B. 2nd round and both 3rd’s can be ILB, CB, S, OT, RB or WR. I love D. Adams or Kelvin Benjamin at WR. Carlos Hyde at RB

  15. kenny dizeo says:

    revision: Cut Weeden & trade Little.re-sign Ward & Mack for sure then tie up Hayden long term
    round #1…giant lineman, DB…..or giant WR with speed & touch
    round #2…shut down DB or trade for 2 round #3′s
    round #3…get 2 QB’s off radar with size & wheels & arm
    round #4…monster RB & giant LB
    round #5…more WR’s
    round #6…backup Giant Lineman offense or defense
    round #7….fill holes in roster
    then….sign another Undrafted FA QB for camp competition
    then….sign many more undrafted FA prospects to camp

  16. Jesse says:


    Round 1 – Sammy Watkins (WR-Clemson) and Zach Mettenberger (QB-LSU)
    Round 2 – Lamarcus Joyner (CB-Florida State)
    Round 3 – Carlos Hyde (RB-Ohio State) and Tajh Boyd (QB-Clemson)
    Round 4 – Chris Watt (OG-Notre Dame) and Yawin Smallwood (ILB-Connecticut)
    Round 5 – Marcel Jensen (TE-Fresno State)
    Round 6 – Zach Fulton (OG-Tennessee)
    Round 7 – Fullback? Kicker?

    Yes…I know thats 2 quarterbacks.

    • Jesse says:

      Cut Brandon Weeden. Even though I would love to bring him back let T.J. Ward go and save 7 million a year. Slide Tashaun Gipson over to strong safety and make Josh Aubrey free safety. Re-Sign Alex Mack.

    • Brian says:

      I agree with you pretty much on everything. Cleveland can really do something in 2014 with all these draft picks. Let’s hope they don’t waste them AGAIN!

    • dawgtracker says:

      Jesse, I really like the draft picks. Mettenberger probably won’t play next season but other than that your picks address immediate needs and talent. Really need that second receiver and another cornerback. Hyde can give us a legit running game. I would like a RT but if we can address that many needs in one draft I will be happy

    • Mike says:

      We need more WRs all we have is Gordon, Camoren they are the two who can catch a football.
      1 WR / RB
      2 QB
      3 WR
      3 WR

  17. robert lowe says:

    BRET SMITH WYOMING QUARTERBACK great in cold weather big accurate and smart ….

  18. Ryan says:

    Anyone saying that the Browns need to go for anything but a QB as early as possible in the 1st round is silly. Look at the last few QB’s that we have taken: Pathetic Weeden I mean Branden; We used our second 1st round pick which was a reach for a pathetic excuse of a QB. Colt McCoy; We used a 2nd round pick which was a reach for a guy who is a career back-up. Brady Quinn; traded back into late first round, which was a reach, for another career back-up. The point is, well hopefully we have scouts who earn their money now instead of the losers we had in the past, you let your scouts do their job and have them come up with their choice of the best quarterback in the draft and then you go get that quarterback. You DO NOT wait around and take your pick of the quarterbacks that were passed on by all the other teams. It may take trading that second 1st round pick to get him, hopefully not, but if it does then it does. Next you go best wide receiver available whether it’s 1st round or 2nd someone like Mike Evans or Jordan Mathews. Next pick should be used on best corner available someone who can help out that beast we call Joe Haden. Next pick is either our 1st or 2nd 3rd rounder and to me they have to get o line help. Mitchell Scwartz is a joke and guard has been a problem for years. With either their second 3rd or their first 4th rounder I think they should either go corner again, o line again or running back, to me it should be best available at those positions.

    • Ryan says:

      A tight end who can both block and run would be a great compliment to Jordan Cameron as well.

      • Ryan says:

        Obviously this will change after bowl season and the combine:
        1st round- Bridgewater or Mariota-Hopefully we will not have to trade up to get one of them
        1st round #2- WR Mike Evans
        2nd round- CB Darquezze Dennard or CB Loucheiz Purifoy
        3rd round- G Chris Watt or G Wesley Johnson
        3rd round #2- RB Bishop Sankey or RB Carlos Hyde
        4th round- CB Marcus Roberson or CB Kevin Johnson
        5th round- TE Austin Sefarian-Jenkins
        6th round- T Morgan Moses or T James Hurst
        7th round- K Cairo Santos

    • Jordan says:

      I agree that a qb is a must, but I don’t necessarily think it has to be done w/ our first number 1 pick. I don’t see a qb head and shoulders above the other ones in this draft. Bridgewater has not impressed this year. I would be happy with Bridgewater, Mariota, Manziel, Hundley, or Carr. I think we can get one of these qbs in the late teens, early 20′s. Let them sit behind Hoyer for a year to learn. Aaron Rogers, went in the 20′s, sat, and look where he is at. I think we have to be extremely careful not to select a qb high if we are not in love with him. History has shown that selecting a qb in the top 10 just based out of need can hurt you. If we don’t love a qb in the first, then wait til 2nd or third to grab one to develop and see what happens (AJ McCaron, Mettenburger, Murray).

  19. Brian says:

    I have been reading everyone’s posts. I think we all can agree that our past draft selections on QBS have been horrible. Cleveland is so close to that team we desire. Of course were missing some key ingredients . QB, WR, CB, RB, G, OL, an maybe with our last pick, a kicker. But my picks are…..

    1) QB or WR

    1) WR or QB

    2) DB

    3) RB

    3) G or LB

    4) QB ( I would get rid of Weeden an campbell)

    4) now through the rest of the picks, start filling holes

    • Matt says:

      I agree taking a QB in the first and coming back in the 3-4 range and grabbing another one. Aaron Murray or Mettenberger if they fall that far. I would look hard at another TE in the first or second round and make sure to get a WR with the other. Let’s add weapons.
      1. QB
      1A. TE
      2. WR
      3. RB
      3A. QB
      4. RB
      4A. ILB
      5. FB

  20. Lee says:

    ..so who do you want as QB?

  21. Lee says:

    Why don’t we give the Patriots a first round pick for Mallet. He can’t move but has a bazooka arm.

  22. nelson says:

    We don’t need Johnny football he is not the answer. We need a bigger QB. Someone that can get rid of the ball and get out of the pocket instead of getting beat up. Also that can see over the lineman. We also need a few more lineman as well. Since the Browns like to run the ball we also need a RB that can give a hit and take a hit!! I would like to see smarter picks we are just out of reach of having a good team. We have a young team. Pick wisely Browns management your fans deserve it!!!!!

  23. Seniorbearcat says:

    1st Round Pick: Sammy Watkins WR 6-1 205 CLEM

    1st Round Pick (IND): Johnny Maziel QB 6-0 210 (trade the IND 4th to move up if need be)

    2nd Round Pick: Bishop Sankey RB 5-10 205 UW (watched Ray Rice a lot in college and this guy is his clone IMHO)

    3rd Round Pick: Craig Loston S 6-1 209 LSU

    3rd Round Pick (PIT): ZacK Martin OG 6-4 308 ND

    4th Round Pick: Christian Jones ILB 6-3 232 FSU

    4th Round Pick (IND): Trade

    5th Round Pick: Jaylen Watkins CB 6-0 188 UF

    6th Round Pick: Jeremy Gallon WR 5-8 185 UM

    7th Round Pick: Austin Wentworth OT – 6-5 304 FS

    Let Hoyer and Manziel battle it out in the preseason for our starting QB. I saw an interview with Steve Spurrier and he kept referring to Johnny Manziel as Russell Wilson …said he coached against both and that those are the QBs you would love to have on your team…said he could not tell them apart on the field. If we picked up Ben Tate in the offseason, my second round pick becomes best available player and draft somebody like Carlos Hyde in the 3rd or 4th round.

    QB – Johnny Manziel, Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell
    RB – Bishop Sankey (Ben Tate), Dion Lewis, (Carlos Hyde)
    WR – Josh Gordon, Sammy Watkins, Jeremy Gallon, Davon Bess
    TE – Jordan Cameron, Gary Barnidge

    OLine – Joe Thomas, John Greco, Alex Mack, Zack Martin, Mitchell Schwartz

    • Ryan says:

      Manziel is not an NFL QB. He is probably not even going to be a good back up. Spurrier is not a reliable source. Sammy Watkins would be nice but see my earlier post, we have to get the best quarterback in the draft not wait around and take the guy every other team passes on. That means take a QB with our first overall pick.

  24. Coach Beau says:

    We have learned through Browns draft history, not to draft a quarterback early in the draft. We can get a veteran through free agency(via Cutler or Rivers). The Browns need to make Haden feel a little more appreciated with a safety or a cornerback. So here is my draft by position rundown with a few players mentioned.
    1) Safety or Cornerback
    1) KR/RB De’ Anthony Thomas(If still available)
    2) WR/CB/S Hopefully a wide out to try and complement Gordon.
    3) now QB
    3) O Linemen or RB
    4) QB again (we should learn from 2013)
    4) center (hopefully Macks’ backup)
    5) O linemen
    6) DB
    7) Kicker/Punter/Longsnapper

    • Ryan says:

      If you were to read my post you would know that I somewhat agree with you. The Browns recent Draft history of quarterbacks shows that we need to draft a quarterback sooner instead of waiting around and taking the guy that every other team knows will never be good. They need to make sure they get the guy that their scouts agree is the best and get him. If they have to use their 2nd first rounder to move up so be it. Bridgewater is the guy in my opinion.

      • Coach Beau says:

        Would you consider a Free Agent such as Phillip Rivers or Jay Cutler? Two proven Vets, Along with Hoyer and Campbell, we might be able to excel. Then again there is a tremendous upside of QB talent this year….I just say pick up an Aaron Rodgers with the 2nd first rounder, or a Colin Kaepernick with a Second round pick. This is getting aggravating, year after year….Couch, Quinn, McCoy, Weeden…………….WE SHALL OVERCOME!

        • Brian says:

          Never…….we don’t need anymore or anyone else’s has-beens….. Go through the draft. That’s why we stock piled for 2014. Start hoyer to see if he was a fluke or not. I would draft two more QBS in the draft. We save money that way also. New owner, new coaches, new blood…. Finally…….. Let Cleveland Rock!

          • Coach Beau says:

            What about signing Mike Vick for leadership and mentoring?(I just don’t like the thought of drafting a qb with the name that sounds like a fallen angel!….Manziel)

  25. Bobby says:

    Rd1: Derek Carr QB Fresno St
    Rd1: Marquis Lee WR USC
    Rd2: Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin or Carlos Hyde RB Ohio State

    • Ryan says:

      Carr is not gonna go in the 1st round. He may not even go in the first 3 rounds

      • Curtis says:

        Carr will go top 10 for sure. He is going to nail interviews and do well at the Senior Bowl.

      • Bobby says:

        Is your name Alicia Silverstone?? Youre Clueless if you dont think Carr will be top 10 maybe even top 5 draft pick!

        • Gregg says:

          Carr had serious problems when faced with a half decent pass rush, and just like his brother, panicked. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign him as an undrafted free agent. But a top 10 draft pick?

          You guys are all overlooking UCF’s Blake Bortles, and in later rounds, Wyoming’s Brett Smith and OSU’s Kenny Guiton.

          Bortles outdueled Bridgewater in the UCF-Louisville game when Louisville was ranked #8 nationally, and showed the ability to check down to the 2nd receiver, unlike several other guys like Manziel, Bridgewater and Braxton Miller who tuck’n’run if the primary isn’t open. Manziel is a basket case for doing this.

          That being said, Bortles is still unproven, and facing Louisville isn’t exactly a top defense like Michigan State or Alabama.

  26. Sam says:

    Folks that gravitate to either end of the extremes when talking about draft picks, and who to pick, and when to take them need to pipe down. The fact of the matter is that the Browns have three picks in the first two rounds, and it would be wise for them to grab one within those first three picks. I ONLY say that, because I believe Hoyer has earned a shot at making the job his, and we didn’t get to see if he could flourish beyond the first round of adjustments that league D-coordinators would have made against him. If Hoyer was junk, then I would say ABSOLUTELY take a QB in the first round, but Hoyer gives them a little wiggle room, plus this draft is QB deep. THREE things I DO NOT want them to do: use FA cash to sign a “veteran” QB, use a 1st round pick (EVER AGAIN) to draft a RB, and package some of the multiple picks they have to move up for “the guy.” “The guy” can be had, where they are at, in the first two rounds without giving away picks.

    1st pick Hundley/Mike Evans
    2nd pick Cyril Richardson/Manziel
    3rd pick Boyd/best available OL

  27. Jordan says:

    Before Draft: Lock up Mack, TJ Missle, and Joe Haden; look for CB and OG help in FA.

    1st pick: Mike Evans
    2nd 1st rd pick: Package this pick and a 3rd round to move up to get D. Carr
    2nd rd pick: Best CB on board
    Package your other 3rd round pick and some other late picks to move back into 2nd rd and grab Carlos Hyde.

    Then fill out draft with MLB, safety, and OL

  28. Brian says:

    Why does it seem that everyone likes or wants to keep Devon Bess? He’s horrible! We should learn on QBS , we don’t need anybody’s has beens anymore. We need to draft a future QB , within the first 3 picks. I would like them to try an move up an get Bridgewater, but don’t see that happening. I would let hoyer start in 2014 an see if he was a fluke or not. Everyone is talking about Bridgewater. I like him, but he will be long gone before we pick. I think Mettenburger or Hundley is great for what the NEW regime is going for. I also would like to see Hyde in our lineup next year. He is a beast. I don’t believe we will get Tate either, unless we can get him for our 2nd, 3rd round pick. But I like Dion Lewis. He was amazing in the preseason before he got hurt. I would let him start if he can come back from that injury. We will see how it goes, but with Mariotta staying in school, everyone will be taking the next best thing an I don’t think we should settle on a later round draft pick to get a QB, when they stockpiled so many for this year.( that I believe to get a QB). But with 7 picks in the first 4 rounds, we should be able to solve a lot of issues on the offensive side of the ball.

    • Ryan says:

      I completely agree with you we definitely do not sit back and wait for a quarterback you have to come to a consensus with your scouts about who the best guy is and go get that guy. Hopefully our scouts will do a much better job than in the past and actually come up with the right guy, who in my opinion is Bridgewater. The only thing that I disagree with you on is that he will be long gone before we pick. I see them winning only 1 more game the last 4 weeks whether Weeden or Campbell is the starter (I only see them beating the jets). That puts us at 5 wins and I only see Washington, Houston, Minnesota, Tampa and possibly Atlanta finishing with fewer. Of these teams I see only Houston possibly using a high pick on a qb and we could potentially jump them by using our second 1st rounder to move up or they could potentially settle on someone else. If not Bridgewater the only other quarterbacks I would approve of would be Mettenberger or Hundley though I see both of them being a step down from Bridgewater. Either way, I also agree that Hoyer hads earned the right

      • Ryan says:

        to be the starter going in to next season. If he proves to be a good starter then we either ride the hot hand or we have a trade piece. I also am a big fan of Dion Lewis, the guy is just a football player. I hope he returns in time to start for us next season although I believe he will need a change of pace guy and I believe that Carlos Hyde would be awesome in that role. This would give the Browns a fast guy who can also catch the ball of of the backfield and a bruiser who can wear down a defense.

        • Bobby says:

          Hyde would be the pounder & Lewis would be the change of pace

          • Gunmac says:

            lock up Mack Ward Haden. Find a way to sign Mallett. With Hoyer we’d have 2 Belichek / Brady trained QB’s.
            The draft? I’d go with best avail ILB then best avail G in 1st round. Then with our #2 and the two #3′s best avail at what mgmt considers the 3 positions left that need an upgrade.
            With loads of cap space we could easily afford a 2nd tier 1 FA to upgrade a starter spot. That’s 6 significant upgrades in off season.
            I’d actually keep Campbell as the #3 and not bother drafting a QB if Browns can convince Mallett to sign.

  29. Jay jay says:

    Too many qbs will be gone by our first pick and other than Marriotti they all have issues. Need to sign Tate at rb, get Hyde as a power back. With a healthy dion Lewis we have the best backfield I could remember. I think Hyde requires a second though to be certain and if he runs well at camps he may even be late first. With my other two top picks. I do what it takes to get watkins at wr. Final top three pick is Bortels….bigger and good arm.

    With my other picks I look to fill in defensive holes and free agent money goes to ol

    • Ryan says:

      Everyone wants us to sign Ben Tate as if he is the savior of our franchise! He has been good not great when given the chance to start and he is going to be way overpaid because of people like all of you who think he is our savior

  30. steve says:

    Browns need to look at another Qb, although Bridgewater and boyd are good I think we need to step up to a big Qb, like Zack Mettenberger or, Aj McCarron. Now I know Guiton is good but he has already decided to stay as a coach, and I think Johnny football Is just another tebow in and out. We could load up our lines like we have been planning by picking up a couple picks out of iowa state and from Michigan state, and I seriously think we need to consider picking up Carlos Hyde out of Ohio state, and Benjamin out of Florida state!

    • steve says:

      And I don’t think Hoyer is bad as a 2nd string but we need a boost to get going we have play makers with Josh Gordon and Hayden and many more, but a couple more and I think we play just as good as the top ranked teams. Along with maybe another coach lol.

  31. Tom says:

    Would the Browns consider trading their 2 1st round picks to the Rams (via Washington) if they get the #2 pick?

  32. SnowNinja says:

    Offensive Line & Defense must take priority. Plenty of talent at QB & RB in later rounds. Look at Russel Wilson taken 75th overall. Wilson poops on RG3 & Luck. Give ur QB & RB a great offensive line and they can excel. Take a page from Ozzie Newsome and draft the best talent on the board. My he game is won on the line of scrimmage. Mike Shanahan proved u can make any RB good w a great offensive line. Portis for Bailey was a brilliant trade b/c DEN had a beastly OL. Give ur RBs holes & ur QB time to throw. Plus Defense wins chamionships. PIT, NE, BAL all won w killer defenses. Mr Miyagi said it best “don’t get hit”.

  33. Bill Dinkins says:

    I’ve seen Boyd mentioned several times, and I do think QB should be our 1st priority, but Boyd is too short. I would go with Derek Carr(sure to go in top 10) or Hundley. Second pick should be a lockdown corner or right tackle. Then in the second round, if he’s still available, Tre from Auburn. This guy has amazing quickness and can cut on a dime. Third round, best wideout.

  34. Shep says:

    Browns are going QB with their next pick in the NFL draft. I think the chances of that NOT happening are literally less than zero. Okay, that might be misuse of the word literally, but it’s why this brass got a look at Weeden and traded Richardson, the guy the last GM took on advice from a drunk stripper.

    The only real debate is which QB and how much we trade up. Candidates are Carr, Hundley, and Manziel, I think… although I really do like Garoppolo a ton, I don’t think they’ll risk waiting this time around. That’s been the mistake SEVERAL years, taking a regular position over the quarterback in a quarterback league (Quinn, McCoy, Weeden).

    • Ryan says:

      Carr is a flash in the pan, Manziel will never be an NFL QB. Hundley looks to be the real deal, he has size, the arm strength and accuracy but I think Bridgewater will be the best QB to come out of this draft and I think they need to move up to get him.

  35. Bobby says:

    If Bortles comes out this would be my mock for the first two rounds!

    1st Round Pick: Blake Bortles QB UCF

    1st Round Pick (IND): Marquis Lee WR USC

    2nd Round Pick: Carlos Hyde RB Ohio State

    3rd Round Pick:

    3rd Round Pick (PIT):

    4th Round Pick:

    4th Round Pick (IND):

    5th Round Pick:

    6th Round Pick:

    7th Round Pick:

    • Rob says:

      I would absolutely love all of these picks…although I wouldnt mind Robinson from Penn State. Bortles is the real deal. I want the browns to get him JUST so they dont have to face him. He will be a top ten QB in the league in a few short years. And Hyde is a monster.

    • JoeBobby says:


      • JoeBobby says:

        Johnny Football is going to be another Colt McCoy or Brady Quinn, learned from that crap, that’s good in college not in the pro’s.
        1-Matt Bortles
        2-Marquis Lee or Robinson (which ever one is left)

        • Gunmac says:

          Manziel is the next Ryan Leaf. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid. We need best ILB and best Guard in 1st round.
          I say address biggest needs with those 2 picks.
          Do NOT blow yet another 1st round pick on a QB when O-Line is not complete

    • Gregg says:

      Love the Bortles pick, but the hole at OG cannot be fixed with a WR. Would like to see the first round pick from INDY go to get David Yankey OG – Stanford.

      Also – The Green Bay Packers have great QB scouting and coaching talent – What about signing the QB off the Packers practice squad? There is no guarantee Bortles will be the QB we think. And get Kenny Guiton just for good measure, and evaluate this Alex Tanney character as well.

      And good news, with the Chargers win, the 3rd round pick from Pittsburgh will be about pick #80, not pick ~ 88. Carlos Hyde is projected to go at #83, so he may be obtainable with the Browns 5th pick of the draft? Might be wishful thinking, but Hyde isn’t that high on the RB list in a year when NO RB’s are projected to go in the first round.

    • John Eastman says:

      Very good, very good… But, I would move Carlos Hyde down to the first 3rd round pick since he is projected to go in the 4th round. Use the 2nd round pick on Cyril Richardson – OG. 1st rounds: Bortles or best QB left at #4, Lee/Watkins/ D. Adams or K. Benjamin – WR. 2nd round – OG, OT, or MLB. 3rd round – C. HYDE, then OL, MLB, CB or S. Go Browns!!!!!

    • Jeff P. says:

      I live near Orlando and have watched every UCF game this season. You are right about Blake Bortles. He is a SMART quarterback. I watched him regularly check off from 1st option receiver to 2nd and 3rd. He has great vision and at 6′ 4″, he can throw it over the defense, unlike Manziel. UCF played ranked Louisville, South Carolina and Baylor as well as Penn State and beat them all except for the 3 point loss to SC. Bortles stood tall and looked every bit the best quarterback I’ve seen this season. Never appears to be rattled and he can avoid a pass rush. I know that forecasting the success of a college QB going to the NFL is difficult at best, but Bortles looks like the real deal. Would love to see him succeed for the Browns!

  36. Fred Pena says:

    3rd Round Picks from South Carolina Jadeveon Cloweny DE to the Browns very carefully closed to Pittsburgh Steelers be keep trade bound. He was Junior enter from South Carolina. His SEC All American Honor Football Player…. It’s hard team to Browns keep face Steelers?

  37. LordNoga says:

    Ok here’s my predictions/wants. Lets say we have 6th pick in draft. Honestly, i like Derek Carr as our qb of the future. If we can move up a few spots without giving up a lot then do it. Carr is mobile but still a pocket passer. He would fit very well in our offense. But sit him for most if not all the first yr.
    so 1st rd-carr
    1st rd- Marquise Lee or another top wr. Pair someone with Gordon and we are gonna have one helluva passing attack(assuming qb works out)
    Then we need to take a cb, guard, rb and possibly another qb. I really like carlos hyde in 3rd rd if he is still available. With dion lewis and hyde we could have a great running game. Big man, and a scat back.
    Really this draft is going to be a make or break for the browns. We have a talented team but first we need that franchise qb. Do not draft guys like Manziel, Tajh Boyd or even Hundley. Hundley is too much of a project and unknown. Manziel is not worth a 1st rd pick and Boyd is too small and not really all that good either. Carr is the most nfl ready and a perfect fit for cleveland. I mean i really want this guy. Also Mettenberger in later rounds or Aaron Murray. But not really high on those guys. Blake Bortles from UCF is rising but i honestly dont know shit about him except that he dates a really hot blonde with huge tits. Go browns, dont fuck it up like we did two yrs ago. Get Derek Carr!!!

    • John Eastman says:

      I would love Derek Carr as well. But, I also love Manziel, Bridgewater and Bortles. I think all four of these QB’s are going to do very well in the NFL. Browns need to make sure they grab one of these guys….

  38. Kenny says:

    Browns should draft either a qb or wr

    With first pick same for second pick of course
    Such names as Johnny Manziel Derick Carr
    Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans the browns I feel
    will pick in top 5 easy so I’d probably go qb first
    witch leaves wr s like lee or Mathews then with second
    round pick Kelvin Benjamin all daylong this leaves
    Browns with two great wide outs and a good qb
    third round go running back and add another corner
    before the draft add depth or possibly find more starters on the o line
    via free agency that goes for any defense as well
    Anyway they do like I say possible playoff team 2014-2015 season

  39. Kenny says:

    R-1 Johnny Football
    R-1 Marquis Lee
    R-2 Kelvin Benjamin
    R-3 RB
    R-3 CB

  40. Kenny says:

    Bridgewater and Hundley will bust

    R-1 Derick Carr
    R-1 Kelvin Benjamin
    R-2 Carlos Hyde- Latche Seastrunk
    R-3 WR
    R-3 CB-S

  41. Kenny says:

    R-1 Mike Evans
    R-1 Blake Bortles
    R-2 Kelvin Benjamin
    Trade both third round picks to move
    back in the second
    R-2 Carlos Hyde
    they may not have to trade
    to make this happen just would be nice to
    have OSU running back here in Cleveland
    Anyway two wideouts standing 6.5 put with
    Josh Gordon that could be scary unstoppable
    Carlos Hyde and Dion Lewis as running backs
    Things be looking up in Cleveland way up
    Best Option Yet wish it could fall like this I mean
    If Johnny football is available with second first round
    Pick I take him that’s unlikely

    • Brian says:

      I actually like an agree with everything you said until you said Johnny football. I think he will be problematic an over-rated

      • Gregg says:

        Manziel doesn’t ever seem to check down to the second receiver. If the primary is not open, he tucks’n’runs. This is not exactly NFL caliber talent. Plus at 5’11″, he just isn’t tall enough to see over the line.

        And Carlos Hyde is rated as the #7 back in the draft, in a year when NONE of the RB’s are projected to go in the first round.

        Like the Mike Evans idea; Ozzie Newsome was always great at attacking the ball and boxing out DB’s. Problem is that the Browns also need an OG and an OT. Not sure if Schwartz could be moved to OG and get a good OT. There are many of good OT’s this year.

  42. la says:

    just take the best available player when there turn comes

  43. Mike says:

    Sign Michael Orr resign Alex Mack , Joe Tomas , TJ Ward and Hayden to long term deals.We he 24 mill under cap.Move Swarts to RG having him in the middle of Orr and Mack will make our Ol a beast.We all know Orr is a road grader and great at pass project .Hoyer will have more time to check down WRs.we will be able to establish long drive’s keeping our Dfence off the feild.Now the draft..
    1 WR with Gordon, Camoren gives Hoyer 3 top WR to throw to.
    1 RB change up back for Lewis.
    2 Best QB on the board .
    3 WR Little , bess has to go they cant catch.
    3 CB. Skrine and Hayden lock down 1 and 2 wide outs Fadden as a nickle.
    4 TE.another road geader.
    4 MLB.that better suits a 34.
    5, 6, 7 best available player not picking just to fill holes.

    • Gregg says:

      Mike! Eureka! Move Greg Little to DB. He is the perfect candidate – long geared, quick, has defensive attitude. Just can’t quite haul in all the passes.

  44. Mike says:

    Would better if we do this.
    1.TOP WR.
    NOW LEAVES US WITH 3 ,4, 4, 5, 6, 7
    5, 6, 7 best available player.

  45. Tbone says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave up a first round pick to NE for Mallet. Mentored behind Brady for a couple years like Hoyer. Perfect.

  46. Bobby says:

    1st Rd: Bortles/Carr
    1st Rd: Lee/Robinson
    2nd Rd: Hyde/Gordon

    It’s that simple….now bring on the draft!

  47. Robert says:

    This should say something. I am actually INTERESTED in what the browns are doing in the off season after such a seemingly awful season. I predict we split the next two games and finish the season 5-11 and should insure us a top 5 Pick.

    I am not a college football fan, so I am woefully uniformed on the deeper picks that will be available. I have looked at the supposed “deep” QB crop they are touting for 2014 and I am for the most part.. Unimpressed.

    Bridgewater is Ok at best in my opinion when thinking about an NFL QB. He is big enough for sure, but his fundamentals are awful.

    Carr is another piss poor NFL prospect. He throws into Double even Triple coverage and is bailed out by talented WR’s. He has incredible protection and yet still doesn’t work down the WR list and tends to stare down.

    Johnny Football.. Maybe if we can pick him up with our 2nd round. Though he is too small to be running around like he does.. He will get killed in the NFL. Though I have to admit I like him… Reminds me of Frank Tarekenton.

    So this leaves us with the REAL holes that we need to fill and that is offensive line… THINK ABOUT IT! With this Offensive line we really did great. We started 2 mobile QB’s in Hoyer and Cambell. We had half a receiving Corp in Gordon/Cameron(TE) and even Ogbonnaya out of the backfield and ZERO RUNNING GAME.

    The defense was rock solid. Their only issue was one of endurance. How can you expect a blitzing, moving defense to last that long, when the Offensive is constantly going 3 and out.

    So we need to move up and take an absolute OL with the first draft pick and that is Mathews. We need a Running Back that can work inside and pound those 3 yard 3rd down runs up the middle in Mid-December weather. We need another threat to compliment Gordon. We need another potential lock down DB to compliment Haden..

    We DO NOT NEED A QB and any 1st 2nd or 3rd round wasted on one will be a kick in the face of the ballsy move they made in trading Trent Richardson…


  48. Mike says:

    I think Skrine did a great job.This was his first full season as a sterter ..Give him this offseason with Hayden and Horton we wil have 2 lock down corners.With this being a passing league now you need 3 good CB.Just hope Fadden comes ready to play next year.OUR D IS SOLID THIS DRAFT AN FREEAGENCY SHOULD BE OFFENCE OFFENCE OFFENCE. CHUD took our D and made it a top10 D his first year.On top of that switching from A 43 to 34..That a GREAT COACH CHUD HAS MY DEEPEST RESPECT.HE WILL MAKE THIS OFFENCE IN THE TOP 10 THIS YEAR.

  49. Louis says:

    So I feel we should wait next year for a QB, and try to get either the guy from UCLA or Oregon. And build the foundation of the team in this draft and retain our better up-and-coming free agents. So once everything is in place then trade future draft picks in the following years like Washington did if a QB is the final piece.

    So in this coming draft these are the picks I will like to see

    1a. ILB C.J Mosley Alabama

    1b. FS Clinton-Dix Alabama if available or Guards Cyril richardsons Baylor /David yankey

    2. WR Paul Richardson Colorado

    Trade up giving up the 3rd and indies 4th to the 2nd
    2b. CB Kyle Fuller Virginia Tech

    3. G Anthony Steen Alabama depth could be play center too

    4. RB Andre Williams Boston College

    5. WR Jalen Saunders for the slot

    6. Jeff Matthews Cornell- either to groom for the starter or back up to replace Campbell

    • Mike says:

      Why go defence with our first pick? We are great on defence our offence just cant score or keep them off the feild.we have no running game.to help prolong the drive or help punch it in the redzone for TD’s.We do have Lewis but who will back him up? We also have Hoyer but who will back him up or start in his place incase of injury? I believe Hoyer is our starter and with going full steam on offence in this draft we will have a chance to get a top QB next year ..We have our franchise QB in Hoyer. He needs a nother top WR and help on oline.Sign Michael Orr move Swarts to gard and draft a gard in the draft..I do like your picks just think we need offence first.

      • Mike says:

        Oops not be able to draft a top QB next year.I also believe getting a more balenced team on offence and defence it will be easier to fill in the peices next year.why keep strugling on on offence?

        • Louis says:

          I don’t disagree with you. But as I’m sure you know there is gonna be a whole lot of free agents to be resign. And I believe in rewarding and keeping your core players. Yes it would be Ideal to draft Matthews if he falls down to us, and move swarts in. But he probably won’t make it past the rams. Maybe if we have the 4th we could trade down to around the 11th, like the raiders and dolphins did last year so we could get a 2nd. And with that second maybe get lucky in a dream world and trade for Byrd from the bills. Since he was holding out early this year. So that second 1st round pick could be used on one of those guards I listed. And the original 2nd still be use on Paul Richardson which will fit in more in the type of receiver turner would draft. What you think the eagles would want for Bryce brown? A 3rd is worth for him. If not I still like Andre Williams. Reminds me of a gore or Morris type of player. Could be had for a 3rd or 4th. I still say get Mosley with 1st pick. Trade down if we have a top 8 pick

    • Michael says:

      How many years do we wait for a QB? We have plenty of ammo now to get one. I’ve been a fan since the mid 50s and it’s about time we draft a good QB. Since I’ve been a fan here is a small sample of QBs we’ve Drafted in rounds one or two. Besides Kosar, who was taken in a Supplamental Draft, stop me when we got a Franchise QB. Milt Plum, Mike Phipps, Paul MacDonald,Tim Couch, Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden. We did get a 17th round selection that took several years to develop and that was Brian Sipe who was never said to have a great arm. My waiting until next year to get a QB are growing shorter because I’m in my 60s. It’s time to get THE MAN now and not later. Bridgewater, Bortles, Carr, Hundley and even Mariota, who just asked for a Draft grade so he might change his mind, would be excellent choices for Hoyer to menter.

      • Louis says:

        You have a valid point. But have you gone on you tube and seen any if those QB? Bridgewater is the only 1 worth a top 10 pick. And he seems more like a game manger then a guy who could carry a team. Which is fine if he’s available. Carr reminds me of a longer weeden. So no to him. I like bortles but he makes some questionable throw that an nfl defense would Eat up. Maybe he could be coached out of that, turner is good at QB development. But not sure if I want to use a top 10 pick on him. Hundly looks like he needs another year. I mean you don’t have to spend a 1st round pick on a QB. Look at Wilson, Foles, cousins, Kaepernick, and of course Brady. Maybe the guy from eastern Illinois I believe has been given great reviews, I haven’t seen any tape on him, so I can’t say pick him. But he might be the guy at round 3. Yes we need a QB, but don’t just grab one to have one. Make sure he’s the right guy. And don’t waste a high draft pick on the top need, use it on the top player of a team need

        • Percy says:

          It will be interesting to see the draft process for the browns as they are looking to throw the ball deep quite often in their system. It would therefor have to be a qb with decent arm strength to come in, as it would be moronic to bring in a qb that can throw a deep ball. That’s why there is talk about both Carr and Garoppolo as both have the arm. Although I don’t believe either are deserving of a top ten pick. I feel that many of these qbs in this draft would need to be groomed on the bench for a year or two.

  50. Jane says:

    1 carlos hyde RB
    2 ryan shazer MDL
    3 deven gardner QB
    4 LeBron james WR
    Thats all the browns need for a super bowl

  51. Chance says:

    1 round Carlos Hyde RB osu
    2round Ryan shazier MLD osu
    3 round Cory brown WR osu
    4 round Kenny guiton QB osu
    5 round deven smith WR osu
    6 round bradly ruby CB osu
    7 round jermmy gallon WR tOSU

  52. Mike says:

    Chud took this BROWNS defence from a 43 to a 34 and made it a top 10 defence. It is proven that switching from a43 to a 34 is harder than switching 34 to a 43.Browns fans did not want chud because of the switch on defence swore it will not work that it would take years…He proved them wrong.On top of all this he is an offencive coach and we have norve a another great offencive coach …They are known offencive geniuses ..seeing what the did for our defence I cant wait to see what our offence is going to look like this year..I chud I trust GO BROWNS..Last years draft and freeagency was all defence. This year will be all offence ..WATCH OUT NFL HERE COMES THE BROWNS ..BROWNS FANS BRACE YOUR SELFES THIS IS GOING TO BE OUR YEAR ..

    • Brian says:

      I agree. They did a great job on defense this year. Yeah the defense has slipped, but the offense going a 3 an out, wears the defense out. Our new coaches (chad & norve) are proven offensive guys. I think they will show us in the 2014 draft what their made of. Everybody is saying don’t pick this guy or that guy. I don’t care how talented a QB is, they all need some development for the NFL. I believe they know who they want already an if they have to move up an get him, they will. We do have a bad track record in picking QBS , but we’re not the same team at all. New owner, new coaches. Let them prove themselves. But whoever they choose, I’m sure we have the talent now to develope that new QB. I believe it will be with the first pick in 2014. They didn’t stock pile all these picks to move back in the draft . When they pick a QB with their first pick, then you always follow it with a talented WR to surround him. Gordon is great, but he needs someone to compliment him. Then I think they should go RB, CB, OL, an then start filling holes where needed.

  53. Pete says:

    Browns Draft Everyone wants to pick a QB right at the get go. I say hold back on this one. This Draft is filled with alot of quality QBS. My Thoughts

    1. WR Watkins from Clemson he is a stud and would give us a solid one two punch

    1. Best available OG on the Board

    2 Running back from Baylor or Auburn if still avalible. No Carlos Hyde i love in college but is just too slow.

    trade up into the late second round QB Boyd Clemson. great arm, accurate and can take a hit.

    remanding Oline and secondary whoever is available.

    • The Fin says:

      We ALL.READY have the one two punch in Gordon and Cameron…you cant honestly justify a WR in the first round considering we have way.bigger needs on the oline and at the linebacker position. Gordon PROVED this season that he doesnt need a stud beside him.running routes to get open…the best asset to Gordon would be an improved run game that defenses have to respect…that starts with drafting on the right side of the oline.

    • Dom says:

      I believe this is a pretty good draft. I just feel a QB better than Boyd should b taken in the third. But the Watkins n Gordon combo is dynamic

    • Gunmac says:

      WR at #4 is a wasted pick. Great to move down but we all know the odds of that. ILB at#4

  54. Mike says:

    Couldn’t of said it better myself like the way you think..Hope we dont trade up tho there is a lot of talent on offence in this draft .Hope we stay put and pick the best player on our draft board.Its known one player dont make a team.No need to make a big splash on one player in the first round when we can have two.On top of that stil have our 2nd 2 in the 3rd an 2 in the 4th..Thats a lot of talent for a young team thats a few picks away to being a playoff team next year. We us fans deserve this more than anybody.That goes for Coach Chud to he just a big of fan like we are ..Chud will not fail he dreamd this as a kid as a fan now he is living it and doing a great job.Go BROWNS.

  55. Mike says:

    The old regimes made bad choices on QBs.This is a new and improved regime that wants to win.They have wining in their blood ..They stock plied our pick and went all defence last year because the know the talent on offence in the draft this year..They didnt blow our cap money either. This is our year all these signs and genius moves tells us fans its PLAYOFF TIME..

    • Mike says:

      Why is everybody high on Carlos Hyde or anybody from Ohio state.Not cutting down Ohio state but the have not played a true top contender to shocase their true talents.They played nobodies. Im waiting to see their Bowl game before I would even think about drafting Hyde or anybody from Ohio state. Yes Hyde did look good but what teams with a good defence did they play besides Michigan ST.If they put up good numbers and hold their own against Clemson I will then give them respest..Dont hate on me I have no favorite collage team ..just like watching good games and good nowl games ffor the draft.

  56. The Fin says:

    A successful Cleveland Browns Draft would look something like this:
    Round 1 Jadaveon Clowney (OLB) or CJ Mosely (ILB)
    Round 1 Taylor Lewan (RT)
    Round 2 Gabe Jackson (RG) or David Yankey (RG)
    Round 3 AJ McCarron
    Round 3 WR or CB
    Round 4 WR or CB
    Round 4 Developemental Athlete type
    Round 5 add.depth at ILB or OLB depending on who.we picked first
    Round 6 Special Teams contributor
    Round 7 Special teams contibutor

  57. Dirgekiller says:

    Lombardi covets Ryan Mallett and Ben Tate. I forsee us trying to sign both. Leaving our first rounder to be Sammy Watkins. Mallett comes in to compete for a chance to learn or start if hoyer isnt ready. Sammy Watkins has huge upside and if he’s not there Penn State’s Allen robinson is quite the target as well late first early second round. Cierre Wood who got kicked off the texans for blunting it up in the texans parking lot may be a steal if he gets released or practice squaded by the Pats who picked him up! All the rest of the apparent needs can be filled with our remaining picks or thru free agency.

  58. Browns fan in Broncoland says:

    I love my Browns but if we take a QB as the first pick I will be pissed. I hate Johnny football rumors he will be worse than B Quinn. AJ McCarron, Blake Bortles, David Fales Zach Mettenberger or Derek Carr are all better choices.
    The Browns # 1 pick should be one of these WRs Davante Adams, Jerrod Dillard, Cody Hoffman (was a beast last night) Anthony Denham, or Sammy Watkins.
    Trade the 2 first round pick for another 2nd and 3rd round pick or get one of the QBs on the list above. The first pick should be a playmaker to compliment JG. Travis Benjamin and Bess will hold the slot and speed on the outside will be a killer with JC over the middle.
    Pick Billy Turner OT as the first 2nd round pick or Cedric Ogbuehi OT if he comes out move Schwartz to guard.
    Pick the best athletes available QB DT OLB S CB RB TE OL not in any particular order.

  59. WestParknative says:

    Hyde & Evans must have picks..

    Best O line & middle D talent…

    Stand out corner, saftey

    Sign TJ, Mack, Hayden.. no brainers.. we have the $ and they have produced!

    OB.. no, please no! We have the qb’s already. How JG & Cameron ha ave establish themselves.. JG is amazing.. with the 3 qb’s we had this year clearly shows that is the last pick we make.

    Go Browws!

  60. Ron says:

    Do Browns somehow move up in the draft if Pittsburgh wins today??? Browns look to be throwing the game!

  61. Gregg says:

    1 (5 overall)
    Blake Bortles, QB, UCF.
    Can check down to second receiver (unlike other QB’s in the class, who tuck’n’run if the primary isn’t open – won’t last long in the NFL!). Better athlete than given credit for. Problem here is that 3 of the 4 teams drafting ahead of the Browns also need a QB.
    1B, (25 overall from Colts)
    Dave Yankey, OG, Stanford.
    Quick footed and powerful, in the mold of Joe Thomas.
    2. (37 overall)
    Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee
    Only Jadevon Clowney could get by him (bull rushed him into the QB). Possibly the best available at pick 37. Much quicker (even at 332 lbs) than M Schwartz, who is kind of slow for the West Coast scheme.
    3. (69 overall)
    Shane Skov, ILB, Stanford.
    Explodes thru holes and takes over games. Impressive number of tackles and tackles for loss. In the mold of Chris Spielman.
    3B. (88 overall, from Steelers)
    Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State.
    Yes, Carlos is projected to still be on the board until pick 83, so he may well be available this late. Browns need a bit of a bruiser to keep the ball late in games to run behind those linemen. Hyde is decent but he is no Kevin Mack or Greg Pruitt.

    Browns also need another corner, Haden is a great player but has some injuries and won’t be young forever. Browns need to GET CREATIVE here. Josh Cribbs could have been an extreme talent as a corner, but wasn’t looked at. Need to use the same strategy – find a bright, fast, long geared WR with a solid frame who can’t quite get open and maybe has a few drops. Bellicek gets many of his corners from Rutgers, so its not as if the Patriots are expending high picks on corners, and they do very well. Wonder if WR Streeter from Miami (Fla) that the Ravens put on waivers would fit the mold.

    • Brian says:

      I think your pretty far off. Your telling me in the first 5 picks, you don’t have a WR? I do like a few of your picks . But I believe that if they pick a QB with their first overall pick (which we need), they should an I believe they will, draft a WR. A smart wat to draft after a QB , is always compliment them with a WR. Yes I realize there’s Gordon. He’s a amazing talent. But they need someone to compliment Gordon as well. But he is also one screw up away from a whole season suspension. Bess is horrible. Little drops too many passes. They brought cooper back in, but really haven’t seen much out of him or Gurley.

  62. Gregg says:

    Could GREG LITTLE be MOVED to CORNERBACK? He drops a few too many to be a WR, and can’t get consistent separation. But his frame and attitude suggest he could be a good corner. OSU did this with Chris Gamble and Gamble has been a great corner. Browns blew it with Josh Cribbs, he could have been a pro-bowl corner or free safety. Great tackler.

    • Brian says:

      I agree with you 100%. He has talent, but not as a WR

    • The_Fin says:

      I like Little at HB. He doesnt fumble…has a bring it mentality with the football in his hands, and his blocking is MUCH overlooked by our fanbase thanks mainly to his drops. Effort is whats kept him on this ball team so far. That and potential…but all potential means is you havent done shit yet! Im all for finding Littles place on this team though.

  63. Gregg says:

    Holy cow, look! The Browns passed the Raiders and now have the #4 pick! The Steelers were a weaker opponent than the Broncos (Raiders opponent in week 17) and by virtue of the Raiders increased strength of schedule – THE BROWNS PICK #4 and the Raiders pick #5!!!

  64. Tim says:

    1st olb barr
    1st wr robinson
    2nd Qb mccarron
    3rd trade up to late 2nd rd with a 4th rd for cb roby
    3rd mlb jones
    4th oline

  65. Jesse says:


  66. Louis says:

    What chud out!!!!! What the hell!!!! They better promote Horton. Keep some kind of continuity. And not change the schme too much.

  67. Mike says:

    The pissed a lot of players and fans off ..They better sign a coach that has respect around the league. If they
    to gain that respect back open their wallets and sign Gruden.

  68. Coach Beau says:

    How does Jacksonville have a no. 3 pick and the Browns have a no. 4 pick when we lost to them this year?…….The Browns need too forget about a quarterback until the 2nd or 3rd rd. Maybe get a wide out and a secondary cornerback and or safety with first picks….(they need too have IQ test result minimum of 140 for the team brass). I loved this team since 1985 and have shed many tears over the years of this franchise…Now, I want to go to the Promised Land. P.S. I will take Mike Vick for the starter.

  69. Mike says:

    Michael vick does sound good we also should sign Michael Orr.First we need to sign Gruden open up their wallets and pay the man what he wants.They want a winning team they promised a winning team.Now go and hire a winning coach that been to a supper bowl.Evey body that reads this post needs to say sign Gruden maby they will listen.

    • Ryan says:

      You guys are dreaming if you think a guy like Gruden is gonna come to this joke of an organization! Nobody good, coaches or free agents are going to choose to comes here period!

      • Ryan says:

        Come* here

      • Brian says:

        I agree with you. Gruden already said he’s not going to coach just 2 days ago. If he did, he sure in the hell wouldn’t come to cleveland. We will end up with Daniels or they are looking at the coach from Auburn an Vanderbuilt. I believe it will be one of the 3. I like Michael Orr. But Vick??? Come on….AGAIN…………. WE DO NOT NEED ANYONE ELSES HAS BEENS!!!!!!!!! I doubt it will happen, but I would keep hoyer an draft 2 more QBS. 1 early an 1 in the 4th rd.

  70. Mike says:


  71. Rob says:

    Ppl keep saying we should maybe take cutler wich is stupid because u can’t build a team around cutler and some say guiton would be good to take but he’s not nfl quality he barely plays in college in the shadow of miller. Johnny football would be good if he didn’t have his type of personality AJ Mcarron would be great. He’s played against top college teams, he’s big! He’s got a pretty powerful arm and has good accuracy. Some say we need a kick returner but we don’t. Travis Benjamin will be great he just got hurt. Our first pick should be a qb and then our second first round pick needs to be a great offensive lineman and with the second round pick they should take carlos Hyde and there first third round pick should be another qb hopefully AJ Mcarron and then there second third round pick should be a wide receiver and then use the rest to make some roster spots deeper and fill in some holes. They need to get rid of weeded and Campbell resign tj ward and Mack and use franchise raga on Hayden. We need to sign josh mcdaniels the offensive coordinator of the broncos as our head coach and tell him to keep the coordinators we got since they are great. And one thing is for sure, as I said earlier we can not build a team around an old quarterback!

  72. Rob says:

    Sorry I meant tag not raga

    • Rob says:

      Does anyone agree or disagree?

      • Mike says:

        Disagree why wait that long to go for a WR ?And why take 2 QBs in the top 3 rounds?
        1…WR ALL WE HAVE IS GORDON AND WATKINS..This is a passing league so having 3 great wrs that can stretch the feild will be a nightmare for any defence.
        2…QB TJ Boyd reunited with Watkins …
        3…MLB if we stay with a hybrid defence. I f we go back to a 43 go DE Keep Mingo at RLB drop Sheard back to DE.
        4…RB We have Dion Lewis hes a beast.
        4…G..Hope we sign top RT or G In FA this year.
        5 , 6 , 7 best talent available
        Love A.J MC.Carrons to I’ll take him or Boyd..Top priorities is to resign Mack, , Ward , Hayden , Tomas all to long term deals.they are all probowlers it would be stupid to let any of them walk …

        • Mike says:

          We need to sign Wade Smith OG /Texans or Sign Michael Orr RT/ Ravens and move Swarts to gard if we dont get Wade.Would love to sign both but I rather only sign one player in freeagency and that Wade or Michael Orr.we need the rest to Sign MACK , WARD, HAYDEN, TOMAS ALL TO LOMG TERM DEALS.

        • Brian says:

          This is your wish list, right? Because Cleveland would not draft 2 WR in the first 2 picks. Unless you already have an amazing QB ( which we don’t). I’m not sure team would ever do that. Every team has too many holes to fill to waste their first 2 draft picks on the same position.

          • Mike says:

            If you have a amazing QB you wouldn’t need three top WRs ..Thats why I say give Hoyer some weapons …Great WRS to spread the feild ..I believe Hoyer is our QB and he wil prove all you wrong.He can scramble and hes accurate on the run and in the pocket..Bef up the oline and we have a great team.

          • Mike says:

            What WRs do we have besides Gordon .Little , Bess , are bust they cant play cant catch Benjamin was injured. So that leaves us with 1 good WR Gordon.

  73. tiege says:

    To all of you who would like Detroit’s Joique Bell, he is exceptionally solid in all phases and equivalent to an early 2nd round choice.

  74. Louis says:

    Noooooooo!!!!!!!! on Josh McDaniels. Haven’t we already seen him dismantle and mess up an organization. Let’s get Ken Whisenhunt. He’s proven that he could take a team to the Super Bowl. He has history with Horton, so there could be a good chance of retaining him. And the team could stay on course with building the team with the players they have. But I have to Amit Dan Quinn sounds interesting. If he could bring that Pete Carrol ra ra always compete fun for players mentality swagger. But the draft strategy would probably have to change where we would have to draft the safety from Alabama and the corner from Oregon in order for his defense to work. He’s a thought, Darren McFadden will be a free agent. And with his history of injuries, he could be gotten probably for dirt cheap. I’m not saying he’s the solution, but he has big play ability, and could be in running back by Committee situation until we find our man in the draft. That or trade for Bryce Brown he could probably be had for a low draft choice.

  75. Tbone says:

    Richardson. Chud. Brass sets bar for tolerance. Sending message to team and the rest of the league. Right idea, bad timing. Parody in this league makes it possible for any team to win and lose. A lot of teams picked to go to the playoffs didn’t ( Cowboys, Lions, Falcons, Giants). I liked Chud. What I see is a thin line between winning and losing. The Chiefs flipped it this year, Philly also, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they miss the playoffs next year. Very few consistant winners year to year. Banner and Lombardi must get it right. With the tone they have set, who would take the job. My guess is someone out of left field. Frustrating.

    • Brian says:

      I agree. I like setting the bar high. I do believe they should of given him another year. The only sparks of life we seen was, Hoyer Lewis. Cameron, an Gordon. 2 out the 4 were injured early. Weeden, what a joke. I was pissed when they drafted him with their no. 1 pick at his age. The defense couldn’t hold up with being on the field all the time. When your offense can’t stay on the field. I don’t know, I have been a fan for about 30 years. We are do to get it right. I like the new owner, hes not putting up with a losing team. I’m tired of it myself!

      • Browns fan in Broncoland says:

        It showed me last night that Johnny football is not the right QB for my beloved Browns. Chud gone sucks. Josh McDaniels please that makes me puke. He is like all the other NE coordinators great coordinators not head coaches. Ray would be a good candidate but my front runner know is Broncos Adam Gase OC, believe me when I say I don’t drink the Bronco kool aid. But his attention to detail and managing of PFM has been stellar.
        Drafting AJ McCarron would be nice but the first pick should be Sammy Watkins, Cody Hoffman or Davante Adams. 1B trade for aonther 2nd and 4th round pick
        First second round pick should be either QB McCarron or Bortles or the guy Gase wants if he is our coach.
        Then Cedric Ogbuehi OT if he declares or Billy Turner OT
        Round 3 OLB or CB
        Round 3 TE and S
        Round 4 RB
        Round 4 OL
        Rounds 5-7 best players available

        • Tbone says:

          It’s good to get some insight from someone who is there. Most area Browns fans, myself included, really know nothing about Adam Gase. To me, stability is the only constant with teams that are winning year after year. Does Belicheck have the same success without Brady? Look at Hall of Fame QB’s that were terrible their first years. Patience might as well be a four letter word to browns fans and Haslem, who I believe wants the best for this team, but at some point it is needed. This kind of turnover every year is counterproductive.

  76. Tony C says:

    I am a Houston Texans fan. Looking at both of our teams I think if your team thinks Bridgewater is worth the top pick then a trade with the Texans would be a good trade.

    Browns get #1 overall 1st round (1st round swap)
    Texans get #4 overall 1st round (1st round swap)
    Texans get #26 overall 1st round
    Browns add one of their extra 3rd round picks since the Browns have 2 3rd’s and 2 4th’s,
    If the Browns did not want to give up a 3rd,then trade both 4th round picks.
    In reality it would be a trade of the 26th pick (1st) and a 3rd or 2 4ths with the Texans moving back to #4 (1st)

    • Ryan says:

      You should be thrown in jail for attempted robbery right now! I would tell you to F off with that proposal!

    • Mike says:

      Obviously you’re not interested in Bridgewater and he’s not RG3. Besides, Jags don’t have the 2014 picks to compete in a bidding war and are content to just wait for Bortles or Manziel. Obrien will likely want Bridgewater, but a more moderate trade with the Browns is likely if he doesn’t.

    • Coach Beau says:

      There must be a lot of crack rock use when your mom was pregnant with you!…….I forgive her.

  77. Browns fan in Broncoland says:

    Agreed, I have been a Browns fan all my life. I been in Denver for 35 years cried on the drive, crushed by the fumble and stopped watching pro football when Artie left in the middle of the night. I still sit in la la land when I watch Cleveland 1995 what could been. I will never be a Bronco fan but unfortunately married one with season tickets. So I saw what McDaniels did and see what one of my favorite players has done for them now Peyton. Furthermore can stand Elway as player but he has proven to be a good VP. Gase is a good choice and will help Hoyer and Campbell get better. I must admit not totally sold on Norv too many years watching him not succeed with probably the best tandem in football as OC Drew Brees and LT. This could of been more Marty but still Norv was calling the plays.

  78. Nick from N. Ridgeville says:

    It all starts with the right HEAD COACH. My preference is Josh McDanials. He had Hoyer in N.E. and the two of them could groom the next franchise QB. How’s this for an extreme proposal. Trade our 2nd first round pick plus a fourth rounder to St. Louis for their 1st first round pick. Then take Mathews with the #2 OA pick & Bortles with the #4 OA pick. The remaining picks look like this:
    Rnd. 2 – A. Robinson (WR)
    Rnd. 3 – H. Clinton-Dix (FS)
    Rnd. 3 – C. Hyde (RB)
    Rnd. 4 – K. Johnson (CB)
    Rnd. 5 – (OL) Best available or K. Guiten (QB)
    After that take the best available player. If you check back you will find that most roster players are taken in the 1st four rounds or are free agent signings. Case in point Josh Cribbs.

    • Ryan says:

      McDaniels is a piece of crap who left the Broncos in shambles! He is not the guy period! HE DRAFTED TEBOW IN THE 1ST ROUND! I don’t need to say anything else

  79. Mike says:

    My Browns mock, assuming they only spend money in FA by re-signing Ward and Mack.

    4th: WR, S.Watkins, Clemson. (6’1″, 4.47/40) [cut Bess]
    21st: OT C.Ogbuehi, TxA&M. [Lauvao is gone, move Swartz to OG]
    2nd Rd: OG, Z.Martin, ND or C.Richardson, Baylor. [compete2start/depth]
    3rd Rd(a):CB, K.Fuller, VT. [Skrine not every down good/no depth]
    3rd Rd(b): ILB, C.Borland, Wisc. [DQ52 needs help inside]
    4th Rd(a): FS, T.Brooks, FSU. [compete2start/lack depth]
    4th Rd(b): WR, L.Washington, Mizz. (6’4, 4.39/40) [Little is gone]
    5th Rd: OLB, P. Shembo, ND. [depth behind Kruger/Mingo/Sheard]
    6th Rd: RB, J.Wilder Jr, FSU (6’1″ 229#, 4.57/40) [size to go with Lewis/Baker]
    7th Rd: QB, K.Guiton, OSU. [Just want a look]

  80. Browns33 says:

    1:4 Johnny Manziel QB
    1:26 Cyril Richardson G
    2:36 Odell Beckham WR
    3:68 Carlos Hyde RB
    3: Aj McCarron QB
    4: Yawin Smallwood ILB
    5:J.C Copeland FB
    6: Chris Boswell K
    7:Dri Archer RB

  81. Louis says:

    My game plan
    Franchise ward
    Resign Mack
    Try to sign darrell Smith
    Sign Darren McFadden to a cheap one year prove you can stay healthy contract
    Sign golden Tate
    Hope rams trade out of there 1st pick

    1a Matthew OT Texas A&M (move swarts in)

    1b Dennard CB Michigan State ( both our CB are free agents next year)

    2 Richardson G Baylor

    3a shankey RB Washington

    3b Mettenberger QB LSU

    4a Pryor Louisville S

    4b Abbrederis of Wisconsin WR or Richardson Colorado WR

    5 stork C Florida St.

    6. Kennard OLB USC

    7. Saunders WR Oklahoma

  82. Rob says:

    I agree entirely with browns33 but might take another position for the last pick. And might switch the third round picks around. And if anyone says we should take Vick again they gotta be crazy! Why take somebody’s has been that is always injured?

  83. Dom says:

    I believe the Browns has a couple different options to go to make this a successful draft. This is what I believe they should do for the first few rounds.

    Rd 1a) Sammy Watkins – After watching him against Ohio State, it became clear that this should be the pick. Pairing him up with Gordon would be dynamic for years to come. It could be like the Julio and roddy white combo!

    Rd 1b) Cyril Richardson – Pairing him up with either tackle would make a dramatic improvement to the offensive line. Hopefully we could sign a tackle like Orr in the off season and move Mitchell to guard and compete with Pinkston.

    Rd 2) Bradley Roby – Although he had some problems its unquestioned that he has talent. We need another cornerback opposite Joe Haden. Roby is versatile, fast, can tackle and competes!

    Rd 3a) Mettenberger or David Fales or Ryan Mallett – Although a quarterback is a major concern of the fans, I believe we can pick an underrated QB here n try to develop him. We could use this yr to evaluate Hoyer. If the drafted QB or Hoyer hasnt shown promise we can draft a highly touted one next year like Mariotta or Winston. I believe we need to better our team before we draft a big time QB so we can give them the best chance to succeed. Many QBs would not succeed with this core of receivers minus Gordon. Another option could be to use this pick and package later picks to grab mallett from New England.

    Rd 3b) Ka’Deem Karey or Lache Seastrunk – Since running backs are not drafted early anymore, you can find quality players in the later rounds. Both players will be productive players. Im tired watching the browns shuffle random Rbs in the backfield and suspect success. The Trent Richardson move was the right move because he didn’t burst thru the hole. Both of these player have good acceleration and vision to make things happen

    I believe this would b a good start to the browns draft because it fills needs and adds talent. In the later rounds i would draft an inside LB, couple of receivers and a safety!

  84. CJ says:

    The first pick get Blake bortles or Sammy Watkins with the second first recond pick get Carlos Hyde or Derek Carr or don’t worry about a quarterback in this draft and trade ur second rounder for Ryan mallet and have too guys who learned from Tom Brady it would be nice not drafting a quarterback this year

  85. Joesph says:

    1st pick Johhny Manziel
    1st Colts pick Cyril Richardson
    2nd Darquaz Denard
    3rd Mike Evans
    3rd Pitt pick Ha Ha Clinton Dix
    4rd De’Anonthy Thomas
    4th Chris Borland
    5 Any position needed
    6 Carlos Hyde
    7 David Freese

  86. Steve says:

    1st pick cloweny
    2nd Sammy Watkins or mike Evans
    3rd Aj mccurron
    4th ryan shazier

  87. tom says:

    I think they are going to land josh mcdaniels and with that they should trade for mallet, this will give the coach a QB that knows the system THAT HE WANTS TO RUN. that will cost a 2nd or maybe 3rd pick. And I think the first pick if this happens they will go with Sammy Watkins or a OT. this would be the best because they can develop a good QB in the system and a great o-fence.

    But i think they first pick will have to do with a new coach

  88. Brian says:

    The rumor for the Oklahoma Sooners coach interview is false. The only confirmed one interview, is Mcdaniels, which was yesterday. Not for certain, but looks like more an more, he maybe coming to cleveland. I know a lot of people don’t like him, but I’m up in the air on him. I would have liked to seen Chud get another year. But I like the new owners attitude. Win or else! But I guarantee you, the next coach will get more than 1 year. There’s also a rumor that they are going to deal the #1 spot in the draft? If so, would Cleveland do what they need to do, to get Bridgewater? Is he worth giving up what the Redskins gave up for RG3?

  89. Mike says:

    If McDaniels comes to cleveland I dont see them drafting a QB in the firsr round.He has worked with Brian Hoyer and he know his talents more than we do.What we seen from Hoyer is that he is a solid QB and has what it takes to be a top QB in the nfl.Yes he is 29 but we can draft a Qb in the 2nd or 3rd round to learn from Hoyer. My mock draft has changed seeing that our 2nd pick is the 26th pick in the first round..

    1…Sammy Watkins/WR
    2…T Boyd/QB
    3…Paul Richardson/WR
    3…Jason Verret/CB
    4…Tre Mason/RB/or De Anthony Tomas/RB
    4…Lamin Barrow/ILB
    5…Jeremy Gallon/WR


    • Mike says:

      Wishfull thinking butt would be nice if chud could be our OC and try to keep Horton as our DC..That way our game plan dont change so much.Im sure McDaniels will bring the 34 and spread /vertical offence with him if he is our coach.
      QB..Hoyer , Boyd
      WR.. Gordon, Watkins , Richardson , Benjamin, and Gallon
      TE…Camoren, , see if Gregg Little can play TE
      OL.. Tomas , Swarts , Mack , Orr
      WHAT DO YO THINK !!!?????

    • Brian says:

      I like a lot of what you got going, but I would like to see a running back with one of the 3rd rd draft picks. That about the only thing I would change about yours. But if the rumor is true, about maybe giving up the 1st pick in the draft, I would like Cleveland to try. Is he worth what we may have to give up? Depending what it is, I think so. But who knows. Let’s see who we end up with first as a head coach.

      • Mike says:

        LOVE BRIDGWATERS BUT I MYSELF DONT LIKE GIVING ANOTHER TEAM MORE PICKS FOR GREAT TALENT THAT WE CAN HAVE TO OURSELF. IF we were the one trading down for multiple picks then maby but still I would want the guy we were targeting.dont believe in taking the next best thing.whish Bridgwaters would just fall to #4.

        • Mike says:

          Its a good possible chance Bridgwaters will fall to number 4.Lets just say Texans trade out to a team not needing a QB ..And jags are high on Bortles because he is getting high prays from a lot of tallent scouts and other teams ..we still have a good chance.Again Wishfull thinking but possible.

        • Brian says:

          Well rumors are, texans may trade for Mallett an trade the 1st overall pick. I just want cleveland to do things right an I’m sure everyone does too. But with all the draft picks for offense this year an all the time spent on defense last year, we can’t be far from a playoff spot. I would still like to try for that #1 spot if it’s available.

    • Some other Mike says:

      Hayden isn’t an FA until 2015. He’ll likely get an extension during the upcoming season. Thomas is under contract thru 2018.

  90. Rob says:

    Does anyone think we could possible trade our second round pick and second first round pick for maybe a number ten pick in the first round so we can get a really good wide receiver without using our first first round pick on one?

    • Louis says:

      That’s not necessary. This draft is deep with WR. Plus we got Gordon and Jordan. All we need is a big body possession receiver that gets good separation, and a quick agile receiver for the slot. What’s more important is to build the offensive line through this draft. The organization is not going to spend all it’s money on re-signing players or bring in free agent for the offensive line. Hayden,Thomas,ward,Gordon if he stays out of trouble, Mack, and Taylor are gonna take up most of the salary cap. So Thomas and Mack will take up most of the money on the line. Meaning there not gonna spend money in free Agency on big name players I.e Michael Orr not that he’s worth it. Just fillers for depth. So 1 of the first 3 picks should be used on a go Guard or tackle, and another guard in the late rounds for depth. Skrine is also gonna be a free agent like Hayden next year. And I think they can’t keep both. So one of there other top 3 picks should be used on a cornerback to groom as a replacement.

  91. rolleroh says:

    FIRST, Browns NEED a new HC ASAP to put this behind them, and not jeopardize resigning our guys or deterring other Free Agents from even considering looking this way!!


    FIRST PRIORITY – MUST lock up Mack and Ward as top priorities…… and THEY need to know they are top priorities with all the HC and Draft nonsense

    UFA – few to consider – Ben Tate, Knowshon, Hakeem Nicks (risk v reward), Jeremy Maclin (risk v reward), Darren McFadden, (risk v reward)……
    You see the trend…… Some great options at RB/ WR that can be acquired for short-term deals w minimal Base Comp & loaded w Production/ Availability Incentives to ensure we can pay our guys and Draft Picks– these are young guys who can PRODUCE, but contract year injuries made them perfect acquisition opportunities


    1a> Matthews (OT – Tex A&M) or Clowney (4-3 DE / 3-4 OLB – S Carolina)

    - Do not like ANY options at QB w this pick
    - Too early for WR due to deepest position in this draft
    - Clowney haters need to realize Browns have managed to be a top-tier D with no rest, ton of minutes per game, and all w no pass rush……..
    Clowney has ability, and game film, to be the best PLAYER of a generation! Nothing is certain, but he is the only HUMAN BEING to ever be clocked w sub-4.5 speed at 6’7″/270lbs! He is the best player in this Draft and fills the only need on D to justify top pick– immediate pass rush threat and will command double team blocking from Day 1, opening opportunities for Krueger and Mingo to produce (Krueger shined in Baltimore when not the focal point of OL & Mingo will get better and better w experience and confidence)— imagine how great this Defense would be with a devastating pass rush when they are this good with a non-existent one!!!
    Pick MORE than makes sense

    1b> Evans, Robinson, Lee ‘other’ – best WR on board

    R2> Clinton-Dix (FS – Bama), Murphy or Skov (OLB / ILB – Stanford)

    R3a> Carlos Hyde (RB – OSU)

    R3b and beyond> Depending on earlier picks- OL, DB, LB

    ** Hoping Late 3rd Round & either/ both later Round/ Future Picks for Cousins or Mallet to compete with Hoyer for Starting QB **

    - Hoyer/ Cousins/ Mallett – Best of the 2 can be solid, long-term winning QB w current supporting cast and addition of OL depth and solid #1 AFC North RB (hopefully Hyde) and RB depth acquired via FA, late Draft Picks, and keep Baker as 3rd Down/ change of pace RB
    - QB competition ‘loser’ is backup and Tanney 3rd (need to REALLY work Tanney to see what we have – should have played last 3-4 meaningless games last year)

    • Benji555 says:

      The Browns can’t roll with former back up QB’s for ever. They need to get a QB that will make an actual impact on their team not former back ups that learned from Brady or other good QB’s.

  92. Jesse says:

    Re-Sign Ward(Primary) and maybe Mack(Secondary)
    Sign Ben Tate(RB), Jon Asamoah(OG) and Vontae Davis(CB)
    1st Round-Sammy Watkins(WR) and Zach Mettenberger(QB)
    2nd Round-Antonio Richardson(OT)
    3rd Round-Shayne Skov(ILB) and Jared Abbrederis(WR)
    4th Round-Tahj Boyd(QB) and Jalen Saunders(WR)
    5th Round-Marcel Jensen(TE)
    6th Round-Ryan Groy(OG)
    7th Round-Jay Prosch(FB)

    Asamoah at LG, move Schwartz to RG and either Antonio Richardson or Chris Faulk at RT.

    Keep Little for now and hope adding Watkins opens him up as the 4th receiving option.
    Gordon, Cameron, Watkins then Little.
    Bess is gone.

    Tate, Lewis returns and keep Baker.
    McGahee, Whittaker and Ogbonnaya gone.

    I guess keep Cundiff.
    He didn’t do terrible and a lot of Touchbacks.

  93. Jerry says:

    How about you guys realize manziel is going to be a bust… How about this 1a jadaveon clowney 1b trade up for Sammy Watkins 2 tre mason from auburn and 3 tahj Boyd… Do not start Boyd, start hoyer and develop Boyd….. Put Watkins, Gordon, and Cameron, receiving with tre mason in the backfield and you’d be unstoppable

    • erik says:

      I dnt think he will be a bust. I believe he will succeed if he stays healthy. But the odds on that are rare considering his size. He will be a franchise qb if he doesnt get hurt. But the way he plays , he will.

  94. Rob says:

    Why does everyone think Boyd is so good? He almost lost to ohio stat and I as a buckeyes fan even believe they were over rated. I don’t think Boyd will even last till the third round so I think we should be watching for Mcarron there or mettenberger if he lasts. I’m not settled with trading up to get Watkins and taking clowney with first pick but if they could pull it off I would be okay with that.

  95. Browns fan in Broncoland says:

    Now that McDaniels is out of the picture I breathe a little better. I finally got to see Sammy Watkins play and now have revised my list of top 5 WR Watkins, Davante Adams, Odell Beckhamn Jr, Cody Hoffman and Kelvin Benjamin.
    QB Bortles has moved in front of AJ McCarron on my list and F a Johnny Manziel do you remember Tim (ouch) Couch anybody but him. Derek Carr and David Fales

  96. Brian says:

    Say it with me everyone, Tressel……..Tressel……….Tressel……. Wishful thinking I know

  97. GARY says:

    Not really thrilled at any of the prospects for coach, they will have to make a believer out of me no matter who they are. For what it’s worth here’s my wish list. I like a QB who is built like a linbacker, strong armed, and not afraid to tuck it and run if needed, in other words Bortles with the first pick. Then if he is still there Mike Evans at 6’5″ sure helped Manziel look good and would be nice on the opposite side of Josh Gordon. In the secound it has got to be a running back who can run and catch tthe ball out the backfield like Ka’DeEM Carey form Arizona, although I do like the way Tre Mason finished at the end of the season. As for the rest of the picks it’sabout time the front office impressed us for once instead of disapointing.

    • Browns fan in Broncoland says:

      I like the idea of a big physical QB and Manziel is not the answer. The problem with Mike Evans is that he is not a great route runner and will have difficulty getting open on NFL corners. Watkins, Beckham, Hoffman and Benjamin are better choices.

      • Gary says:

        You can caoch mechanics, you cant coach height. Evans may have a risk factor but I dont really like the idea of giving up draft picks to move up to get a 6ft Watkins. Benjamin at 6’5 ‘ is another option though. We do need to get 3-4 starters out of our first four picks, no projects.

  98. Hunter says:

    A successful draft for Cleveland would be
    1-Sammy Watkins (WR)
    1-Carlos Hyde (RB)
    2-Cyril Richardson
    3-Tre Boston (S)
    3-Tahj Boyd (QB)
    4-De’Anthony Thomas (RB)
    4-Andre Hal (CB)
    5-Dri Archer (WR/RB)
    6-Wesley Johnson (OT)
    7-Jay Prosch (FB)

    • Benji555 says:

      First of all I love the Carlos Hyde pick but I think they snag him in the second round. I don’t however like the Sammy Watkins pick. Don’t get me wrong he is an excellent WR and I’m sure he will do well in the NFL, but he doesn’t fit the Browns. Watkins is long bomb WR which the browns already have in Josh Gordon. They could get somebody like Marqise Lee, Kelvin Benjamin or Odell Beckham Jr. with their second pick in the first round. i think they need to go with a good QB like Johnny Manziel to lead them out there.

  99. Brian says:

    Interviewed Munchak today for coaching position. What’s everyone think?

    • Tbone says:

      At this point they should just go with the younger guys with a young team. I woould’nt mind Adam Gase. 35, played in the league, nothing but good things heard about him, but just like McDaniels with Brady, who wouldn’t look good with Manning. Who knows?

    • Tbone says:

      How about Whisenhunt! Detroit owner so sure he will take Lions job, he flies his private jet to San Diego to pick him up, and he takes the Titans job! Gotta love it…

  100. Mike says:

    Youdont judge a coach from wins , loses .Who or what talent he has on his team.You judge by character schems and the fight he put in his players to stand up and keep fighting when the team is down the fans have nothing to root for.The fight the sweat blood long nights planning to make your team the best they can be on and of the feild.Thats what makes a good coach …Thats why im a browns fan no matter if they loose or win I alway have somthing to root for ..Thats the fight to be the best and our browns give that every time they step foot on that feild with the fans the DOG POUND BARKING .Thats what makes a coach beeing a fan love of the game..

  101. Mike says:

    Chud is gone because the three stooges F….! Up.Now they are regreting it .And hope they dont do it again and get it right again..I beleive they are pushing hard for Adam Gase..I am guilty an have been watching them to see how Adem calls his play’s I like it because it mostly 4 WR set spreading the feild.Hope Browns push hard and make the hire..
    .. Another reason I hope we hire him and he takes us to the promise land just so we can rub it in…

  102. Jim Brown says:

    One thing is for certain. They won’t draft a RB with a 1st round pick.
    2)RB or OL
    3)DB or S
    4)LB or DE
    4)LB or DE
    5)CB or S
    6)RB or WR
    7)DL or OL

  103. Brian says:

    Looks like Turner will be leaving an possibly Horton. I’m sick of starting over….. Who’s with me? What you think? I don’t mind Adam Gase, but will they treat him like Chud?

    • Mike says:

      Im with you 100% dont mind loosing turner but Horton I want them to keep. he turned our defence into a top 10 in one year hes a keeper.Dont think they will treat Gase like a puppet because they already lost respect around the league.We have 5 probowlers and a top 10 defence this has to be the year we work on our offence .

      • Mike says:

        Did you see mels mock? He had.
        JAGS ………CLOWENY
        Man if that is the case Bridgwaters can fall to us themn we can get the next best WR ..If it falls that way I would agree with you on trading up trying to get Watkins .

        • Mike says:

          Do you think we would have to give up our 2nd 1st and 2nd this year plus 1st this year if raiders want to trade.But I think Raider will go QB to so maby we wouldn’t have to trade up so high.What do you think?

          • Mike says:

            Oops 2nd 1st and 2nd this year and 1st next year.

          • Mike says:

            This is better assuming Mels mock stays somewhat true.
            5Raiders…Marquise Lee
            6Falcons..Anthony Bar
            7Tampa…Korny Ealy
            That makes Bridgewaters available at 26 .

  104. BrownsFaithful/fool? says:

    If we all look at the stats last year… Weeden and Campbell were almost mirrors of each other. Im sure we all can agree we need to move on from those 2. Now what team year in year out doesn’t have a QB? none! I love Hoyer, he started 3 games and won 3 games!! How can you get better than that?!?!? I think he deserves and start new year BUT like what a lot of you said… grab McCarron in the 3rd round. Watkins would be my 1st choice in round one…. thinking we can trade down and maybe pick up another round 2 and grab him. or I like Mosley there. With the late 1st round from Indy I say we get Hyde. Then go Oline in round2. And one thing about the Def… with out the threat on offense teams stick with their game plan and its hard for a team to stop professional players for 60 minutes! We need offense. Watkins would be a GREAT fit as long as you think Hoyer can do it and yes I do believe in him!! remember the Viks game at the end?? He threw it away 2 times not to give up a TO, then hit Cameron for the game winner!!! Worse case we would have tried a FG to tie it!! That my friend made me a believer, Brady must have taught him something!

  105. Louis says:

    Hortons out and still no head coach. Would of been great if there where a staff to send out to scout the senior bowl. At this point I hope the broncos and Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl. So we get to see gase offense go against Quinn’s defense, and who ever had the better schme against the other should be hired as the next head coach. Which I hope would be Quinn. There’s more pieces in place for a quicker turn around.

  106. Mike says:

    We will get a winning coach in GAse Or Quin. They both have a winning mantality smarts and heart for the game or they wouldn’t be where they are now FIGHTING FOR A SUPER BOWL RING.If its Quin we still would have a top ten defence weather its 34 or 43.Gase can give us a great offence when we get one and the players to make one.I respect the rout we went an the patients we took to get a winning coach.BUT STILL PISSED THEY FIRED CHUD.

  107. Jason says:

    It doesn’t matter who they pick with fourth pick if it’s a qb he’ll be a bust it’s Cleveland the graveyard for quarterback’s and coaches. Sad but so true

  108. Jason says:

    Been a season ticket holder for 25 yrs this franchise is a total joke.r fan’s deserve better

  109. erik says:

    All we need is a qb and we will be above 500. If there is a franchise qb, we should presume him. If there is not, we should go another rt. We have a solid team, just not a leader on it. No team wins with the worst qb in the league. U can have a team with 21 pro bowlers and a horrible qb and the team will be was losing team. Just as u could have an average team, with the best qb in the game; and win.

    • erik says:

      As for coaches; we need a coach that knows how to win and one who.knows.how to spark a lossing team. Meaning, the browns have been losing for sometime now, he needs to know how to get those losing mentality out of there heads.

  110. Pat says:

    1-1) Mike Evans WR – Big, quick guy opposite Gordon. Slide Little into the slot where he belongs
    1-2)Cyril Richardson OG – Mountain of a man at 6-5 and 340 odd pounds. The guards have been a patchwork group for years Lavauo is average and Pinkston is just bad
    2) Zach Mettenberger QB – (if he is showing signs of good recovery) prototypical size for a NFL QB at 6-5 with a rocket for an arm
    Jimmy Garoppolo QB – ( if Mettenberger is still in question) Good size, smart, quick, can keep the play alive with his feet and make good throws. A year behind Hoyer wouldn’t hurt him.
    3-1) De’Anthony Thomas OW – Pure athlete and playmaker on the field. It may seem like a reach, but it could pay of huge dividends. Though it is possible that other organizations have thought the same thing, in that case…
    Jordan Tripp OLB – Small school product with good size and speed, move him into ILB to help in coverage. Has experience already at the position
    3-2)(if De’Anthony was taken) Unsure if Tripp is here still . Take if there, if not…
    Lamin Barrow ILB – Fast and good in coverage. Has huge upside if coached up a little. LSU product.
    4-1) Keith McGill CB – Big, tall, fast, physical. What else can you want.
    4-2) Trade away for pick next year.
    5) Crockett Gillmore TE – Barnbridge is not a good TE. This Guy is massive with soft hands and sheds blocks well. He’s quick linearly and could help near the goal line.
    6) Storm Johnson RB – (If De’Anthony not taken earlier) Bully in between the tackles, runs with conviction. Receives well out of the backfield
    (If De’Anthony taken earlier) Tevin Reese WR or Dri Archer OW – This is taking a chance on guys. Both are quick and can provide a spark on Offense, but my not be a sure thing
    7) Kenny Guiton QB- He show flashes of genius when filling in for Braxton Miller, but never really got to shine. Is a fifth year senior (mature). Create an actual QB competition at camp. Mobile and accurate.

    This is the NFL draft though, anything can happen and it is the Browns, the worst will probably happen. Don’t expect anything like this, this is a dream draft of mine.

  111. Benji555 says:

    People have been saying we need to rebuild the O-Line so the QB’s we draft won’t get destroyed or to get a QB that can scramble around and avoid getting sacked. The answer is Johnny Manziel. He can scramble and throw the ball down the field. I think with the first pick you draft Manziel and then with the second pick in the first round you get an offensive lineman. Then in the second round get a WR or RB (like the Ohio State boy Carlos Hyde) to surround Manziel with talent (other than Josh Gordon). The Browns have taken a serious notice to Manziel, and if we traded up to get him earlier that might interest some head coaches and offensive coordinators that like QB’s that can run the ball. And for the people that think they should rebuild the defense, we have Joe Haden in the secondary and Paul Kruger and Barkevious Mingo stopping the run in the front seven. Pick up a nice safety or Cornerback in the later rounds to learn behind Joe Haden. You can teach defensive talent, you can’t teach offensive talent.

    • Benji555 says:

      1st Pick 1st Round: Johnny Manziel, QB Texas A&M. The Browns have needed a star Quarterback for a long time. Many people think Manziel will be a bust, but I think the Browns should take the risk to receive the reward. And if Manziel doesn’t perform well, fall back to Brian Hoyer.

      2nd Pick 1st Round: David Yankey, OG Stanford. Joe Thomas handles the left side of the line, but the right side of the line could use some work. David Yankey would protect Manziel and would make it easier to run the ball.

      1st Pick 2nd Round: Odell Beckham Jr. WR LSU. The Browns already have the star receiver in Josh Gordon, but now they need a smaller receiver to run the under and crossing routes on the opposite side.

      • erik says:

        Hyde is predicted to be a mid third round draft choice. If we give an early second round pick for him it will show why we have bad draft. Ive done a draft.simulator and ive got him aslate as the forth. I would like him to but we can have a better overall draft if we wait.

  112. D.Whit says:

    I am sure no one thinks Johnny football will be a bust. But most Browns fans know that we are several players away for becoming competitive. We need as many picks as possible. So as long as they do not package picks to move up, I am fine with that. But losing 5 games that we had leads in the 4th quarter, is saying we have coaching or defensive issues.

  113. D.Whit says:

    We have to use free agency along with our draft picks to gain all the players we need. Because we have a lot of holes that need to be filled.

    • Brian says:

      I agree. I think johnny football will be better than people think. If they work on the offense as much as they did the defense last year, we should be competitive. But they stock piled the draft picks for a reason. So hopefully they get it right an with free agency. May will be here soon enough. Then we will all quit guessing an find out.

      • erik says:

        I believe he will be great. But im so concerned about him getting hurt, I would like more than one or two years out if him.

        • Gunmac says:

          Manziel is the next Ryan Leaf. I say lock down Mack and Ward like yesterday. We can franchise 1 of them if need be. Find a way to sign Incognito and Zane Beadles. Minn wants our #4. Good. Swap and get a #2 and a #4 out of it. Trade the #4 round pick from Minn to Redskins for Kirk Cousins. Now at overall #12 best inside LB and at #26 RG Xavier Su’ – Filo (UCLA) as 1st Guard off the board.
          Scenario gives us best O-Line in football, 2 young quality QB’s to carry the water until a guy I’d take 2nd round, Brock Jenson from N Dakota St is ready. With this scenario I’d take the best avail at ‘needs’ positions the rest of the draft.

  114. Rob says:

    What do u all think about mike pettine as our new head coach that they just hired.

    • Tbone says:

      I like the guy. I liked his press conferences. Players seem to like him, even people outside of the browns like him. I’m such a homer, but I think this would be a perfect opportunity for Bernie to be OC. Don’t like any canidates for that position yet.

      • The_Fin says:

        I could see Bernie as a QB coach…but to be the coordinator…Im not so certain ole Bernie dont have some brain damage from the era in which he played. Lol. I love Kosar though dont gey me wrong here.

  115. The_Fin says:

    I just love the fact that we grabbed a defensive head coach. I hope it points to the direction of us fixing addressing the holes surrounding the qb position rather than simply going all in with the fourth overall pick and selecting a quarterback who we cant protect, and cant help out with big plays in the running game. Let alone hold onto and defend his leads through the fourth quarter. Ifyoure reading this and are one of those fans that believe we HAVE to draft a quarterback with our first pick, I say shame on you. We have talent on this team to build around…so kets do thatvinstead. I say at number four…only three men fit that selection: Jadeveon Clowney (OLB), Gregg Robinson (RT), or CJ Mosely (ILB). Clowney obviously wont be there but should he fall…he simply MUST become a Brown. A Supe rBowl Champion defense can be built around him! Gregg Robinson is a ROAD GRADER in the run game and already has elite pass protecting skills. Right tackle was the weakest link on our offense last season (NOT QB as most would think). Heres a guy that will finally anchor down that forever failing right side of our offensive line. Should both Clowney and Robinson be off the board by four…Mosley is the soundest pick in the whole entire draft…so we are not to fret, just select the best linebacking talent to come out since Patrick Willis in 07′. This guy will beca brute force alongside DeQwell Jackson and will serve as his perfect replacement. Robertson at weak ILB was a disaster for our defense last season. Running for third down conversionscas easily as opposing offenses did last season takes its toll on a defense down the stretch. Lots of our late season problems in the secondary last season was the result of play against the run early and often in football games. Any team that drafts CJ Mosely, selects with him the ability to stop the run. We desperately need that here in Cleveland.

  116. Jesse says:

    With Kyle Shanahan coming in I think a trade for Kirk Cousins is imminent.
    So I say trade something like our 3rd and 5th round pick for him.
    Re-Sign T.J. Ward and Alex Mack.
    Sign Ben Tate.
    1st Round – (4th) WR Sammy Watkins and (26th) OG Cyril Richardson.
    2nd Round – CB Marcus Roberson or Bradley Roby
    3rd Round – ILB Shayne Skov or Yawin Smallwood
    4th Round – TE Marcel Jensen and OT Seantrel Henderson
    6th Round – WR L’Damian Washington
    7th Round – FB Jay Prosch

    • Tbone says:

      Cousins is a turnover machine. Hoyer is much better. I would be surprised if that happens. He has only been in the league a couple years with 3 tds 7 ints and a 1 and 3 record. Fourth or fifth round pick when drafted.

  117. Mike says:

    Can’t look at the draft in a vacuum. Free agency happens first and the Browns have the wherewithal to sign some talent that will allow them to narrow down what they need/want in the draft. This also comes with the caveat that Hoyer showed promise and bolstering the line in front of him, establishing a running game and the Pro Bowlers at TE, WR give him room to be successful. The best value in this draft is in Round 2. I would try to trade back from the #4 pick and get more picks.

    Free Agents
    Branden Albert – OT
    Jairus Bird – S
    Karlos Dansby – OLB

    1. Mike Evans – WR
    1. Carlos Hyde – RB
    2. Gabe Jackson – G
    3. Shayne Skov – ILB
    3. Zach Mettenberger – QB
    4. Daniel McCullers – DT
    4. Jaylen Watkins – CB

    The bottom line is whether you like the team below:
    QB: Bryan Hoyer
    RB: Carlos Hyde
    RB: Dion Lewis
    WR: Josh Gordon
    WR: Mike Evans
    WR: Josh Cooper
    TE: Jordan Cameron
    OT: Joe Thomas
    OG: Gabe Jackson
    C: Alex Mack(though Browns probably let him go)
    OG: Mitchell Schwartz
    OT: Branden Albert

    DE: Bark Mingo/Jabaal Sheard
    DT: Phil Taylor
    DT: Desmond Bryant
    DE: Paul Kruger
    LB: Shayne Skov
    LB: Dqell Jackson
    LB: Karlos Dansby
    CB: Joe Haden
    CB: Jaylen Watkins
    S: TJ Ward
    S: Jairus Bird

  118. The_Fin says:

    This would be the perfect draft:
    1. Gregg Robinson (RT) Auburn (played LT in college)
    2. Gabe Jackson (RG) Mississippi State
    3. Jimmy Garrapolo (QB) Eastern Illinois
    4. Jordan Matthews (WR) Vanderbilt
    5. Yawin Smallwood (ILB) Connecticut
    6. Max Bullough (ILB) Michigan State
    7. E.J. Gaines (CB) Missouri
    8. Terrence West (RB) Towson
    9. Willie Snead (WR) Ball State
    10. Trey Burton (FB/WR/TE) Florida

    • erik says:

      Garrapoloo will go as late as fifth round. We need a scout who can tell which player is already at the top of their game and which player can improve.
      We shouldnt draft him till at least the third. Remember to.calculate attempts in yr qb. If I play a hurry.up offrnse, im going to get more attempts at throwing, conclusion more yards.

      • The_Fin says:

        Hmmm…where do you get your info from?? Cuz everything Ive read has him as the fifth ranked QB and coming off the board early in the second round. Hes very talented, with the best mechanics in this draft and what most refer to as “functionable mobility.” His release is quick and his accuracy is awe inspiring.

    • Mike says:

      I like this, I would totally go with it. Everything about this team is not the QB, it is the OL. We couldn’t pass protect or run the ball. The actual key for the Browns going forward is the play of the Guards. If we could actually run the ball, Hoyer would be more than fine with time to throw.

  119. Louis says:

    So now that we have our coaches and know what schme they run. We could start drafting players to fit it.

    1a. Johnny Manziel QB Texas A&M

    1b. Zack Martin OT ND – move Schwartz in to guard, and Martin should fit into the zone block schme

    2. A big WR that runs good routes and blocks down field for the running game since the team will be running a west coast system.
    So Allen Robinson penn st, Jordan Matthews Vanderbilt will do

    3a. Keith McGill CB Utah – big CB to play press man

    3b. ILB Chris Borland Wisconsin or Christian Jones Florida St.

    4a. FS Dion Bailey USC

    4b. RB Andre Williams Boston College

    5. WR Jalen Saunders Oklahoma

    6. OLB Devon Kennard USC

    7. DE Ben gardner Stanford

    • The_Fin says:

      Schwartz cant get it done. Manziel is an at risk player who more than likely will have a short NFL career.

      • Louis says:

        It’s a shanahan offense, he’ll be fine. He’ll be handing the ball off to the running back most of the time anyway. Setting up for those rollout play action passes that offense does a lot of. And if you feel that Schwartz can’t adapt to a zone blocking schme, then the second round pick could be used on a Guard. Maybe the kid from Baylor where they run a zone block schme , or the kid from UCLA. He should be Athletic enough for a zone block. And change the 5th round pick to Devin Street from Pitt. He should fit the bold of the type of WR I describe for my original 2nd round pick

        • The_Fin says:

          We need RT and RG so CAN run the ball. Grecco and Thomas hold down the left side good enough…but its time to put some road graders on the right side in the FIRST round. Garrapolo from Eastern University will be “Kaepernick esque STEEL at QB in the second round.

          • Louis says:

            Yes the team is gonna focus on running the ball more, which means the right side of the line is gonna need to be rebuilt. But the Organization is not gonna spend a top 5 pick on a right tackle. Especially if there gonna resign Mack. That’s too much money invested on the oline. One of the perks about running zone block is that you don’t need the most powerful strongest player, but more Athletic. Which other guards you could find better then jackson. In the second round. And Martin and the kid from Alabama you might be able to get later in the 1st or move up a few spots to get.

          • The_Fin says:

            Ah…but you see, thats where the genius in hiring a Shanahan as coordinator comes into play…that zone blocking scheme you keep raving about, its designed to help teams that dont have a stud at center…so as much as I believe it’s going to be a mistake, I dont think they will be willing to pay Mack premier money cause thats exactly what the guy is at center, a premier player. So adding a couple lineman with feet will hopefully be top priority in the draft. I like what little bit I saw out of Edwin Baker “The Touchdown Maker,” last season…should we add some real talent to block for him and Dion Lewis. Now onto what you say about a RT not being worthy of the fourth pick…two came off the board last year in the top 5, and the particular RT I mentioned is a very rare talent. He played Left Tackle in college. His run blocking is dominate and his already solid pass protecting skills are only gonna improve. Combine will tell all, but from what Im reading and seein on youtube…Greg Robinson is for real. And lets face it, Joe Thomas isnt going to be around much longer, we will lose him to retirement if free agency or injury (god forbid) doesnt get him first. Already having his replacement on the roster when that time comes would only be smart. And this right tackle (because of his run blocking) will end up as a better than or equal to LEFT Tackle as Joe Thomas…at least he has that kinda potential anyways. Lets face it…Joes just average in the run game…but he is an ELITE protector…Robinson, one day, could give the us the same elite protection as well as open gaping holes for backs to run through on the left side of formations…but in the meantime…he can be doing it on our right side. RT has been a chink in our armor since the days of Colt Mccoy. We should have addressed it in the 2012 draft with Riley Riffe (could have traded down a few spots even) and David Decastro…but I wont go there lol.

          • The_Fin says:

            There are no Guards in this draft that are better than Gabe Jackson. Dude completey dominated the SEC the past two seasons. Yankey, from Stanford could be serviceable…Cyril Richardson will take plays off on ya…kinda what we already get from Luavo. Jackson is a guy you can just flat out hang your hat on when it comes to pickin up yardage in the run game.

      • Mike says:

        Astute assessment of Jackson. I think he will slide and we can solidify a Guard spot for the next decade.

  120. max says:

    its clear we need a QB and Manziel we can build around over next few seasons and he can get job done, RB is needed aswell for 1st round pick Carlos Hyde will suit us, and rest I think at some point we need a WR, I think if we pick good late picks in the later rounds to add to our defence it will be solid

  121. Brian says:

    Again, I don’t see why everyone is against Johnny “football”? He is a risk, but most players are. Look at how many players every year in the top 20 that are busts or just riddled with injuries their whole career. I would NOT trade back to get more picks. This is our year! This is why they stock piled so many for this draft. We do need to use free agency to fill some holes. QB is NOT one of them. No matter what people say, we need to draft a QB an in the first rd. I also believe we should get another in the 4th rd. but I don’t see that happening. Out of the Qb’s on the roster now, I would only keep Hoyer. He deserves a chance after starting the way he did. I would not trade any picks for cousins. You might as well keep Weeden . Ok ok, he may not be that bad, but he isn’t great or an answer for cleveland. But a line up I would like to see from the draft….

    1) Manziel

    1) Evans

    2) Hyde

    3) ILB or CB

    3) CB or ILB

    4) Mettenberger

    4) defense

    Just start filling holes with the best players available. I can see us taken a kicker with one of the last couple picks. This is just a wish list for me. I’m sure they won’t draft 2 QBS, but who knows? Come on MAY……. I’m ready for some football!

    • The_Fin says:

      Its very foolish to spend a first round pick on ANY skill position when you dont have the right hogs up front to block for them.ESPECIALLY quarterback.Its tine we learn the lesson from drafting Couch so many years ago and neglecting the oline. Garrapolo in the second round of this draft is a deal. And with two firsrt rounders we have the oppirtunity to put a couple guys in front of him that will keep him on his feet. The biggest asset to ANY young QB is a respected running game. We will not have that here if they dont advantage of this fantastic opportunity to FIX the offensive line! Johnny Manziel is a flashy, spotlight hog off the field…it wikl be like asking Justin Bieber to take command of your locker room. I want a QUIET, lead by example QB out if this draft…not a selfish, “look at me,” pleyer like Johnny Football! This guy in the NFL is gonna amount to a mountain of turnovers…for two seasons Ive heard people complaining about Weeden holdin the football too long…well youre gonna get even more of that from Manziel. Im done WASTING our grocery budget in drafts…they need to go out and get the meat and potatos in this one…not some shiny $8 jar of mustard like Manziel!

      • The_Fin says:

        And we cant AFFORD any free agent lineman…our backs are against the wall as it is the next few years reguarding cap space. The draft IS the cheapest way to address an oline.

        • Brian says:

          We can afford a couple guys. We are well under cap. We usually always are. I’m sure we still will be by the beginning of the season. Johnny football brings a lot to the table. In this league today,you have to get rid of the football or you better move your ass an get some positive yardage. Manziel can do it all. I don’t see them blowing any 1st rd pick on th o-line. Other than proving on the day of the draft, it’s almost certain they will draft a QB. Most of the team knows it also. They been talking about it out of the front office. Players tweeting about it. Making comments to newspapers. I will be shocked if Cleveland’s first pick is anything but a QB. I personally hope it’s Manziel. You can have a big arm, but if you can’t move your ass, you aren’t worth a shit or you have one hell of a “O” line.

          • The_Fin says:

            Lol. So what you are saying is we dont a need a good offensive line, we just need to sell the house for a QB that can run for exciting positive yards??? Hahaha…didnt the Washington Redskins buy this same scenario just two years back??? And how is that mobile quarterback behind a weak offensive line working out for themnow?? Johnny Manziel is not built for the kinda of beating he will be forced to endure if selected by Cleveland. We chewed through three QBs this season and now you wanna throw a fourth round selection into the same lineup and draft him running backs and recievers even?? Ridiculous! What are we supposed to watch during the plays that arent passes?? More 3 yds per carry. Runningbacks swallowed up by defenses…AGAIN and AGAIN…giving us no ability to control the clock and therefore no leverage to close out games. Name the last team that won the Superbowl with a bad offensive line? And we are NOT “well under the cap space this season,” as you put, especially if re sign mack and ward. Look it up.

          • erik says:

            my friend, manzial will give u q few good seasons and that is it. He is a good player but to small for the nfl, he will be hurtwithin two seasons. everyone hits that much harder. The one guy he was afraid of in the pros is everyone in the nfl. I woulnt take a chance on the first rd on him. But maybe later.

        • Mike says:

          We can afford whatever we want. Almost $50MM under cap. You are right that drafting is always the way to go, but we don;t have a veteran Guard that I would trust to be able to help teach any draft picks. Need one veteran Guard(Beadles was Pro Bowl 2 years ago) and one rookie this year. Pick up Beadles’ replacement next year.

          We should look heavily for an ILB in Free Agency also. In the draft, there is a huge rating dropoff after CJ Mosley, so unless we are going to grab him, Smallwood, Bullough, Borland all have something that scout’s feel works against them. There are a few really good ILBs that should be in free agency; gotta grab one. Still draft one of the rookies mentioned, but now you won’t have the pressure. Just like with the Guard situation be prepared to draft another ILB next year.

    • Gunmac says:

      Anybody but Manziel! He is the next Ryan Leaf! I’d rather we use the pick on a bag of used balls than Manziel!
      Why are so many in love with him? He can’t hit the outs, no clue how / when to put the ball in the cheap seats, has an RG Me mentality and add a weak arm and slow release to the mix.
      The kid is a head case also. He’s trouble from day 1.

      • Benji555 says:

        Tell me who we should use as a QB then? If you don’t have an answer then why shouldn’t they draft Manziel?

      • Brian says:

        Manziel is nothing like Leaf. Not even close. Every QB has a bad game. Manziel has been a great QB. I don’t know what you people are watching. He’s proven himself. You obviously don’t watch college ball or you don’t watch Manziel . Every great NFL QB has his bad games also. Everyone of them…… Not one QB is spot on or perfect all the time. Quit watching youtube videos an start watching football.. I’m not the only one who thinks this either. Read the headlines, watch espn, watch the nfl channel. A lot of them are thinking he will go ahead of Bridgewater. Which I like also. But it’s all a guessing game until the draft. I like Manziel, Bortles, Garropalo, Bridgewater, an Mettenberger. Hell even Carr looks good. I’m not worried about it. Cleveland will make the right choice for cleveland. Everyone’s bitching about their past. Yeah, it hasn’t been good. But this isn’t the old cleveland. New owner, new coaches. Give them a chance. So far, I like the new owner. He seems like he wants to win. That’s why he got rid of Chud . He isn’t putting up with 4-5 wins a season. Good for him. I’m with him. I’ve been a fan for over 30 years an I’m tired of watching them lose.

        • The_Fin says:

          Cleveland has RARELY made the right choice for Cleveland and its in part from always eating up headlines and worshipping moronic ESPN analysts…its Febuary buddy…the only place to watch football now IS on the internet. Garrapolo in the second round, in my opinion, better serves our needs from this draft. D

          • Benji555 says:

            They shouldn’t take a QB in the second round because look at the QB’s they have drafted in the last few years from the second round. They have been terrible, they need to take a QB in the first round.

          • Brian says:

            Exactly,the OLD cleveland didn’t make too many good choices. There’s lots of football on tv. I have a sports package that I can watch football everyday on TV. It doesn’t matter what month it is. For the analysts, they go off spokes people for each individual team an some speculations towards their individual needs. Again, it’s a guessing game until the actual day of the draft. The internet is great for highlights. I’d much rather watch whole games. Gives more insight an knowledge to what your talking about. Instead of speculating off of highlight an guesses. I gave a list of QBS I like. I still say, they should draft 2 QBS. One early an one in the late 3rd or early 4th rd. can save a lot of money that way. They have one of the youngest , most talented teams around. Just no one to lead them, no one to run for them. They also need someone to compliment Gordon. The o-line needs some work, but they can’t have a QB that holds the ball or can’t move. Look at Pittsburgh, horrible offensive line. But for a big guy, Ben can move an usually gets rid of the ball . Again, I like where the new owner is heading an refuses to put up with mediocrity.

          • The_Fin says:

            Pittsburgh has a good offensive line…they lack.depth though and have been riddled by injuries the past two seasons. The steelers got OUR guy one pick after we drafted Weeden. How you roll the dice on Trent Richardson the DONT go out and get the best interior lineman in the draft (David Decastro from Stanford) will forever be a mystery to me. Decastro DOMINATED Suh this season and is already being called by many one of the top interior lineman in football in only his second season. Its drafting like that that has made Baltimore and Pittsburgh so tough for us to deal with.

      • erik says:

        I’m not a manzial fan, rather have bridgewater, but he will perfom well in the nfl. But u will only get a few good seasons out of him, he will.get hurt. His elusiveness us just to good. I believe he will be good. But I believe bortles or bridgewater will have longer careers because of how they play.. I hate writing this on my phone.

      • Mike says:

        Drafting Manziel is desperation. By drafting him, it would be our admission that we would take excitement over losing, and excitement over winning. The goal is winning. The Browns would make a mistake being the kind of team with no proven track record in winning to be able to take such a gamble. If we miss on the #4 pick like we did on Mingo and McFadden last year, this franchise is doomed.

        Joe Banner has $50MM free agent money, 10 draft picks with 7 in the first 4 rounds of a deep draft. He also has 6 incumbent Pro Bowlers. Quite simply, if the Browns don’t win a playoff game next year, Banner is gone.

        My take? Considering the Browns don’t elucidate about anything they are doing strategy-wise, it is very converse that there would be so much talk out there about them wanting Manziel. I have to think it is a bluff to engage trade partners.

    • Mike says:

      At no point in your mock draft did you take the best player available, yet that is what you are suggesting the Browns do. If you skip over the Offensive Line in this draft, doesn’t matter what QB, WR, RB you take, you are doomed. Mack is GONE. The only way Banner keeps him is if he cares about what fans think; pretty sure he feels the exact opposite. The difference between the number 1 Center and the Number 20 Center is negligible. We like Mack bc he is tough and he is one of the few players for whom we can be thankful. Banner can find someone close to Mack’s level for much less $$. You could get 2 serviceable, veteran receivers for the money Mack will make.

  122. The_Fin says:

    Yeah…cuz what round a quarteback is drafted makes all.the difference in how well he performs…lol, youre exactly right lol.

    • erik says:

      No, but usually the top qbs in the draft perform the best. But u also must consider who their college couches are. If they come from a college who have good qb coaching, then they migjt note improve as much. The browns.need to ise their first.pick if there sure they have a qb. Any doubt.hold off. We are only.a qb away from a solid team.ing

      • The_Fin says:

        Only a QB away?? So youre saying our offense is a contender with Schwartz and Luavo/Cousins on the right side of the throwing “look out blocks?” And say we get the franchise QB…you really think our run gashed defense (lacking a suitable ILB beside Jackson, and a successful pass rush) can protect his leads in the fourth…enough so to put us over the top and into perrenial playoff contention??? I say you are crazy if you think, with guys like Davone Bess and Gregg Little being relied on to move the chains on third, that ANY qb could have consistent success here. No. I say we are a right tackle and a right guard away from even being anle to consider bringing in the quarterback…and once we have those three positions filled…we are a wr, ILB, CB, and pass rusher away from being superbowl contenders….but what do I know?? Lol

        • erik says:

          I never said anything about a super bowl, I said a solid team. 500 and better, I know we could use an extra wide reciever and a ot (we could move schwartz into guard, he just doesnt have a quick first step). But with hoyer out there, we did win .three, he wnt take use to a super bowl and he dosnt have the greatest stats, bit he does know how to win and doesn’t give the game away. We will probable get one of those through free agency and another with.the 26 or 35 pick. We might fill in some holes inndefense wth our two third and forth draft choices. And hopefully find some players.who transition well in the nfl on the later rds… we do.have six pro bowlers, will lose one I believe in free agencybecause mack will demand a high contract which might dmand more than his talent and we might have a beter off grabbing two b players instead of one a and one d. Sorry for the clearity I did write this on my phone. I agree with u.but yr qb is the most important position. Teams that first set aand then build from there always turn to stardom if that qb stays healthy. So a solid line is helpful. That why I dnt like manzial because he will get hurt in the nfl. But he just might be the best college qb but might be the e worse nfl qb.

  123. The_Fin says:

    6 of the twelve teams that made playoffs this season were led by QBs taken in rounds later than the first …including the Seahawks who won the SuperBowl??? It doesnt matter what round he comes from, you just gotta have the right pieces in place for the right guy…and without a respected running game…Johnny Fooball is just another high profile pick destined to fail here in Cleveland.

    • Tbone says:

      Well said Fin, Im not sure about Johnny, but there are more questions than answers on him. Brady, Montana were late round picks. Belicheck didn’t even know what he had in brady until their qb got hurt. look how Hoyer got lost in the qb mess in Cleveland. Player evaluation more important than what round he is taken. I would be happy if they didn’t take a qb with their first pick, get Watkins, start Hoyer. Draft a young qb and go back to the old days where you let him get coached up before throwing him in the fire.

      • The_Fin says:

        Thanks for the props Tbone but I cant support drafting a receiver in the first round either…that position in thisdraft is too deep for one and we already got our stud…we need only now a compliment to him. Ive said this before and feel much obliged to say it again, the BEST aid in gettin a wr open is a respected running game…NOT another high profile guy lining up aside of him. As terribly as we ran the ball this season, coming out of the first round without at least one lineman will be madness…look what Bobby Rainey did once he left. Its not our backs…its the oline. Fix that…and we can start thinking about drafting high profile names at the skill positions. You build beautiful houses first by digging dirty holes and laying the foundation. We need not bells and whistles with our two first round selections….thats the same mistake Holmgren made in 2012.

        • Benji555 says:

          I understand what your saying Finn about improving the run game. With two first round picks we draft Manziel with the first pick and with the second pick we draft David Yankey to replace Lauvao. And with the third pick get Odell Beckham Jr. to be opposite of Gordon. Then in free agency sign Ben Tate and Michael Oher to sure up the run game. Also resign Alex Mack

          So the offense would look like this:

          QB: Johnny Manziel
          RB: Ben Tate
          WR1: Josh Gordon
          WR2: Odell Beckham Jr.
          TE: Jordan Cameron
          LT: Joe Thomas
          LG: John Greco
          C: Alex Mack
          RG:David Yankey
          RT: Michael Oher

          • Benji555 says:

            And whatever FB we use.

          • The_Fin says:

            No thanks on Micheal Oher. Hes been on a decline since “The Blind Side” hit dvd lol. Theres a REASON why the Ravens made a mid-season trade for Eugen Monroe and are lettng Ohr go. He doesnt get it done! People keep bringin him up…firget about that damn movie…hes merely average in the NFL.

          • Benji555 says:

            Then who will we put there.

          • The_Fin says:

            Greg Robinson from Auburn lol.

          • Benji555 says:

            Robinson is one of the best Tackles in the draft. How are supposed to get him?

          • Benji555 says:

            Also Shwartz is below average so Oher is better.

          • The_Fin says:

            You get him number four. Perfect scenario Manziel is still on the board…you use has him as bait…work out the deal with the Raiders (they will be trying to move up for the last big name qb on the board if theyre attempts to jump ahead of us are unsuccessful), move back one spot, secure a THIRD third round pick to boot and still walk out of the draft with man you NEEDED. If no deal can be made then you take this guy at four. Once we are able to run the football, everybodies job gets easier. We dont need a 2,000 yard back (though it would be so awesome to have that happen here) but we MUSTat least have the threat of a run game. That even makes protecting the quarteback on passing downs easier because defenses arent as apt to “pin their ears back,” and rush the quarteeback. I know hes not the glamorous pick, but this organization should be targeting Greg Robinson in the first round of the 2014 draft.

          • erik says:

            I believe swartz would be an amazing guard like he played in college. He doesnt have that first quick step. But he does block well if the guy doesnt get around him on the edge . Much more suited for guard then tackle. We could kill two birds with one stone. His college team moved him his last yr, much better guard. He migjt even be a B player there instead a c-.

          • erik says:

            Oher is years pass his prime.

        • Tbone says:

          I have no problem with that. Its just IMO Watkins was one player that could deliver immediately and bring a certain amount of swagger that frankly we have only seen from Haden on the other side. I guess I’m more “best player available” right now more than “draft for need”. Thought he fit both, but, I have no problem going OL if they think there is that guy 4 overall.

  124. Mike says:

    Dont want to see browms draft a QB in the 1st.Hoyer is our QB .He showed poise in the pocket and the ability to run when need to.He also found open WR and got the ball out quick and not only to Gordon. Hoyer spread the ball around.He also done this with no run game and a halfway decent OLine.We all can agree this is true if not read what you have been preaching or go and watch the games again.Orr is beeing cut loose for cap reasons and to much talent on oline.Waste of money to pay backups top dollars .So they need to cut one.
    SIGN ORR IN FREEAGENCY.Rest should only be gap fillers to fill a need.We need to save cap money for Hayden and future signings.
    1..Watkins …safe pick we all know he won’t be a bust …PROBOWLER.
    1TRADE OUT. PICK UP A 2ND AND 3RD.Only say this because there will be a needy taem within the next 10 picks of the 2nd round wanting a QB that didnt get one in the first .That gives us two high picks in the 2nd and 3 in the 3rd.
    2..OLINE …..
    3..RB …Have Lewis need a one two punch.
    3..QB…need solid backup.
    5..6..7 Top player on the board.

    • Benji555 says:

      His hame is spelled Oher.

      • The_Fin says:

        And Id rather draw a face on an old sack of potatos and put it at the right tackle position than pick him up in free agency.

        • Benji555 says:

          Why? He is better than Shwartz.

          • The_Fin says:

            Id say run blocking wise he is merely shwartz’s equal. Pass blocking…one tier above shwartz. We need maulers on the right and protectors on the left. We got the left side built. Thats why I dont feel that Matthews fits our needs in the draft either. His run blocking is much to be desired…but then again left tackles in this league arent paid to run block. This is why Robinson is a rare find. Hes a mauler in the run game and he will play left tackle eventually. Teams that need one could start him there immediately.

  125. Tbone says:

    Must get first pick right. Three no-brainers.
    J. Matthews OL
    Robinson OL
    S. Watkins WR

  126. The_Fin says:

    He didnt impress me during his bowl game.

    • Tbone says:

      You mean that upset of Baylor. Carried that team. Beat Bridgewater and Obriens Nittany Lions. If Houston doesn’t take Johnny football one overall, they will take Bortles. Must be impressing someone.

      • The_Fin says:

        Yep. The upset of Baylor. Bortles started out strong…but then def showed his flaws through the middle part of that football game, and if you watched it, you would know, that UCF almost blew its lead (thanks in part to back to back ints by Bortles) but UCF’s running back (Storm Johnson) took the game over in the fourth with two touchdown scampers. Bortles ended the day at 20/31 passing for 301 yds. 3 touchdowns and 2 ints. For a qb rating of 92.4. So no, Bortles didnt blow my mind enough to draft him in the top five watching his bowl game. NOBODIES mechanics and throwing motion are as far advanced in this draft a garappolos.

    • Tbone says:

      Really. Garoppolo impresses you but Bortles doesn’t. They better take him 3rd round or later. I don’t think they will wait that long for a qb. You could get Mallet for 2nd rounder.

      • The_Fin says:

        Where have you guys seen anything tgat says Garappolo is going later than the second round?? The guy simply wont be there in the third.Lol I like Garappolo because of his quick release and his already proven ability to go through his progression. His delivery.is compact with flawless mechanics and his footwork is amazing. The only reason hes not in the Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, and Johnny Manziel discussion is because hes only 6’2″ and he played at EIU, who didnt haveca ranked opponent this season.

  127. The_Fin says:

    Im starting to see alot of guys projecting the rams to take Greg Robinson at #2 overall. Makes sense for them, couldnt hurt Bradfords health any. If this becomes the case, and say the jags and texans go qb…then I would want Clowney or even CJ Mosely (who we could definitely trade back for even with a top QB and Clowney still on the board at #4) with our first first round selection.

  128. Eric says:

    Hello Browns fans. I am a Ravens fan and my friend is a Raiders fan. We have been going back and forth on how the Browns could build a great team. Here is somewhat what we came up with.

    Pick 4: Sammy Watkins
    Pick 26: Best OG available
    Pick 35: Carey RB
    Pick 71: OG/RB
    Pick 83: OG/RB

    Would even be better to trade back into the second with a third and later pick to fill the other OG spot with a little better of talent.

    Also, sign Mack and Ward. Browns have plenty of cap space. And Im sure all are wondering “what about QB” insert Kirk Cousins. The Skins are going to let him go for cheap and Shanahan likes him. I think Cousins is very solid and with this offense around him he could only be successful as all these youngsters will develop together.

    Keep the defense in tact and the next two or three years you can focus on defense while this offense is still developing.

    • Tbone says:

      Please stop with the Kirk Cousins angle. Nobody wants Kirk Cousins.

      • Eric says:

        Kirk Cousins is way better than drafting Johnny Moron or another QB at pick 4 or Taj Boyd in the 4th round. I suppose this mentality is the reason you are a Browns fan.

        • Benji555 says:

          Kirk Cousins sucks. He is an interception machine. Just because we signed Kyle Shannahan doesn’t mean we will sign Cousins. Hoyer is better and we already have him on the team.

  129. Brian says:

    Ok I’m going to try something a little different . Instead of forcing a QB with the 1st pic. ( even though I think it’s very possible).

    1) Watkins WR

    1b) Kyle Van Noy. OLB

    2) Garoppalo. QB

    3) Carlos Hyde. RB

    3b) Yawin Smallwood. ILB

    4) Lamarcus Joyner CB

    4b) Carr. QB

    5) Marcel Jensen. TE

    6) Denfense ?

    7) Kicker?

    This might be a little more realistic compared to some of my others draft rants. Feel free to comment.

    • Mike says:

      No OL? See Cleveland fans don’t want a winning team, just a sexy team for some reason. That is how sad this city has become. Football fans in Cleveland simply have no concept of the necessity of wining in the trenches in the AFC North. We had 6 RBs last year and they all had terrible YPC. We had mulltipe QBs get injured running for their lives. This ALL has to do with the OL, nothing else.

    • Benji555 says:

      Carr will be gone in the first round.

  130. Mike says:

    Dont know how true this is but Dawg By Nature has posted we have north of 45 million under the cap.we have 98 .19 million on our roster now and nfl cap is projected to be 126.3 million witch leaves us just over 28 million then carrying over 2013 cap of 24.54 million brings it to 52.65 million and some bonus cash paid out to players including Trent brings it to 45.46 million. If this is true Mack anb Ward will be back if they still want to be a Brown this year.So look for us to make a big splash in resigning Mack and Ward with some other big name free agents.
    So with that beeing said I can see us keeping Hoyer as our starter and making Wattkins our first pick .Trading our 26th pick for another early 2nd and another 3rd round pick to stock pile more early round picks for more and better talent in the early rounds of the draft.If the cap money is true we have the money to build to do as we plaese.

    • Tbone says:

      I like Hoyer as a bridge qb but they will draft a qb for the future.

    • Mike says:

      1…Sammy Watkins… WR…………………….1..Sammy Watkins
      1…trade out for early 2nd and third……….1..trade out
      2…David Yanky… G……………………………..2..David Yanky
      2…Bradley Roby…CB…………………………..,.2..Antonio Richardson..RT
      3…Lache Seasrrunk…RB……………………….3..paul Richardson..WR
      3…Tajh Boyd…QB…………………………………3..Jarvis Landry..WR
      3…Yawin Smallwood… MLB…………………3..Aj McCarron..QB
      4…Donte Moncreif… WR………………………4..Charles Sims ..RB
      4…Ty Zimmerman… S………………………..,4..Ty Zimmerman
      5…6…..7 Best player on Board………………5..6..7…Best player on board
      Hope we resign mack and ward…………….Hope we risign Mack and ward
      Then get top WR and and RT from…………Then sign top RB and CB from free agency oline is and WR is set .
      Free agency. ?……………………………………..

      • Mike says:

        If McCarron was any good, after being the Alabama QB with 2 national titles, he would be projected as the Number 1 pick in the draft as well he would have won Heismans. Since he is not and has not, why take him at all? Saban couldn’t evolve him into a great QB, neither will the Browns. Too much tangible value in this draft, especially in the 3rd Round.

        • Mike says:

          No he not but he has won 2 championships .He has not lost a lot of games .From 2010 to2013 he has77 TDs and 15 INT 66.9 comp%.That is a good QB that can learn from Hoyer and Shanahan.He is a solid backup for now.He dont make a lot of misstakes he had a great running game but not great WRs .So give him Gordon Watkins, Camoren .And a better oline and RB he will be good .Every body wants to draft a QB in the 1st round.Tom Brady , Drew Breese , Russell Willson, Kapernik should I go on to prove to people you dont always need to take the flashy QB.Peopl say Willson is not a great QB his defence and run game won the superbowl..Same with Eli , Trent Delfir ,.Look at Dan mareno he was great but never won the superbowl.So lets be smart and build the team get the great defence give our QB a great oline, RB , WRS then if all Hoyer or who ever our QB may be fail then go after another next year.You just dont know what any player will be until he’s giving a shot with talent around him.

          • Benji555 says:

            Thats what everybody says, if this isn’t a good QB they will get another one next year. The browns have been doing that since Tim Couch. They need to get somebody good now.

          • Mike says:

            There has been a lot of QBs In the top 10 of draft thats been a bust ..Vince young , Donta Cullpeper , Joey Harington , David Carr , Jeff George, Carry Collins and Our tim Couch.That all I can think of right now.Yes we had some bad luck and with QBs .I dont think you get and never will Dont mater how much talent you have in College it has nothing to do with NFL.Look there are only Paton Manning Tom Brady Drew Breese and maby charles Rogers that are Elete QBS in the NFL the other 28 teams have a above average ,average or poor QB .ITS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES YOU NEVer KNOW WHAT YOUR GONNA GET.

          • erik says:

            Each team already had a top qb, and they searched for anotjer every frw years in the draft. Giving them an advantage. We need one guaranteed now

          • Mike says:

            There is no QB in this draft worth taking in the top 5 they are average at best and need time to groom.Talent scouts and us fans are only pushing them high in the draft because this is a QB driven league. Teams are desperate to find their Franchise QB.We BROWN FANS need to set back relax.We have 6 PROBOWL players and a few top peices missing WR , RB , G , OT.Let’s relax build our team so when there is a top 5 QB and we are 100% sure he is our FRANCHISE QB then give up what ever it takes to get him.We need to stop wasting#1 picks on QBs like WEEDUMB , COLT , QUIN , COUCH knowing 100% he s not a top 5 QB WORTH TAKING.So im fine with Hoyer and drafting A QB in the 2nd or 3rd round this year becauae they will be no better than what we have now.And I 100% beleive With time and a whole year of playing as a team Hoyer can take us along way .

          • Factory of Sadness says:

            I’m split on the whole QB pick. I dont see any elite talent that can be looked at as a guarantee, but how often does that really ever happen? These QBs go top 5 not because they are considered top 5 out of all players, but because IF you want to have a chance to groom a QB that has above average skills and solid potential, you’ll have to take him before someone else grabs him. If the league was a run first league, your team would still go no where without a passer. Nothing says we cant take a QB at 4 and sit on him for a year to develop. Hoyer is more than capable of running the show next season. This track record of drafting a QB every couple of years and immediately throwing them to the lions is as much to blame for our failure as the talent, or lack there of, that we drafted.

            My thoughts – we take a QB at 4 and another after round 3, or sign someone undrafted. We need 2 new faces. Theres no need to keep anyone from last year not named Hoyer on the roster

        • Mike says:

          What do you think about Winston and Mariota next year .They are the next top 100% sure #1 overall picks.I would love to wait get watkins and OT , G , RB ..For a true Franchise QB.Myself would love to give whatever it takes to get winston next year.Winston is a beast inthe pocket and on the run .He a 100% True FRANCHISE QB.

          • The_Fin says:

            I want Mariota very badly. Hes gonna be a lock in my opinion to enjoy NFL success. Lol…we draft Watkins and runningbacks this season then we will prolly have a legitiment shot of landing him in next years draft. And STILL have nobody to block for all those high profile skill position players we will have amassed by that time.

        • erik says:

          he was on a great team, making him look better than he really is.

        • Factory of Sadness says:

          If I was drafting a quarterback, I’d want a guy with an arm and proven ability in the pocket under pressure, accuracy and decision making that has improved over the years, and reduced mistakes as he progressed through his career. The guys I’d consider this year are, in no specific order:

          For next year, based on performance so far, I’d look at Winston, Bryce Petty, and Mariota, in that order.

          Wildcards for this year are McCarron, Boyd, and Guiton.

          The number one guy I would not draft: Johnny Football.

  131. Brian says:

    Bye Bye Michael Lambardi…. Now maybe we can get somewhere without that whack job

  132. The_Fin says:

    Yay…now maybe we can finally get off Bill Bellichecks anf thexPatriots nuts and start buildinh our own team. And to all of you wanting Sammy Watkins youre damned foolish. We need oline in the FIRST ROUND.

    • Mike says:

      Watkins and Cloweny is the top 2 talented players in this draft.If Gordon can break records and be a beast with the oline we had and QB we had think if we had watkins oppisite side of Gordon. With Hoyer coming back .and there is other top talented oline men in this draft free agency. You have.

      All of them are projected to day one starters in the NFL so come on man get real I SAY YOUR THE FOOL.

      • erik says:

        I believe we must draft one for sure. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

        • erik says:

          Shwartz is better suited for guard not tackle. The onlt.time he messes up is when they get around the edge or he is completely worried about it. Move him to guard and his quickness wont matter.

        • erik says:

          u run with your blockers, u all saw were Richardson would of had a five yard run but did some dancing and it became a one yard lose. U run with your blockers this isnt high school. If the offense play.coinsides with the defensive play, u should not get a lose

      • The_Fin says:

        Gordons “record” came about mainly from catches he made during “garbage time” when the games were already out of reach and the fact that we were throwing the ball 30+ times a game. I’m not the fool. It doesnt take a genius to see that our poor offensive line play COSTS us football games. Our inability to run makes our defense even look bad, cause we cant convert on offense. Draft Sammy Wakins, you pass on the opportunity to finally fix the ROOT of ALL our problems. The offensive line! WR is TOO deep in this draft to justify spending such a high selection on one.

        • Factory of Sadness says:

          I can jump on board with passing on a WR like Watkins. Theres no reason why we couldn’t walk away with solid talent at 26 overall. What made our line look worse than it was, was the release times of those not named Hoyer. Weeden had horrible vision, read progression, feel for the pocket and ability to elude rushers, which killed their stat line. I saw a stat midway through the season stating Weeden got sacked once every 10 plays. When you have a 10 second release time theres not much more you can expect. I’d like to see just how broken the line is with Hoyer under center for half a season. I think we’re one o-line piece away from being okay.

          • The_Fin says:

            Hoyer was sacked 3 times against the Vikings (and also threw 3picks) and he was sacked 3 times against Bengals. I dont see where Hoyer put up any numbers in the two games he played that says hes the qb of our future. The guys career statline statline SUCKS. INCLUDING the two wins for us. His qb rating against the Vikings was 55.6 and we threw the ball 54 times in that game. But Hoyers a whole different subject, we need to bring in another QB this season though. Back to the sacks. Hoyer was sacked SIX times in two games. I was sittin in the 5th row of the Dawg Pound against Buffalo, he got escaping pressure and sliding awkward for the first down on a busted play. That should be plenty said towards making you, Factory of Sadness, realize that the Cleveland Browns NEED with their first selection in the 2014 NFL Draft a run blocking, pass protector like Greg Robinson from the University of Auburn.

          • The_Fin says:

            He got hurt escaping pressure*

          • Factory of Sadness says:

            Never said Hoyer was the answer, and most definitely not the sure fire QB of the future. He is, though, the only guy left to give a look. Also never said our line wasn’t crap. I did, though, say that Weeden made them look much worse than they already were. Heck, Rainey went to the Bucs and his yards per carry went up 50%. Though we only have a small sample size of carries to use for comparison, it’s obvious there’s some deficiency. Give me the “one o-line piece” and a healthy Hoyer under center for half a year, then let’s revisit this. “The guys career statline statline SUCKS” – the guy also provided the only spark I’ve seen in this offense in a few years.

            Why would you spend the 4th overall pick on a position you could fill with similar success with a pick later in the first round? Especially when we have no one under the age of 28 to attempt to captain this ship.

          • The_Fin says:

            You pick him at four for a number of reasons. Number one being his TREMENDOUS run blocking qualities. Hes rare. Hes got Left Tackle pass protection abilities yet he loves to get out front and into the second level throwing blocks that dont stop until the whistle. Eventually he becomes our Left Tackle. Joe Thomas isnt getting any younger. And hes never been known for his abilities in the running game anyway. RT is our biggest need right now. That position has been weighing us down for years. I say we fix it now. Swoop up Gabe Jackson from Mississippi State to plaay right guard with the 26th overall pick and we just nabbed the two best run blockers in the draft. Then I want Jimmy Garrappolo QB from Eastern Illinois with the second rounder. Follow that up with Jordan Matthews WR from Vanderbilt with our first third round selection, and I think we are fielding a playoff caliber offense at that point.

          • Factory of Sadness says:

            Garrappolo is known to be a one read guy, which is the last think we need. You rarely learn read progression at the NFL level if it isn’t already a natural ability.

          • The_Fin says:

            Where are you getting “one read guy from.” Everything Im reading praises his ability to go through his progressions, QUICKLY. The guy is a solid QB.

          • Bummie says:

            I stand corrected here. I have been searching the last few days for the source I got that info on Garoppolo from with no resolve. It was about a month ago…but, that aside, all the reading of done in the last few days most definitely has me on board with him and has changed my draft considerations.

            Also, I’ve change my name to bummie. I’ve worn factory of sadness out. I think all that ends this year…and I must say it’s about time.

        • The_Fin says:

          Bummie…Im starton to like you ;-)

  133. erik says:

    Good moneyball decision

  134. erik says:

    Johny football is to small for nfl. 4th pick would be a disappointment for someone who will be hurt in two years. He has great elusiveness but getting hit by everyone who scared him in college Is a disaster. He will not transition well. The game against duke were he leapfrogged the guy will be disaster here. He will get.hurt. He is not a cam newton were he has thirty to forty extra pounds to deal with that punishment. He may give use a yr or two but that is it. If it is a first round pick, not worth it. He may of been the best qb in college but that style of play with his size will not transition in the nfl. If he doesn’t get hurt it may but dont count on it.

  135. Brian says:

    I just read the funniest thing I have ever read . Weeden wants out of Cleveland, lol. Doesn’t he realize Cleveland has wanted him out since they drafted his sorry ass. But I’m sure there is someone stupid enough to pick him up. As far as I’m concerned, he couldn’t leave fast enough.

    • erik says:

      I didnt, I was pissed they gave a first rd pick for someone they said was going in the third or forth round. Because of his age, at the time I was hoping they would get him in the forth rd… I would.of been wrong but would of.only.lost a forth.rd pick.

  136. Factory of Sadness says:

    I’ve been thinking of a scenario that may not be too far out of the realm of possibility. Since the rams never expected to have the ability to pick 2nd overall with the pick from Washington, why not drop them our 1st round pick next year, a couple picks this year (lets say a 3rd and 5th round pick), and grab both Watkins and a top 4 QB, in no specific order, with the 2nd and 4th overall pick. Then use pick 26 to take the best available out of our priority positions, D or o-line…then nab Hyde in the second round if he’s there, unless we sign Tate.

    • Factory of Sadness says:

      I would also like to see them grab Kenny G as a free agent if they dont draft 2 QBs this year. From watching him play the last two years, he has too much upside to not take a change on. Strong arm, nice deep ball and great touch. He just didn’t get a full season running the show because the Bucks built their offense around Miller, who will likely meet the same fate as Tim Tebow. For as cheap as we could sign him, the benefit would far outweigh the risk.

      • The_Fin says:

        I wouldnt be against bringing Kenny G to camp. Guts like that sonetimes come in with a chip on their shoulder eager to show that they can perform.

  137. Mike says:

    We need to draft Watkins and pass on a QB this year.We had to many past draft failures.we past on top players that every body knew they were probowlers.
    Edgerin James
    Tory Holt
    Jamal Lewis
    Brian Urlacher
    Ladainian Tomlison
    Justin Smith
    Aj Green
    Patric Peterson
    Julio Jones
    Time to stop reaching for players that are not 100% top talent in the first round.Time to start drafting for players# 1 talent on the board not by most needed position.we do need QB , WR , OT , G , RB And the most talented player is sammy watkins even tho QB IS OUR #ONE NEED.Now with the 2nd 1st pick we take top talent onthe board.Next yaer is the year for TOP TALENT QBS WINSTON , MARIOTA , DUNLEY .I believe Winston is worth a big trade .we should give up our 1st 2nd And 1st in 2016 to trade an get him.Only because he is not a reach he is a FRANCHISE QB.If he is gone and we cant make the trade do the same with Mariota.

    • The_Fin says:

      We didnt pass on AJ Green or Patrick Peterson…they were off the board before we selected. And a WR is never worth a Top TEN selection when you have no offensive line and therefore no running game, let alone a top 5 selection. Heres what you Watkins guys FAIL to understand, our team is turning the corner this year in age. What has been referred to as the youngest group in football is now a team full of vets. Teams full of vets are hard enough to keep together for winning organizatio…let alone a LOSING one. We are in a WIN NOW situation. Our talent starting THIS OFFSEASON is coming up for grabs and will be plucked away sooner than later if we cant off these players more than just playin for a rabid fanbase. We have to start drafting to our biggest needs in THIS draft. Our biggest hole right now is on the offensive line. We lose games because we cant run the ball. One dimensional teams cant convert (unless youre the Saint or Broncos), which makes good defenses tired and breakdowns become inevitable. When the no name from Jacksonville is beating Joe Haden…JOE friggin HADEN, out done in the cluthch to lose the game by Cecil mother effin’ SHORTS…then you gotta eventually ask what is the ROOT of this. How is it that Joe Haden is so spent at the end of a football game that he cant make just one more play…the answer…The offense is erradic in its production. We went three and out most of the second half…and when we didnt, they still were brief 1-3 play drives, being deep bombs to Josh Gordon. Which is good for the team…but bad for the defense that has to hop right back out there. So what do we need to do to fix this??? Become able to run the football. Where do we begin to this? On the offensive line, FOOTBALL STARTS WITH BLOCKING. Can Sammy Watkins come in and block linebackers for us?? If not…then I dont want him with our 4th overall pick. Or with the 26th for that matter. CLEARLY…this team has bigger needs than WR. Its win NOW folks…Greg Jackson…AUBURN, helps us start doing that. This guy is a STEAL at four and WORTH trading up to two with the Rams for. The combine will convince you if the film already has not.

  138. Mike says:

    Thats where you are wrong When hoyer was QB Camoren and Gorden was his top targets.Hoyer gets the ball out fast he could read the deffence.You also had little and bess that cant catch nothing and no run game.HOYER WON 3 GAMES IN A ROW WITH THIS POOR OLINE NO RUN GAME. Putting a bad QB that cant read a deffence holds on to the ball way to long and only targets one WR with no run game WRs that cant catch behind a great oline you get a poor offence.Same goes for putting a Great QB behind a bad oline no run game WRS that cant catch you get a poor offence..So for Hoyer winning 3 games our olin is not poor and its not great.But we did Win 3 sreeight games with a good QB , WR , TE..YES WE DO HAVE TO UP GRADE THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE OLINE AND THE RUN GAME.I AGREE 100%.But man just amagine if we had Gordon Camoren Watkins Hoyer pick up Better OT then Swartz AND ANY G WILL BE A UPGRADE TO WHAT WE HAVE NOW RB. We would be a great team. Have 3 WRS deffences will fear.
    I say you are wrong about watkins and our oline is not as poor as you say it is.I say bad QB BAD RUN GAME.YOU ARE RIGHT ON NEEDING A RT AND GARD BUT NOT WITH OUR #1 PICK.WHEN YOU CAN 3 PROBOWL WRS ON THE SAME FEILD.

    • The_Fin says:

      Hoyer won two games in a row. Weeden beat Buffalo, Hoyer didnt put a single point on the board that night. I was there.

      • The_Fin says:

        And really the Vikings beat themselves. Lol…by all rights we should have lost that ugly football game.Fake punt put us over the top.

    • erik says:

      I would like to see 1 o-line player picked early in the draft.

    • Brian says:

      I totally agree with you. If you don’t have a leader, you don’t have anything. Even with the best offensive line. QB QB QB……. Hoyer did win two, Weeden DID NOT win the 3rd. I was there also. Viking beat themselves. Weeden is an was a horrible QB. We do not wait an draft players. We have missed way too many players we could of had in the first round, by moving back. Everyone wants to wait on a QB or a WR. Why? Just because some teams have been lucky an drafted QBS , WR, RB, etc… In the 3rd an 4th rounds doesn’t mean every team can get that lucky. Look at the top talented players we have drafted in the later rounds that were busts. It doesn’t matter what round you draft, they can still be busts. Even if their the top picks of the draft or in the 4th rd. the O line isn’t near as bad as your making it out to be. Yes it needs help. But we have much greater needs at QB, RB, an WR… Some of the best running back don’t have a great O line an put up great numbers. We need someone that can move there ass an get rid of the ball quickly . We need someone that can run the ball an hold onto it. We someone to catch a ball, that can compliment Gordon . We still have plenty of money to get some good players in free agency. If they pick up someone in free agency for the offense line, then in the first 3 picks, we need QB,WR,an RB…. Doesn’t matter in what order.

  139. Mike says:

    Thats right we traded atlanta our #6th pick for their 21st and got phill Tayler.Taylor is good but we passed on JJ watt Nick Fairley and Alanta did pick up Julio Jones.Im just trying to proove a piont that people like you dont see or under stand.All I’m saying is Top talent should be drafted befor stetching for a position when the talent is not there.Watkins catches the ball he helps move the ball down feild he catches The thing we call TUCHDOWNS it wins games.And yes you will say you need oline to move the ball I get that.And I’m saying with Hoyer and the oline and offence we had was proof we can win games.

    • The_Fin says:

      Thats a laughable statement. Watkins at 4 IS the reach. Not Robinson. Honest truth…more than likely Robinson goes to the Rams at number two overall to play LT for them. I honestly believe hes worth tradin up into that spot for. I certainly wouldnt be upset. But if hes there at four…that should be an easy trigger to pull. Its a no brainer really. If he is a Ram at that point and The Jags go QB…Dial up Clowney BABY!!! We are goingto have a DOMINANT defense. A least thats how I would draft. Id rather see us fill the GAPING hole at middle linebacker beside DeQwell in our 3-4 scheme than us roll the dice on a first round receiver. If his name isnt Calvin Johnson…I will pass. And WHAT has Julio Jones done??

      • Mike says:

        There is 10 olinemen that has 1st round talent.And day 1 starters I’m sure we can get a steal with our 26th pick and 2nd round pick for our oline.Would love to have Greg Robinson but Sammy Watkins And Clowney are thoes Players that dont come around very offten.Yes Greg Robinson is the best talented linemen in in the draft.But I dont think he seperates himself in talent wise from the other olinemen like Watkins does with the WRS in the draft.And I’m not saying this is a weak WRS class this year.It is far more deeper in talent this year than in years past.Just saying we have a chance to get Taylor Lewan David Yanky Cyril Richerdson Zack Martin Gabe jackson with our 26th pick and 2nd round pick.I would be happy either way we go WR/OT OR OT/WR .I just beleive Watkins is a sure thing a Probowler and another top weapon for Hoyer .

        • Mike says:


        • The_Fin says:

          Youre talkn about watkins as if hes Calvin Johnson. Watkins abilities are nowhere near rare enough to put him the Clowney category either. And name these ten tackles with first round talent…lol…I only see TWO that could start right away (Robinson and Matthews) the kid from Notre Dame more tgan likely will beca guard. Youre just talkin out your ass now. Tackle is NEVER the deepest class in a draft lol. Why do you tjink the goods ones make so much money???

          • Mike says:

            7..CEDRIC OGBEUHI ..TEXAS A&M
            8..BRANDON SCHERFF ..IOWA
            10..JAMES HUNT..N CAROLINA ..
            Not saying all will go in 1st round ..Thats why I’m saying we can get one with our 26th and ome with our 2nd round pick.Most of your top talent scouts are saying this.

          • Mike says:

            Let me clear this up I’m saying they all have 1st round talent but some will fall in the 2nd round.Thats what I’m saying.I believe most mock drafts only have 4 projected to be taken in the first round.I know all 10 won’t go 1st round .THEY ALL WILL BE TAKEN BEFORE THE 3RD ROUND.Remember this projectd by differnt scouts and some have differnt players than I gave you.Thats why they are saying this is the deepest they have seen in decades for the RT position. No I’m not saying Watkins is As good as Calvin Johnson.Im saying he is the only WR to be taken I n the top 10 he seperates him self from the other WRsThats why i dont want to pass him up..As for OT ‘S WE COULD SEE 2 MABY 3 IN THE TOP 10.Because if you are right and we go OT 2 more will go quick .

          • The_Fin says:

            If Im wrong I hope its only because we drafted either Jadeveon Clowney or traded back to draft C.J. Mosely. I have no interest in gambling on a wide receiver that isnt pushin 6’6″ 235 and runs a 4.3 40 yrd dash. If thaf kind of animal isnt there at number 4 then this guy is definitely not buying a wr. I want a solid footbalk team, Im tired of trying to be a one trick pony.

    • Tbone says:

      Lets see what they do as far as free agents. If they took. Even though I wouldn’t mind either one, the argument for Robinson over Watkins is WR is deep this year. I think it won’t matter because the drop-off in qb here is great.

    • erik says:

      I agree top talent should be picked if u.have an awful team, but the browns are just a few good players away from.being great. They will still need some average one as well. They have six pro-bowlers already, that should be enough for the superbowl, if we can get a few of these practice squad player off our starting lineup, we will have a solid team. We could actually fill in those players this yr. We dont need a 1400 yd wr, we need 800+ wr, not 400yd like we have. We dnt need the best running game, we just need an alright one. I would say go with the best players in the holes in position we nee. But we must fill in these holes. Through frre agency and the draft.

  140. Browns64 says:

    1a. Watkins WR
    1b. D. Dennard CB
    2. Yanky OG
    3a. Hyde RB
    3b. Jimmy Garopollo QB.
    4a. Kenny Ladler S
    4b. Carl Bradford OLB/DE
    5. Max Bullough ILB
    6. T. J. Jones WR
    7. Devin Kennard OLB

    • The_Fin says:

      As much as Skrine improved last season Im more interested in seeing if he furthers that improvement this coming season than drafting a high profile corner. Theres a few in this draft that can nabbed up in the later rounds. E.J Gaines is one in particular that I like and he could go as late as the 6th. Skrine was in the top of the league last season in passes defended. He was picked on all year and answered the call more times than not. Most of his let downs (just as Joe Hadens) came late in the fourth quarters down the stretch of the season. The whole defense suffered from A. Our offenses inability to convert and control the clock and B. Their own inability to stop the run. Now I will be the first to admitt, Im a fan of Buster Skrine, he started shaky two seasons ago, was the most penalized player in tge league, he improved in that dramatically this past season. He NEEDS to improve in tackling, but sadly I dont think hes ever gonna do that at this point, but if we get better in the box we are more equipped to hide a guy like Skrine, that cant tackle, but is very scrappy in coverage and has the closing speed to put him in position at least to defend any pass thrown his way. I say ride him out, exect even more improvement than a season ago, and if we get that great if not have a guy from the later rounds of this draft (E.J. Gaines hopefully) ti step in provide depth and competition. Skrine is definitely not the weakest link in the secondary witb all things considered. Theres was much asked of that little guy at times last year. Hopefully we can pull some guys that help to lighten his load a little. Pressure on the quarterback would do wonders for a guy like Skrine.

      • erik says:

        Skrine would be great in the nickel. If we could shut out the pass, we can bring one extra man in for the run sometimes. U still have to play plays that trick someone.

        • The_Fin says:

          Skrine is a number two corner on most teams in this league. Nobodies deep at corner. We are fortunate to have one stud in Joe Haden. Im not saying that Skrine was flawless this season…there are many areas in his game that he can improve upon, but I dont think he played terribly enough to constitute a sense of haste in replacing him.I do feel we need to bring in more depth at the position, lets face it, past Haden and Skrine we got nobody who can cover. McFadden though may surprise us next season, it takes a few years to develope at corner in this league and he got a lot of experience down the stretch. But if Skrine gets in the film room again this offseason and works as hard to improve his game as he did last year…Im fine with him as our number two corner. Hes too scrappy to be relegated to nickel coverage and a lot of ppl dont realize really how fast this guy actually is. Hes got wheel. If we can get the offense on track and cut the defenses plays per game down by 15 or 20, I honestly believe that itbwould work wonders for our tired secondary. They are beat up as hell from having to make tackles on runningbacks consistently reaching the second level. So we gotta get stiffer in the box on defense too. Robertson is not cut out for the 3-4.

  141. The_Fin says:

    We def got some glaring holes to fill. On both sides of the ball. But this is the year we turn the corner. They just have to get it right this offseason.

  142. Sonicdawg says:

    A draft like this wouldn’t be bad…

    Round 1 Pick 4: Sammy Watkins, WR
    Round 1 Pick 26: David Yankey, OG
    Round 2 Pick 3: Ra’Shede Hageman, DT
    Round 3 Pick 7: Zach Mettenberger, QB
    Round 3 Pick 19: Carlos Hyde, RB
    Round 4 Pick 6: Lache Seastrunk, RB
    Round 4 Pick 27: Lamin Barrow, ILB
    Round 5 Pick 5: Chris Davis, CB
    Round 6 Pick 4: Eathyn Manumaleuna, DT
    Round 7 Pick 3: Tom Savage, QB

    • The_Fin says:

      This guy isnt even drafting a right tackle and we dont need DTs lol…we need a middle linebacker and a pass rusher on defense

      • Sonicdawg says:

        just one of many scenarios…we allowed an avg of 100+ rushing yards per game last year so I would say…yes we probably need to upgrade the DT position

        • The_Fin says:

          Replace Robertson with a guy that can actually fill the hole tackle AND get Mingo out of the habbit of getting sucked in and out of pisition…and its a whole new ball game on defense. We are alost there on that side of the ball. We didnt pick up Desmond Bryant to be drafting DTs the following year. We got a good all around cast down there with Bryant, Taylor, Rubin, and Wynn. Now if we could only find our edge rusher. At keast one who is consistent that is.

  143. Bummie says:

    Round 1 (# 4): Sammy Watkins, WR
    Round 1 (#26): David Yankey, Cyril Richardson, or best available G/OT
    Round 2 (# 3): Jimmy Garoppolo, QB
    Round 3 (# 7): Kyle Fuller/Louchiez Purifoy, CB – or – Yawin Smallwood, ILB
    Round 3 (#19): Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB – or – Chris Borland/Shayne Skov, ILB
    Round 4 (# 6): Terrence Brooks, S
    Round 4 (#27): Charles Sims/James White, RB
    Round 5 (# 5): Brandon Linder, OG
    Round 6 (# 4): Kevin Norwood, WR
    Round 7 (# 3): Tom Savage, QB

    In addition, sign Ward and Mack and make an offer to Ben Tate. I’d still take a RB at round 4 and back if we signed Tate. A one-two punch in the backfield is most always a plus.

    • The_Fin says:

      The guard to target in this draft is Gabe Jackson from Mississippi state. David Yankey is a mid second to third round talent. Theres nothin special about Yankey…average size and a skill set that will make him an average guard in the NFL. Will be a serviceable player in the NFL, probably so hes too technically soubd not to be…but will he be a stud in this league at guard…not a chance. You draft STARTERS in the first round…not depth. And you guys should watch a few Baylor games…Cyril Richardson takes plays off. Hes a mountain of a man…I question the shape he is in from what I been seeing and reading. He can make plays in the running game which I like, but jes not, IMO, a first round talent. And taking Sammy Watkins at number foyr overall will be the dumbest move in a draft weve made yet! We cant run the football at all ppl! Dont you friggin realuze that?? And its not our runnigbacks…its the oline. Greg Jackson Tackle from Auburn…even if we gotta trade up to two for him. Then Gabe Jackson, then steal Garappolo from the second round. We will start winning immediately once we can run the rock. And Alex Mack wont be signed Im sorry.

      • Mike says:

        Fin I’m sorry but you are a know it all you put down every body’s draft and the people they like.You are at the dream of taking a tackle then gard with our first 2 picks.Then you have the nerve to say David Yankey is a 3rd to 4th round talent.Have you seen Alabamas run game.and the power they have up front.The holes that are gaping holes that are open.Dude put you fin to use and swim away maby then you willfind out what talent is.

        • The_Fin says:

          Dave Yankey played for Stanford. Not sure what Alabamas unit has to do with him. And I said hes a mid second round to third round pick…and not a stud. He replaced a stud (David Decastro) who we chose Brandon Weeden over in 2012. Ans Im not in a dream world…what teams with even average offensive lines win superbowls? Name one.

          • Mike says:

            I know who is he is 6/5 at 314 pounds out of stanford.he replaced Johnathan Martin at LT in 2012 and onlt aloud 1 sack .That is a great STAT right.And he is a mauler in in the run game atthe G position.Only allowing 1 sack for 1 whole season at LT but 7s know more for his run blocking at The G position sounds like a dam geat player to Me. He wa voted all american his freshman and sophomore year .He was voted 2012 moris trophy in the pack 12 as the most dominate and versital offencive lineman in the nation.like I said you dont know nothing about talent.

        • Mike says:

          Go and do some research on on the history of the browns draft .And the teams that are getting great talent and probowl players and playoff teams.They draft top talent that can score points on offence.Draft top talent shut down corners Dt to stop the run top talent in LB DE to blitz andsack the Qb And help in run coverage.Theese positions is the most scouted and more than likley to find a day one starter.Im not saying the oline is not needed so get that out of you head.Name me some olinemen that has been in the probowl That has been drafted in the top 10 of the draft. .Yes there has been some but not as many as the other position s I told you.The most positions on the oline that gets drafted in the top 10 on the oline is LTS.Main reason to that is because it is the QBS Blind side.LTS are the only olinemen that gets drafted in the top 10. Its rare that a RT G or C get drafted that high.They have been getting drafted high latley because the is a pass first passind league now.Yes we do need a run to balence out our offence but it is not what or main focus should be with our 2 1rst round picks.Stop eating paint chips put your helmet on and keep the cork on the fork.so you dont hurt yourself.And keep your stupid draft picks and dumb comments to yourself.

          • Mike says:

            We have one good WR and 2 probowles on the oline.MACK will be back.Gordon was a probowler tats because we have a good oline not great but the good.our WRS core is bad whenyou only have 1.Its easy to stop a offence when you realy only have 1 Wr to throw to.And Camoren He’s TE he blocks and WR half the time.So yo cant count him as aprimary WR.I wouldrather see the browns draft a CB LB with our 1 pick than a OT in this draft this yaer..any body that agrees with me help me shut this guy up he has no clue on talent or how to build a team thats 2 to 3 players away from beeing great.That yes we do needa olineman but not with the 1st pick.100% on board with our 2nd 1st pick.But if a top 10 CB just so happens to fall in our lap pick him instead.

          • The_Fin says:

            You guys arent doing a very good job of convincing me to shut up lol. First off…if you think we have a “good offensive line, not great” then Im not even going to take the time to address you. Lol. You are clueless. And we DEF dont need to go CB in the first round. Secondly…the “RT” Im proposing we draft WILL play Left Tackle for us eventually. How many more years does Joe have left?? If theyd have taken the two LINEMAN I wanted in 2012 Riley Reiff and David Decastro we would already be winning. And I DEF dont see a team that is only a couple pkayers away from winning…what Browns team have you guys been watchinh?? Our oline is TERRIBLE on the right side…down right TERRIBLE. And the left side is just good…not great…so you tell me how that “averages” out to us having a “good” oline? Draft Watkins…we will still be the same team next season we was this season…a team that CANNOT FINISH.

          • The_Fin says:

            Heres all the first rounders in the Pro Bowl for 2014 on the offensive line:
            Branden Albert T, Kansas City Chief, drafted in 2008 with the 15th pick by KC
            Tyron Smith T, Dallas Cowboys, drafted in 2011 with the 9th pick by Dallas
            Joe Staley T, San Fracisco 49ers, drafted in 2007 with the 28th pick by SF
            Joe Thomas T, Cleveland Browns, drafted in 2007 with the 3rd pick by CLE
            Trent Williams T, Washington Redskins, drafted in 2010 with the 4th pick by WAS
            Ben Grubbs G, New Orleans Saints, drafted in 2007 with the 29th pick by BAL
            Mike Iupati G, San Francisco 49ers, drafted in 2010 wth the 17th pick by SF
            Logan Mankins G, New England Patriots, drafted in 2005 with the 32nd pick by NE
            Alex Mack C, Cleveland Browns, drafted in 2009 with the 21st pick by CLE
            Mike Pouncy C, Miami Dolphins, drafted in 2011 with the 15th pick by MIA
            So…5/6 tackles were first rounders, 3/6 guards, and 2/4 centers. Lol. Should I go back and do 2013 pro bowlers too? You guys can think what you want about me, but I know a little football, and I will take my talent on the oline in the first round this year please. Lol.

          • The_Fin says:

            Gordon was a pro bowler because he gotba shit ton of yards in garbage time when games were already out of reach for us…lets be realistic.

          • Mike says:

            Hey know it all I said top 10.I seen 2 most was mid to late 1st round drafts.just stop fin you said it right you know a little bit about footbball and thats it.Look we can wait to get a RT OR G with our 26th pick NOT IN THE (TOP 10) LET ME REPEAT IT TOP 10 TOP 10 TOP 10.KEEP RESERCHING TO PROVE YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT DRAFTING OR HOW IT WORKS.TALENT TALENT TALENT..SCORING POINTS AND DEFFENCE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.AND WE NEED PLAYER THAT CAN SCORE POINTS FIRST.THE OLINE CAN BE ADRESSED WITH OUR 26TH PICK.IM STILL IN THE 1ST ROUND ON DRAFTING A OLINMEN.BUT NOT IN THE TOP 10 TOP 10 TOP 10.DAM IM A BROKEN RECORD .I

          • Mike says:


          • Mike says:

            Now with Gordon thats just stupid for any body to say.He is what we all are trying to taech you about talent.He score TDs catch any ball thrown his way gains yards after the catch (yac).That is TALENT , TALENT, TALENT.NOW AD WATKINS # 1 OT , G WITH OUR SECOND 1ST ROUND PICK AND A RB IN THE SECOND .THEN A G,OR TACKLE WITH ONE OF OUR 3RD ROUND PICKS WHAT DO WE HAVE ? WE THE REAL BROWNS FANS THAT WANT A WINNING TEAM.AND THAT WANT TO GO ABOUT THE DRAFT THE RIGHT WAWE CALL THIS ONE SCARY DOMIMATE DONT FUCK WITH OFFENCE.
            DO YOU GET IT NOW.

          • The_Fin says:

            Top ten or not…they werent picked up on the second and third rounds like you guys are proposing. THATS the point…if we wait til later rounds to address the line…the talent will not be there…and thats by your own defonition sir ;-)

          • The_Fin says:

            Well Im sorry, but I buy into the 2000 Ravens Model…The “Monsters of ThecMidway” Model…or hell, even the 2013 Seahawks model of winning Championships…stellar defense complimented by a stout running game (which of course is boulstered with a dominant offensive line), ball control, and and therefore control of the clock. Ppl say the Ravens won it all with defense but they forget what Priest Holmes andcJamaal Lewis were doing that season. We all know avout beast quake and heard of Sweetness…its proven…once you get that formula together it just wins baby ;-).

      • Brian says:

        Well i think your wrong on Mack . They already started talks. Ward is the one that won’t be signed. Ward can’t do the whole job. He’s a good player, but not an elite player. If they don’t sign a QB with the first pick, they need to sign Watkins first. Then you draft a OT. There’s plenty of talent at OT this year. Yankey is also a better talent than you say. He’s not gabe Jackson or Cyril Richardson , but he can be a starter. We have a great RB coming back this year. Dion Lewis . He showed amazing talent before his injury. We have Hoyer coming back as well, who also showed some talent before he was injured. We need help all through the lineup, not just OT. As you put it, it would be the dumbest move ever to draft a OT at 4! With the draft so deep in OT talent, I would much rather draft a WR that can start at pick 4 than a OT. When that talent is very deep with starters in the draft. Everybody has their opinion, but you think you have only the right opinion. Well I can see that I’m not the only one who thinks your wrong.

        • The_Fin says:

          What about the durability that Dion Lewis showed lol…theres this back from Towson in Division 1-AA. His name is Terrence West. This kid shattered the D 1-AA record books this year and will fall to the 5th thru 7th rounds…hes electric in the second level…and I want to put an offensive line that can get him there in front of him. Look him up…hes fun to watch. And dont knock D1-AA players…Im pretty sure Flacco came from there. And I HOPE they resign Mack. He is the best center in the league right now. Hands down. Nobody gets to level 2 and blocks like Mack thru the whistle. But if he goes I look for us to go after the kid from USC if are plan is a zone blocking scheme. You dont need a stud at center in that scheme cause hes gettin help most plays….you do however need good INSTICTS from the guard pisition and THAT is a big reason Im not thrilled with Yankey or Richardson. Ive seen a few guys on here wanting Gabe Jackson in the second round but if we dont nab him up at 26 hes gonna end up on a team thats already a winner thru the last five picks of the first round. Really Im gonna be surprised if hes even their at 26…but then again I said the same thing about Decastro in 2012 yet low and behold there he was, still on the board…the PERFECT compliment to drafting Trent Richardson…and they took Weeden instead…and looj where we are now. Lol. Instead its the Steelers who got a run game…look what they did on the ground this year…Decastro was a huge part of that.

        • The_Fin says:

          I HOPE Im wrong on Mack. Im assuming you are saying Ward cant cover by saying he cant do the whole job. To that I say you are wrong…at least going off last season. When Ward came on he was always touted as stiff run stopper with great insticts and a knack for layin the stick on ball carriers and would be pass catchers. He has had this on full display so far during his tenure here. They said his cover skills still left alot to be desired and he would need to develope that part of his game at the pro level. Hes was very inconsistent in coverage his first three season. Alot of that was discipline and reacting to assignments andca bit of it too I guess was ability, but tgis past season TJ played likexa Top 5 Safety in this league. Lol, even nabbed a game ckinchercon Thursday night football. Ward gave up very little this past season. He really showed that he can do the whole job in this league. Hes such an important part of this defense. He iscour enforcer oyt there. We cannot lose him. Not just yet. Franchise tag him if you have too…but you dont let TJ Ward walk this season. Because of Shannahaans PROVEN zone blocking scheme (it never matteres who carries the rock, their backs are ALWAYS goin for a thousand + season one or two seasons theybhad two backs over a grand) it makes more since to let Alex Mack walk. We’re in a little three year crunch here on cap space too keep in mind. Cutting ties with Mack definitely helps us with that looming delima for sure. I got mixed emotions on Mack. He definitely has pkayed his way out Cleveland…if anything he has developed himself out of oyr budget :-/

      • Joe ballz says:

        2 were picked by the browns. obviously its the formula for winning. you’re all idiots.

    • Tbone says:

      Tate might be pricing himself out of a job. Not many teams are going for high priced rb’s.

  144. erik says:

    Does anyone know about this zack mettenburg (something like that), qb out of Lsu I believe? I read a post after the first rd we may target him. I see he is 6’5″tall, 235 pounds but I only saw him play once before. They say he has a good arm but is that college good arm but nfl bad. Does he have a good qb coach at his school. Is there room for vast improvement or is he already maxed out in talent. Does anuone trully know this guy. I would like to know from a non fan perspective.

    • Tbone says:

      Nobody really knows. Farmer is the one that did all the scouting on the qb’s so “TRUST IN RAY”.

    • The_Fin says:

      Hes damaged goods, tore his ACL this season and thats enough for me to say stay away from Mettenburger. We already got Hoyer comin off ACL surgeory and when these guts gotta rehab for 6-8 mos thats all they really can do is concentrate on the knee…so during that time they dont get pokish up their craft (quarterbacking). If we draft QB h needs to be a healthy guy that can concentrate on preparing for the season…not someone rehabbing a knee.

  145. Rob says:

    I say take if bortles is gone and manziel is there take manziel, if manziel is gone and bortles is there then take bortles but if they are both still there I’d take bortles because he has a much better build and still is very mobile. But I also say take mariota with our second third round pick or first fourth round pick since ray farmer already has announced he really likes mariota too. If we take two qb’s in the draft, our odds of getting a franchise qb goes up tremendously and if they are both really good, whoever is better fit then keep and the other trade for a first or second round pick. In this scenario every way they will win unless both of them become a bust. Which is highly unlikely if we rake both of these great quarterbacks. Also if we can get Hyde or mason we can save cap space by not having to sign Tate and we also can release some of the ones we got like obonyaa and McGahee but keep baker and Lewis, also if we get two qb’s in the draft then we can release Campbell and weedumb and save even more on the salary cap and get Jason hatchery and maybe a wide receiver like sanders or decker, also with saving the money with these other releases we can resign dqwell jackson, Mack and franchise tag ward.

  146. brent l says:

    Here’s what I think the Browns should do with our first 3 picks.

    Trade both the 3rd round picks for Kirk Cousins, Washington is asking for a 2nd rounder.

    1st Rnd:
    Sammy Watkins first pick
    Justin Gilbert or Haha Clinton Dixon or Calvin Pryor, if available.

    2nd Rnd:
    Carlos Hyde

  147. The_Fin says:

    We dont have to sign Tate. Edwin Baker mixed with Dion Lewis or a late round dark horse candidate would be a fine running game, should they actually have some holes to run through. Edwin Baker “The Touchdown Maker” impressed me. His feet dont stop and he finds the hole…when its there…hes not lookin to cut back and pitter patter around…hes one cut to the hole and then up the field. He PUNCHES that SOB into the Zone too boya! Im not sayin hed gonna be a HOF back…but I wanna see what he developes into…if he can get some blocking from the teams end and he stays true to his craft on his end, he can be a successful back. Guys like Dion Lewis sharing time and ripping off 20+ yd runs wont hurt our cause much either. Im not on the Ben Tate bandwagon…especially now that Kyle Shannahan is in the building. How many thousand yard backs have the Shannahans coached over the years?? Quite a damn few I assure you. And Baker is the type they like.

  148. Rob says:

    Sorry I deleted a few sentences of mine but I ment if we don’t take a good qb this year then trade up next year with a third round pick a first round pick and whatever else is needed to get the number one pick and take mariota

    • erik says:

      Im sorry to tell u but I dnt think they will wait a yr. Haslam and want success now, not lets wait three years. He wants to win. So if u want to keep yr job, you have to find your man now or risk losing your job. If there is a good nfl qb there, I believe u take it. U need your most important position to win Soand if he makes it as a top ten qb u win. Ans keep yr employment.

  149. Rob says:

    But if they take someone and he doesn’t work out and hoyer doesn’t work out they will have to wait a year. But I do agree that they should to everything they can a risk everything to win and win constantly. I think if they don’t take risks then they should lose there job.

    • Mike says:

      Why risk anything if they are not for sure he’s the QB.Wouldn’t yor rather be 100% sure he’s the man he is our franchise QB .GIve who ever our QB is weapons around him.we need WRS, WE ONLY HAVE 1 GOOD WR GORDON.WE NEED OLINEMEN OT, G, TO HELP PROTECT HIM.WE NEED A RUN GAME TO BALENCE THE PASS ATTACK.HAVING A RUN GAME WILL HELP US WIN THE CLOSE 4TH QUARTER GAMES.Longer wecan establish a drive tire out the deffence the more games we win.So the 1st pick should be WR if Watkins is gone go OT. Agree with FIN I like our running backs we have .NOW NEXT YEAR GIVE UP ANY AND ALL THE PICKS TO DRAFT A QB THERE ARE 3 FRANCHISE QB COMING OUT FOR THE DRAFT .WINSTON , MARIOTA, HUNDLY.so if we do go get the weapons this year and get the FRANCHISE QB NEXT YEAR .WE CAN FINALY SAY WE GOT THE DRAFT RIGHT AND DID WHAT WE SHOULD HAVE DONE YEAR IN AN YEAR OUT .DRAFT TALENT FIRST NOT THE BIGEST NEED IF THE TALENT IS NOT THERE..I would love to draft a QB AND OLINEMEN FIRST BUT WATTKINS AND GORDON WILL SPREAD OUT THE DEFFENCE.MAKE THE DEFENCE DROP BACK FEAR THE PASS GAME .That will free up Cammorn and the run game.Deffences will no longer beable to stack the line of srimage to stop the run game.Deffences will fear the BROWNS.SO HERE IS MY NEW DRAFT.
      1.. WATKINS ..IF NOT THERE …..1….OT
      3…QB………..SOLID BACKUP………3…QB

      • Rob says:

        Because without risk, then football would be able to be run by anyone that is fairly smart. I’m all for bortles 110% he’s tall strong smart and mobile. He played most of the last season on a messed up knee and still produced the same numbers as manziel. We don’t need the wow factor, we need a winner, and a constant winner, also bortles does very good and still has a lot of room to improve to become the best he can become, and he is less likely to get hurt than manziel. And what about this rediculous rumor that Cleveland nearly traded a the of picks to 49rs for Jim hardbaugh. And in ur line up of draft picks u don’t have a singe running back at all. I think we should take only one but that’s more than u said , and why two corners, and why two wide receivers, has everyone forgotten Travis Benjamin? And we don’t need a tide end. I’m okay and actually really like your pick of Watkins but for me that’s only if bortles and maybe manziel is gone! Also the texans most likely will take bridgewater so then what about jadeveon clowney?

        • Rob says:

          My draft would be:
          1.1 Bortles but if gone then Watkins
          1.2 Ot
          2 running back
          3.1 G
          3.2 AJ Mcarron or the wide receiver Boyd if we didn’t take Watkins
          4.1 Ilb
          4.2 cb
          5 then fill in holes

  150. Mike says:

    I like your picks but you have no WRS. You have 2 QBS why.? Me I have no RBS because I think we have no oline for a run game..Thats why I think we need to get weapons for our RUN GAME AND PASS GAME.I like HOYER AS OUR STARTER AND LEWIS AND BAKER SHOWED THEY CAN BE A BEAST.I BELEIVE IF WE
    Dont feel like we should draft a QB with our 1st round pick and throw Hoyer to the birds like we do every time every year every time we have a regeim change.For once lets give Hoyer a fighting chance our Coach a fighting chance DRAFT WEAPONS AROUND OUR QB .STOP THE BLEEDING CLEVELAND DO THIS RIGHT.

    • Bummie says:

      @Mike – who were you referring to as having 2 QBs. I looked back and assumed me. If so, I think we need two new QBs at camp this year, either both drafted or 1 as an unsigned free agent. There needs to be competition with Hoyer and 2 guys will not only increase the competition but give us 2 chances at a solid backup OR a future stater. Given that both Weeden and Campbell have had their shots, I don’t see any reason to even glance that way again.

      • Mike says:

        I was talking with rob but I didnt seehe had WRS BEHIND THEM..It was a mistake.I agree to Bummie maby in freeagency.

        • Rob says:

          I didn’t say take two qb’s in the draft, and I wasn’t throwing hoyer aside. I really like hoyer but he only played two games and he tore his knee apart with that ACL injury. He needs someone to compete against so he can can get the fire burning under him so he can achieve being the best he can be. Plus a great qb won’t crack under a little bit of competition for the main job, a great qb will thrive with the competition and it will actually help hoyer if he’s our guy which I hope he is. Oh and the reason I say take a Rb is because we need a one two punch with our rbs. A phrase I like to use for rbs is ( a Mac truck and a Ferrari). Lewis and baker are the little ferraris but we still need the Mac truck. So in some line ups we could put the big guy and the little guy and that will really confuse defenses because they wouldn’t even have a hint on which one is getting the ball if even either of them.

  151. Erik Bartley says:

    Cleveland needs not to reach ahead what A guy is predicted to go. We have the forth pick, we don’t need to give that for a guy that is predicted late first or early second rd selection. Same goes with with are 35 or 26 pick, we need to go with a range of players that we could use were talent is worthy of that selection. Lets say we need a running back, there is no player in this draft worthy of the forth pick in this draft, so we find a player we need worthy of this pick; a lineman, qb, or wr. Same goes with with the later rds. I’m tired of hearing we needed this position but we could of had aaddffgg, giving use an average person instead of a top five talent. Same goes with later rds, we could of had descent talent but went with a guy that can handle crack the team. In our later rds we should be able to fill in depth even if there is still a position we need. We could fill that position during free agency.

  152. The_Fin says:

    Why do you think Sammy Watkins is going to be such a stud in the NFL??? Top receiver in the draft…yes…but perrenial prowl bowler??? Im not seein it. Hes not the kind of animal-like dominance at WR that I would want us to draft at 4 overall. Id rather use that pick on defense then a wr for real.

    • The_Fin says:

      He had a monster year his freshman year…failed a drug test and was suspended two games, then over shadowed by Deandre Hopkins his Sophmore year, and he had a good junior year with a dominant percormance over a WEAK Ohio State defense, of course of which you all more than likely seen…and thus want to crown him as the guy that will save us from screwing this draft up by taking a flop at QB…If they takeca qb OR a WR or ANY skill position for that matter in the first round…they are in fact, screwing this draft up. Anchor the foundation with all these picks we got…not throw on some lipstick and eyeshadow to hide the ugliness!

  153. The_Fin says:

    WR should be addressed in free agency

    • Bummie says:

      Which WRs do you suggest we target in free agency? I caution mention of any with recent injuries…you already labeled a player with one injury as “damaged goods,” I wouldn’t want you to contradict yourself.

      • Mike says:


        • The_Fin says:

          Actually…Ive said time and time again asshole that there is THREE guys in this draft that I would target with our first first round pick…Jadeveon Clowney First and foremost, then Gregg Robinson if Clowneys not there, then Mosley if both Clowney and Robinson are off the board…which is very likely to be a reality. Mosley we could even trade back to get…but I dont believe hed be there at 26. I say Gabe Jackson at 26…simply because I dont think he will be there when we pick in the second round. So really there ar three routes I think we can take ti become a super bowl caliber team. Why dont you lay off the run on sentences (in all caps) and actually read a whole thread I post before you reply.

          • The_Fin says:

            Bummie…first to clarify, I was referring to an ACL for a QB…thats not just any injury…to any position. Metrenburger woke up this morning and his focus was not on improving his release, or working on his drop, or doing anything really to improve his physical mechanics at all. No, instead his main focus…as it has been every day since what early December or so…was to rehab the knee…to make it stronger. So my point is that thete are healthy guys in this draft right now that ARE able to focus on their craft and ARE focusing on it. Guys that woke up this morning and took snaps, and through balls, and read defenses, and WASNT worriedcthe whole time about how much torque they put on their knee or concerned with their weight distribution all tha…guys whos focus right now is on football…ya know??

        • Bummie says:

          I think it’ll go like this. I think Texans take Clowney. That would give them Watt and Clowney, that would be hard to pass on. Rams would then be wise to trade down to 5. Raiders and Jaguars would pluck Bridgewater and Bortles off the board. Browns are too wise to take Maziel, and I think the Browns know the Lions would love Watkins. Browns trade down to 10 and pick up second rounder (at a minimum). Browns dont have a season changing need at LB, but if Mack is on the board for that pick, I dont know how you pass on a franchise player like him. So, as of this evening, my first four picks would go as follows:

          Scenario 1: Mack is on the board
          1a. Mack
          1b. best G/OT on the board
          2a & 2b. Garoppolo and WR

          They must get Beckham or Robinson with the WR pick

          Scenario 2: Mack is gone
          1a. Taylor Lewan (Robinson and Matthews will be gone here. Lewan was impressive at the combine)
          1b. Best CB on the board. Must be a top þ CB
          2a & 2b. Garoppolo and WR

          Again, they must get Beckham or Robinson with WR pick. I feel theres a decent drop off after them.

          This will change following completion of the combine, then again following completion of free agent signings.

          Fin: I think you have good point, I also think you’re so committed to one approach that you have blinders on. We wont pay Decker. Maclin is a gamble. Nicks is a gamble. If we dont take a WR before Beckham and Robinson are gone, we might as well just keep Bess at number 2. We do need o-line…but not as bad as your pushing. Why am I confident enough to say this? Mainly because I trust the experts on their position priorities for the Browns. I dont think we shouldnt take o line with our first pick, but I think theres half a dozen other picks that make sense as well.

          Deal with the misspellings in this. Im posting from my phone and theres no way im going to attempt to fix grammar from here.

          • Bummie says:

            By Bess at number 2, I meant Little.
            Whatever that character is between top and CB…it should be the number 5

          • The_Fin says:

            Taylor Lewan is a Mitchell Schwartz waiting to happen in my opinion…hes had more than a couple BAD days in his college career in pass protection….I was high on Lewan in September…but hes a swinging gate…dude can run block…but hes bad in protection. And I think the Rams are going to swoop up my boy Robinson at #2overall…Mike keeps ignoring the fact that he will play LT for most teams…hes THAT good in protection, and unlike MOST LT in the league (including Joe Thomas) this kids a bulldozer in the running game. LTs arent paid to run block though…so his ability in that department is an added bonus for any team that picks him up. Im in love with the idea though of Garrapolo in the second round and wr (hopefully Jordan Matthews) in the third.

          • Bummie says:

            Robinson is indeed a beast. I watched him today and hes a monster. BUT, the Rams know 1 thing. With Clowney off the board, Oakland will trade for a QB, Jags will take a QB, we will not take Robinson, and if we do, they have Matthews. I think they jump all over the chance to add to what is already a decent amount of picks.

          • The_Fin says:

            Keeping Bradford healthy has to be top of their agenda though. They need pass protection more than anything else out there in Missouri. They had a decent back emerge last year too, so adding Robinsons skills in runblocking, as well as shoring up Bradfords Blindside is more than likely gonna be too tempting for the Rams to pass up on.

          • The_Fin says:

            I dont believe either that the Rams actually have any interest in Clowney. Wheter hes off the board or not I would say they are targeting that “superhuman” left tackle from Auburn. Clowney makes very little sense for the Rams cinsidering Long and Quinn had good success pressuring the quarterback last year. But then againyou can never have too many pass rushers.

          • Bummie says:

            What? I said Rams would take Robinson. And if not him, Matthews.

          • Bummie says:

            This should provide an understanding of what I feel will most likely happen, with the explanation above backing it.

            Round 1:
            1. Houston – Clowney
            2. Oakland (from Rams) – Bridgewater
            3. Jacksonville – Bortles
            4. Lions (from Browns) – Watkins
            5. Rams – Robinson

            Not taking this further. Who cares what happens at pick 2 and 3, lets only say the Texans take Clowney and we do not take a QB. We’re not the only ones with eyes on Garoppolo. I think Texans take him with the first pick in the second round. How, then, do we approach the first round?

          • The_Fin says:

            You said “With Clowney off the board …” I took that as meaning that theybwpuld take him at two should he be there…and I believe he will….the Texans have most of the chess pieces in place (unlike us) with a successful running game, a good group of pass catchers, andva defense than can create turnovers and protect leads in the fourth quarter…they are a team that truly is in my opinion only a QB away…so them passing on Clowney, to me, is more likely than them drafting him. Then the Rams should pass him up as well for the reasons stated in my previous thread…then comes the Jags…they need help on both sides of the ball…its hard for me to see the reason that they will pass him up…he will single handedly change the face of their defense…the whole scheme becomes a crazy amount of dynamic once hevarrives in town…which is gonna leave us in a tough position with TWO of the top three qbs in the draft and sammy watkins…which as you know, I would pass on all three and drop back in the draft to target CJ Mosely. Cant wait to see how it pans out.

          • Bummie says:

            Yeah man it should be exciting. After watching the combine so far, the draft is deep. Deep enough that a good set of position coaches and coordinators can really make out. I just hope the browns do it right. They have enough picks to take this team to the top of the division this coming year.

        • Erik Bartley says:

          I’m not with u or against. I do believe the online is one of the most important things we need to get done. If we could give our qb just a half second more time, u would get many more throws off, same if we could run the ball, we could get the defense thinking of a run and then we throw the ball. Giving everyone of our wide receivers a split second more to get open. Same with coaching and picking plays, if I could pick plays switching back and forth should give my ball players more time. I’f we had a better online, we would of been able to run the ball and pass the ball better, Eric wright would had a little more time to get open or a qb could not rush as quick. Hoyer wouldn’t be on the sideline. If we don’t AT least grab a couble lineman this year we are in trouble. They don’t have to be studs, first rd picks but we better fix that line.

      • The_Fin says:

        Now…Ive been waiting for this to come up…first and foremost I want ANQUAN BOLDIN in Cleveland uniform next season…and I know Mike hates that cause hes friggin drag queen premodana who wants a sexy team NOT a Blue Collar team. Boldin went over 1,000 yds receiving last year…thats 6 times in an 11 yr. Career. He tacked on 7 touchdowns which I realize isnt whopping but lol….7 touchdowns last season would have won a few more games for us last year. I wonder how many though he was involved with on the ground rushing…cause Boldin BLOCKS on the outside better than damn near ever wr…Boldin has proven that he will step up in the clutch…hes a team player…he fills his role…hes a VET. I honestly believe we should be targeting Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt with our first third. Its very possible he will still be there given how deep this wide receiver class is…he runs great routes to great routes to get open and is sure handed with ideal size and speed. Boldin would be a splash in free agency because he can still play #2 wr (I dare somebody to argue that) if the rookie we draft cant get done…and if we do end up makin contact when we seing for a wr…Boldin would work well still cause hes definitely a good posession wide receiver and he converts third downs.

  154. Bummie says:

    I do not disagree with Bolden, though I do believe passing on all of the top 6 receivers would be a mistake. Bolden does not have tons of mileage left on him, but agree that he can get it done in the near term and could play a major mentor role for our guys.

    Changing speeds, if we get the right offers, I do not think its out of the realm of possibility that we are able to trade down twice and still be in the top 12. Think of the damage that could be done with 2 first rounders, 3 second rounders, and at least 2 third rounders. We’d walk with our offense set…the QB (Hoyer at a minimum), improved o-line, a number 1 & 2 WR, a redemption year for little in the slot, a complimentary RB to the guys already on roster, and cameron. We’d also have a CB and ILB.

    QB, WR, G/OT, RB, CB, ILB, and another G/OT, WR or CB all by the end of the third. This is the speculation I get excited about, especially when I hear Farmer and Pettine talk. You mention blue collar, these guys are the definition of that.

  155. Mike says:

    Lets say Gordon fails another drug test (god please , hope this dont happen) but say he slips up.what WR DO WE HAVE TO FALL BACK ON.NONE NO TRUE #1 WR ON OUR ROSTER TO REPLACE GORDON IF THIS WAS TO HAPPEN.HE WILL BE OUT FOR 1 WHOLE SEASON .THAT IS THE PROPLEM I HAVE.DO WE RISK IT OR JUST SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG LIKE WE DO EVERYTHING.Plus just love to see Watkins and Gordon on the same feild.You talk anout Boldin.Remember when Boldin and Fritsgereld was on the same feild for cardinals.Teams had no clue how to cover both couldn’t double team one.Kurt Warner had a feild day he knew on every down one will be open.YES I AM A ASSHOLE ..BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE WEAPONS LIKE THIS ASK WARNER ASK MANNING ASK BRADY ..That what I want to see in Cleveland.

  156. Mike says:

    This the year we can make this happen in the draft.The olinemen in the combine today was out standing.Teams will have a feild day in the top 3 rounds on the oline alone.Cant wait to see the WRS AND RBS.I ENJOY THIS THE TALKS FIN , BUMMIE AND ROB IM A CLEVELAND FAN I TAKE TO THE HEART I BLEED BROWN AND ORANGE.I CAN SEE YOU ALL DO TO.YES IM AN ASS BUT I WANT THAT RING I WANT THE BEST.WE HAVE THE PICKS SO GO GET THE BEST.THATS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN HAVE THAT DREAM OF SEEING A SUPERBOWL.

    • The_Fin says:

      Now thas something I can agree with ya on Mike…lol…aint none of us gonna be right come draft day anyways, but if Im gonna arge over something…lol…who the browns should draft is usually towards the top of that list. Three times they took who I wanted them to in the first round…just three…no four (I wanted Jeff Faigne and they got him…BUST) Tim Couch, Joe Thomas, and Joe Haden (I wanted Eric Berry more than Haden but knew hed be gone before we picked). This draft is prolly tje most important one weve had since the first one in 99…its so important they get this right.

    • Erik Bartley says:

      I would be happy with a playoff team.

  157. The_Fin says:

    Greg Robinson ran a 4.84 40 @ 6’5″ 332 lbs! Hahaha…benched 225 lbs….THIRTY TWO TIMES!!! Yes PLEASE!!

  158. The_Fin says:

    32 reps and his arms are 35″ long…thats crazy…long armed guys reps shouldnt be that high.

  159. Mike says:

    Just naming a few I would love to have that here in Cleveland.so we do have to get that top #1 WR AND OLINE UP GRADED PLUS THE DEFENCE.OUR OFFENCE IS WORST OF THAN THE DEFFENCE THO..Fin sorry for being a ass..I might end up changing my mid after the combine an freeagency is over depending on who we take in FA and how manny WR IF THEY ARE OR IS CLOSE TO WATKINS TALENT.JUST KNOW WE NEED OFFENCE FIRST.

    • Brian says:

      AJ McCarron really impressed today at the combine. Like him. Bortles was average at the combine. Doesn’t mean he won’t be good. Johnny football was ok. There were a few no names in the WR class that impressed me. One that really stood out was Janis. I say if somehow Bridgewater makes it to us, grab him…… If not, take Watkins…… The RB class was impressive. I agree with Mayock, this is the best of overall class in this years draft in years. A lot of talent…. Especially o lineman an d lineman. Watching the combine an everything leading up to it, very impressive

  160. Rob says:

    Brian hoyer’s combine results:
    40 yard dash-5.02
    20 yard dash-2.81
    10 yard dash-1.62
    Vertical jump-32″
    Broad jump-09’01″
    20 yard shuttle-4.42
    3 cone drill-7.10

    • Rob says:

      And was rated 9th out of 114 qb’s in his draft class. And now has a real good shot at a starting role. Not to bad, not to bad at all. And plus he went as an undrafted free agent in 2009. I really like this guy just by what he has proven about himself already.

      • The_Fin says:

        Hoyer played two games last year…he stunk up the field against the vikings and was bailed out by a fake punt and a huge reverse sweep. Really…the Vikings beat themselves that day. He played ok against Cincinatti but a dominant performance from our defense was the real story from that day. I know theres fans that want to just crown him but that is very unrealistic in my opinion going off what he has showed. Not to mention he is rehabbing a knee right now, NOT doing things that will develope him into a more capable QB. It would be foolish to approach this draft with the mindset that Hoyer is our man. He earned the right to not be cut this offseason and compete through training camp for the gig…bit thats ALL hes earned in Cleveland…and really his numbers from his two starts dont even justify that :-/

        • Bummie says:

          I agree, he wears no crown and approaching this draft as if he does would would be a mistake. One thing cannot be denied though, Hoyer changed the team when he started. There was life that started his first snap and died the moment Weeden caem in after his injury. I cannot put into words how pissed I was the second Weeden stepped back on the field. I think Hoyer makes us a division contender. If the QB we draft this year starts ahead of him, I would have to expect more than being a division contender, I would expect to win it.

        • Erik Bartley says:

          He may be studying defensive and offensive play books. Learning were to place the ball and were not depending on we’re the play is. Now I don’t want him as our franchise qb, but if he was our qb one more year why someone else developed, I would not mind.

    • Rob says:

      And was rated 9th out of 114 qb’s in his draft class. And now has a real good shot at a starting role. Not to bad, not to bad at all. And plus he went as an undrafted free agent in 2009. I really like this guy just by what he has proven about himself already.!

    • Tbone says:

      The feeling I get from Farmer and Pettine is that they will pick “best player available”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go defense with fourth pick. Mack maybe. They will draft a qb, but I don’t think they will reach. Don’t have any idea of their assessment of Hoyer yet.

      • The_Fin says:

        I hope this turns out true…the last thing this organization needs right now is to.reach in this draft just to satisfy a fanbase for a few months til the season starts.

        • Rob says:

          U guys all have said it ur selves that we need to strengthen up our o-line for one thing, so that could of factored into any of his bad play and plus it was the first time he was off the in like four years so of course he was a little rusty and plus he didn’t get as much practice time. I wasn’t saying put a crown on the guy i was just saying he could really help us out in winning and plus u all are evaluating him to early. Ppl can make big comebacks after injuries similar to that. For one recent example: Adrian Peterson’s 2012 season after that terrible knee injury, he was only nine yards from beating the record, he currently holds the second now. Before ppl evaluate him good or bad he needs to play a little get used to playing football again, u never know we might have a jewel in our hands, I still think we need to pick a qb but not necessarily with the first pick. I wouldn’t mind Watkins Khalil Mack or jadeveon clowney as ppl for the pick other than a qb ps or even maybe take Robinson. Just think, Watkins on the other side of Gordon or clowney/Mack on our already pretty good defense.

  161. L says:

    1st- Sammy Watkins
    1st- Derek Carr
    2nd- Andre Williams
    2nd- Tre Mason (Trade)
    3rd- Jawuan James
    (3rd, 5th, and 6th traded)
    4th- Vinnie Sunseri
    4th- Micheal Sam
    7th- Kadeem Edwards

  162. wert says:

    People may think I am crazy, but I would try to get Watkins with pick number 4 and then another top receiver like Jarvis Landry (who likes to block too) at #26 or with the pick in the second round, and then take two good RB 3rd and 4th. I envision Watkins and Landry one side, Gordon on other, with Jordan at Y and a one back set. Quick screens to Watkins and all kinds of motion and runs. That will make ANY QB look great. You can pick up an efficient, competitive QB like Aaron Murray or Connor Shaw in the 3rd or 4th round. The rest of the draft I would fill in with best available OL/DL, LBers, DBs etc. That would be my plan, but if a great Defensive player or one of the top QBs drop to #26, I might take them there and then resume my plan with a WR in round two. Browns need offensive weapons to spread the field. Everyone is down on the QBs, but most the times the receivers are not getting open, except of course, Flash.

    PS. I like the comment that we are all idiots cuz we are Browns fans. The craziest thing is I am extremely excited and think the Browns are on the verge of turning it around. After all the previous years of great expectations, I think the fact I am so excited makes me the idiot LOL. Let’s check back in December.

  163. Jeff tucker says:

    trade a second round pick to NE for mallet take Sammy Watkins with 1st if avaialable this gives us hoyer and mallet great recieversand we can take a off lineman with 26th pick.. if Watkins isn’t avaialable we can still take a shot at one of the qbs

  164. Mike says:

    Hoyers games may have not looked pretty but he proved he can win.we hadma weak oline no WRS NO run game.He was the only QBwe had that was a winner he made this team beleive we were winner.He gave us fans hope of a plaoff year.Now give Hoyer Watkins a oline and run game we have a great offence.A close or ugly win is better than a loosing any day.

  165. Mike says:

    I’m not saying he is our Franchise QB until we give him the weapons all QBS need to be a great offence.Give him the chance to prove it.Because we all know our Wrs suck our oline sucked and had no run game and he still won games.And no bad Qb could win with that.So I’m saying Hoyer is a solid QB he won with no weapons and cant wait until he has weapons to see what he can do.

    • Tbone says:

      I hope Hoyer could come in and be our Nick Foles this year. They will still draft a qb, but it takes some of the pressure off, won’t have to reach. So I think there is more of a chance their No.4 pick will NOT be a qb. Browns aren’t saying anything, especially about Hoyer.

  166. Tbone says:

    Could it be possible that no qb taken in first four picks?
    1.Houston- Clowney
    2. St.Louis- Mathews
    3. Jacksonville- Robinson
    4. Cleveland- Watkins

    That would be a shocker.

    • The_Fin says:

      Jacksonville went tackle last season and even traded a talented Eugene Monroe to Baltimore for a third round pick…might have been a second, but pretty sure it was a third…I will look it up…anyways that should eliminate the possibility if them taking Robinson.

      • The_Fin says:

        It was Baltimores 4th and 5th rounder this year they traded away for Monroe…when the trade surfaced our front office hadnt even been aware the Monroe was on the block…smh…what a blunder.

  167. Rob says:

    1.sammy Watkins
    1.2 Derek Carr
    2. Carlos Hyde
    2. Replacement for dqwell jackson
    3. Kyle fuller
    Trade second third pick, fith pick, and sixth or seventh pick for another 2nd pick
    4. Chris Boyd
    4. Michael Sam
    7. Kicker

    • Tbone says:

      Replacement for D. Jackson should be second pick. If they don’t take qb 4 they should wait. Rb should wait till 3rd round or later. They might even have to trade up from 26 to get a suitable ILB. This guy will be thrown in the fire immediately. Cannot be a project guy. That might be their FA target.

    • Brian says:

      Ummmm no on Michael Sam . No, not cause he’s gay. But all his hype is that he’s gay. We don’t need that type of attention. It would be like taking Tim Tebow… We don’t need that in cleveland. Anyways, Sam was horrible at the combine. They showed his good highlights with his team. Not his bad. He’s not even a good backup. I will be surprised if he goes before the 5th rd an hopefully not to Cleveland.

  168. louis says:

    so with the rumors of the bills franchising Bryrd and possibly trading him, and Revis feeling like he’s not a good fit for Lovie Smith system. I’m gonna apply this to what I like the browns to do with free agents and the draft. it’s pretty far fetch but amazing if it ever happen.

    1st resign mack and ward. or resign mack and franchise ward

    then sign Darlos Dansby or Daryl Smith which ever is cheaper, so there’s a vet for the inside linebacker position. and Arthur Moats from Buffalo since he know Mike Pettine system for the other inside spot. And sign either Greg Jones from Houston or Michael Robinson from Seattle to play Full back. They both have experience in a zone blocking running game.

    Then trade the 2nd 1st round pick to Tampa Bay for Darell Revis, and trade this year 2nd and next year 2nd to the bills for Byrd for a sign and trade deal. I can’t imagine us not having a top 5 defense after these moves

    now the draft

    1st pick (the fin is gonna love this) Greg Robinson OT. focus on running the ball. and a replacement if we can’t resign him

    3a. Paul Richardson WR

    3b. Dakota Dozier G

    4a. C.J Fiedorowicz TE. since we need to focus on running the ball, we need to do more 2 TE formation with a blocking TE

    4b. Andra Williams RB. what I notice about the successful zone blocking teams is that they tend to have bigger backs then fast smaller ones

    5. Devin Street WR

    6. Devon Kennard OLB

    7. (sleeper) Isaiah Crowell. might be a head case but worth the chance at this pick.

    • Tbone says:

      My head is spinning

    • Brian says:

      LMAO…………..REVIS………….Really???????? Does he even play anymore?? Lol….. He’s a broken down , injury prone, OVER PAID, has been…… And you want to give up a 1ST rd pick for him? WOW!!!!! He was injury prone with the jets an over paid there too. That’s why they got rid of him. Couldn’t afford to let him sit on the bench. Now, Tampa bay realizes this. IF he’s healthy, I may give up a 3rd rd for him an have a contingency in his contract. So if he’s injured AGAIN, he doesn’t get squat!!!!! But thanks, this is the funniest thing I’ve read all day…

      • Louis says:

        What you mean injured prone. Injured prone means constantly injured. He tore a ligament 2012 with no problems before that. And took some plays off on a couple games last year. With a groin problem. But played the whole season. And was still good on a bad team.

        • Brian says:

          Another know it all, who doesn’t know football. REVIS injuries…….Well let’s see, 2010- strained hamstring, 2011- no interceptions for 13 games, 2012- concussion & torn acl, 2013- groin injury & chest / shoulder injury. Now all that being said, who wants to waste that kind of money on (yes) an injury prone guy , with that kind of salary. If LOUIS was a team owner, you wouldn’t last one season an would file bankruptcy .

          • The_Fin says:

            How much time did he actually miss though due to injury…guys get injured all the time and play through them….just cause he shows up the injury report doesnt mean he misse time…but we dont have a need at corner that justifies spending (or wasting) a top round draft pick pn one.

    • Tbone says:

      Revis is okay but is the highest paid cb in the league at 16mil. Ouch.

      • Erik Bartley says:

        Instead of signing revis, there is a few cb free agents that are pretty good, if not better. U could sign them for around eight million. Keeping your your first rd pick and saving money. Actually I think it is the deepest class in free agency. Could get number one corners there.

  169. The_Fin says:

    I think cutting Jackson makes us likely (at least at this point) to either move back from #4 overall or UP from 26th overall into C.J. Mosely Territory. I hope to god they are tarheting this kid…hes a REAL tackling machine and he does it where it COUNTS…up inside the hole and behind the line of scrimmage…Jackson made a BUNCH of tackles during his career here in Cleveland…7 yards down field lol. Mosely is gonna be an ANIMAL in this league for somebody…think London Fletcher (in his thirties of course when he was at his best) on Crack. Thats gonna be Mosley. I still say Robinson is gone at two and Clowney becomes either a Texan or a Jag…now we are looking at a scenario where at least two of three QBs are on the board…thats massive trade bait for the #4 overall pick. Im not scared by what they are doing at all…but they better get it right!

    • The_Fin says:

      Also…I smiled huge when I read bout his release today…cutting Jackson opens up some cap space to both A. Throw money at Mack ad Ward (I now believe both will be back) and cleaning up some of the upcoming “messes” we have over the next ccoupke years reguarding our younger talents contracts…tough decision butGREAT business move all around. Jacksis a decent linebacker…far from elite though.

    • Tbone says:

      With such a deep draft and no A. Luck type qb, every team at the top is looking to trade down.

      • The_Fin says:

        I think the mere threat of us taking a qb is enough to make the raiders want to leap frog us. The Vikings are another viable team to trade up…especially with the running game they have, they should feel very confident in their ability to bring a young QB along by slowing the game down and limiting the load of responsibility on his shoulders…to me it was the only thinking that could have justified their selection of Christian Ponder in 2011. They added Kalil in 2012…the pieces are in place, certainly, for them to roll the dice on a “blockbuster” deal for a franchise QB. And lets not forget how desperate they were to find a QB last season with the addition of Matt Castle and then the BAFFELING mid seasom signing of Josh Freeman…neither of which panned out to be worth more than a nickel to them. We traded up with the Vikings in 2012 to draft a bust (Trent Richardson)…it be super sweet to return them the favor so they can draft one at QB lol…cant wait til Free agency is over. Who we sign (or dont for that matter) will start to answer some of the question of, “What should we do in the draft?”

  170. Mike says:

    They might have sheard play MLB he was good in pass protaetion last year.Plus he has the weight and size to play the middle.They are making Mingo gain weight to so dont see them going big in freeagency for a MLB..Maby take one in the 3rd or 4th round.They are doing this the right way.Top prioraty is resigning Mack Ward, Hadyen all to long term deals.Looks like we got a great find with Farmer.He know how to build a team an thats keeping your PROBOWLERS AROUND FOR YEARS.THATS HOW YOU BUILD A DYNESTY..Build through the draft keeping our team young and our salery cap in good shape for pluging holes only.

    • The_Fin says:

      Sheard doesnt have the lateral quickness to play the inside linebacker spot…what runningback or TE in this league do you think he can cover on passing downs…plus the switch from DE to inside linebacker is A LOT todigest…Theyd have to retrain him all the way down to his instincts to move him to the middle…for a number of reasons obviously…Sheard at ILB, I feel safe to say, will never become a reality.

    • Brian says:

      Although I usually like Mike’s thought process on this site, I would have to agree with THE_FIN on this on. Couldn’t ever see that happening with Sheard.

  171. Anthony says:

    If I was Ray Farmer…

    1st Round Pick: Bridgewater/ Manziel QB (whichever available quarterback without surname bortles)

    1st Round Pick (IND): David Yankey/Xavier Su’a Filo OG

    2nd Round Pick: Brandin Cooks WR, Oregon St

    3rd Round Pick: Chris Borland ILB, Wisconsin

    3rd Round Pick (PIT): Jeremy Hill RB, LSU

    4th Round Pick: Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB Nebraska

    4th Round Pick (IND): Adrian Hubbard OLB, Alabama

    5th Round Pick: Jerrick Mckinnon RB, Georgia Southern

    6th Round Pick: L’damian Washington WR Missouri

    7th Round Pick: JC Copeland FB, LSU

    Let me know what you think

  172. Mike says:

    So your telling me OLB never play pass protection.I beleive it is the OLB to pick up screens stop the run on the outside pick up the fade routs on the TE.Sheard is quick has the power and speed to push off the edge and sack the QB.I’m saying you put sheard behind Tayler our big Dline all that power he will get through faster and he has more power than Daquel jackson to push off olinemen.He may not be as good as Jackson in pass protection but you put him in as ILB on blitzing packedges he wil eat up the middle of the oline.Your right he won’t be good at it full time atarting out.He is our smartest fastest best blitzer on our deffence.His first time ever playing OLB he did it with ease like he played it his whole life.I would think he show all of us wrong again.

    • The_Fin says:

      Ah…we need to draft a linebacker or sign a young talent at the position in free agency…and really I would do both…sign one and draft two…Smallwood from connecticut and max bullough from michigan state…both will come off the board in rounds 3-5…So we got the fire power to nab them both supposing we dont get Mosely with one of our first round picks. If thats the case then Id still take Bullough in the fourth.

  173. Benji555 says:

    There are two ways to solve the inside linebacker problem. We can do as Mike says or you pick up Donald Butler and draft Chris Boreland with our second round or first third round pick. With Butler’s size and Borleand’s playmaking ability that would be a force to reckon with.

  174. Brian says:

    Here’s a thought that I’ve wanted to bring up since last year. What’s everyone think about Chris Ogbonnaya? I think he’s horrible. Why is he still with the team? Why did he get the contract he got last year? He has for career, 2009-to present…..he has 660 yds an 1 F$&king TD….. Really? Yes maybe our Oline isn’t the greatest, but 660 yds an 1 TD? Come Cleveland. Dump his ass. This is all at 144 ATTEMPTS. I couldn’t believe they signed him for 2 years @ 1.53 million. I know it doesn’t sound like much. But we can do better in the draft or off someone’s practice squad .

    • The_Fin says:

      Ogbonnaya since 2009 has been the only back we got that can pick up the blitz. Thats bout all hes good for though..and an exciting play here and there…Im for keeping him around though…its hard to pick up even 660 yds behind the line we have in front of him. Address that…and we got this thing licked at running back with kyle shannahan composing the symphony ;-).

  175. Mike says:

    My draft has changed.Offence is still #1 to do list in the draft.1st RESIGN MACK AND WARD.
    6..JEREMY GALLON..WR..wouldnt be suprised if he shoots up the boerd.

    • Brian says:

      I don’t mind your first 3. But I don’t think neither 3rd rd’ers will be there then. Also, I think Boyd will be gone by then. But I’m not a fan of Boyd. If your going to take a shot at Boyd, I would rather try for Carr. Carr is way more developed. I think more rounded as a QB. I think more NFL ready if something would happen an need to put him in. Just my thought. I also would take a RB by the end of the 3rd rd. but with the cap going to 133 million in 2014, I think they will go after a few positions through FA. It’s still a big guessing game till the draft. But I’m very hopeful that Farmer is our guy to help get it right. I hope everyone realizes that it’s not all going to happen this year. Although I expect much improvement this year.

      • The_Fin says:

        Bradley Roby will be a liability in coverage in the NFL…he git torched everytime OSU gaced good wide receivers. I like Yarwin Smallwood better thanBorland at Linebacker…Boreland will be good for a 4-3 scheme. I still dont think Yankey will be more than a ln above average guard in the league…and we all know how I feel about drafting Watkins so high at 4…lol hes not got the physical prowless in my opinion to justify such a highseletion…receiver in the first round is ALWAYS a gamble and they rarely pan out. The tackle from Alabama is not a first round talent…thats a wasted pick. Still…its one of the better mock drafys Ive seen on here.

  176. Mike says:

    Yea I would like Carr to but I would rather adress the MLB AND CB before we take a QB.And Carr will be gone before the 4th round so will Mccarons.BOYD is a project he need time to develope ball placement, and plant his foot before throwing the ball in tight windows.The guy has a cannon and can scramble.When he is not pressuerd or running for his life he is dead on his targets long annd short passes..He had only one good WR in Watkins .Give him Gordon ,Camoren and Watkins beef up our oline .Then give him a few years behind Hoyer let him develope I beleive he will be good.He has solid machanics but just not consistant.Fin Come on man LOL.

    • Brian says:

      That’s the problems with Cleveland, you don’t get developing time there. I hope that changes. The ones I really like are Bridgewater, Bortles, Carr, an Mcarron… Boyd will never get the proper transition stage he needs if he lands in Cleveland. Monday is the deadline to tag. So we will see what happens with Mack an Ward. But we will also see who’s available elsewhere. We have the cap, so I’m interested to see who Farmer brings in before the draft. I expect several players to be dropped also. Wheather we draft or bring in another RB, either way, we need one. They also may try to find a CB in FA. There’s a lot of talent in FA this year, so let’s see what happens.

    • The_Fin says:

      We arent bad at corner if we could stop the run on defense, and run the ball to convert on offense, thus cutting down the amount of plays our CB’s are on the field on Sundays. Our CB’s have been doubling as trackstars here in Cleveland and its no wonder we are getting burnt late in games and down the stetch of a season. Buster Skrine (especially if hes able to mirror the improvement he made last offseason) IS a number 2 CB in this league. He is already developing into a good cover corner…VERY scrappy in coverage and he often plays much bigger than his small fram would lead one to imagine. True, he sucks at tackling and wading through traffic to make a play.in run support all that great…but how many CBs can. We have too great of needs elsewhere on this team to take a corner early in the draft.

  177. The_Fin says:

    This would my list of priorities this offseason….
    1.) RT
    2.) RG
    3.) QB
    4.) ILB
    5.) WR
    6.) A valid pass rusher
    7.) CB

    • JamesBrown says:

      RB should be in the top 3 IMO

      • The_Fin says:

        I dont think runnngback is a position of greatbneed if we getbthe line in tact. I like Edwin Baker behind some guys who can actually open up a whole. Plus Shannahan is there now too…and they have proved many times over the years that it doesnt matter really who they put at runningback…theyre gonna get theirs in a zone blocking scheme lol. I do want to draft a runningback…but not til tge later rounds. I like tge kid from Towson Terrence West around the 5th round.

  178. Mike says:

    In a Hybride Defence or 34 you need 3 good CB .Plus teams are pass happy now and run 2nd .And there is a time in the game our stsrters need rest to prevent getting hurt.And if Hayden or skrine got hurt You want a good back up.2 shut down corners one shut down nickle back to cover the slot or zone or when the safty blitz you needthe nickle to cover the corner to drop back and help cover the deep post or deep fade route.All your line backer either cover tthe TE or screen run or blitz.Thats why why we all want a QB , WR, DB OR ILB FIRST .THEY ARE THE PLAY MAKERS.People are wrong to think just because a pisition is deep you can get one later.why not take the top TALENT of that position first.To me taking the best means your puttin the best player on the feild.You have the upper hand on the game the most TALENT on the feild.Thats how you win thats how you build a team.like your picks Fin but Your best of the best playmakers will be gone in the 3rd and later rounds.In those rounds you rareley find Good top notch talent day 1 starters .

    • The_Fin says:

      Playmakers on defence emerge from ALL rounds of the draft. CB takes a couple years to develope…thats important to note for tworeasons…1. we draft a guy in the first couple rounds at corner in this draft we will be ignoring “Top Talent” at positionsof bigger need than CB. Positions that rookies can actually step in at and make an impact from day 1. Passing on guys that haveva beyter chance of helping us improve THIS YEAR, to select a guy thats going to have growing pains we would have to endure…Im done that…Oline, Dline, TE, OLBs and Safeties…positions tend to be the easiest to transition to as a rookie…QB, WR, CB…those guys always need time to develope.
      2.) McFadden was not a terrible player and actually migjt one day, from what I witnessed, make a bettet #2 option than Skrine. McCfadden has the size and strength to match up and he isnt lacking in quickness…his recognition will come and mainly was his problem, as is amy rookie corners, last season. He got a lot if playing time towards the end of last season, I for one would like to see what that experience coupled with the work he does this offseason pans out to next season.

  179. Rob says:

    I read earlier that people were criticizing obonyaa, I personally don’t care about him but he had some bad conditions with the o line and he didn’t play most downs at running back and if I do recall correctly, he lined up most of his snaps in the fullback position. And he’s not really a cap casualty or anything, I say keep him till we get all the of the running back situation straightened out.

    • Brian says:

      If you read what I wrote, you will see I talked about the Oline. That’s no excuse for 4 years of play. They don’t play him much now, cause he doesn’t produce. They keep him around because of his salary. Although they could do better with the draft or off someone’s practice squad for the price or cheaper, that would produce more with the time an money. Either way, it’s like keeping Weeden on the team, (yes I know it’s a different position) it’s useless an a waste of time an money spent on him, when the situation will not change. 4 years of no production = NO JOB… Coaches who don’t produce are lucky to get 2 years before being fired an are more important .

  180. Mike says:

    Ok let me explain the draft to you grab your bottle , passafire, and blanky tuck yourself in bed so I can tell you a story on a book called DRAFT FOR DUMMIES.
    THE 3RD AND 4TH ROUND OK (THIS IS WHERE YOU FIND SOLID BACK UPS,)some time you find starters
    THE 5TH 6TH AND 7TH ROUNDS OK (THIS IS WHERE YOU GET PROJECT PLAYERS ) this is where players need time to develope.And you will rarely find day 1 starters.If you do find a day one starter here its what we call a DRAFT GEM.
    ?………………………………THE END..

  181. Mike says:

    The Combine and Pro Day’s is where is whare a player showcases his own TALENTS SKILL SETS to draft scouts and Coaches.(You following this Fin)They do this because some players get over looked by scouts when he has a TALENTED group or team around him.
    ?……………..And it mostley helps a player show of his TALENTS AND SKILL SETS when he has a piss poor team and players around him that makes him look bad because other players cant do their job or has no TALENTS.

    • Mike says:

      Now all players have been scouted .on his own not in a team set.
      Now they are graded.
      Now they are placeed in a Projected round (1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th, 5th , 6th , 7th then undrafted freeagent.
      Now Coaches Scouts Owners make their big boards on the most Talented , Solid back ups , to projects .
      Now its Draft day.
      ?……………………….LMAO…………JUST JOKING AROUND .

      • The_Fin says:

        Having fun or not Im having trouble understanding what your purpose of explaining all that is…the arguement was we need to takeadvantage of the opportunities we have to draft the top talents at positions other than CB in this draft. In yiur “rebuttle” I was hoping for an explanation of why we should pass on drafting a RT, RG, QB, ILB, a LEGITIMENT pass rusher, or even a RB when these positions CLEARLY pose bigger needs for this team than CB. I can tell, you think youre real smart…but from most of what you post you dont really know jack about winning an actual football game…youre into highlight reels. Its cool.

        • Erik Bartley says:

          I agree with u but if there were no (which there are) rg, rt, MLB, or wr worthy of being selected that high. Then I would go corner if there was a star. Having a good second string corner is important; just not as important as the other. But u only draft players that are worthy players, if the wr is hardly worth starting, I would rather have a top ten cb. So go with rt, rg, wr, or MLB if there is someone who is ligit starter. If not make sure u get one at a least more important position. I would rather have a top ten cb then a twenty fifth ranked guard. But we picked the guard cause we needed that position. I agree go after a player at a more filling role, but if there isn’t a worthy player there, fill in a less important role with star talent.

          • The_Fin says:

            Sometimes though…when your boat is sinking, it serves you better plug the hole rather than add another man bucketing out water. I just dont think we are as thin at corner as what ppl think. There are MANY factors that haved to be considered when weighing a poor performance from your secondary…first and foremost…was we able to apply a pass rush, second how many attemps were thrown at them, how long the other team had the ball…could we stop the run…all those factors have an effect on your secondary. I know that in the few games we were able to get to the QB and or stop the run our secondary shined. So my point is, I would rather concentrate on improving those aspects of our defense as opposed to adding a high profile rookie corner. Skrine would more than likely still be the more viable candidate to start CB2 next season anyways given his experiencecand the level at which he improved last season…I expect him to build even firther off of that this season…so it woukd be wiser to bring the rookie along slowly cause CB usually neef a year or two to adjust, look at the stud from Bama that went the Jets last dtaft as an example. He had a tough here as most corners do…so if hes not gonna help us THIS season…I say dont draft him to begin with. Plus I think McFadden coukd surprise a few folks this season, he got alot of time in down the streych…experience goes a long way for young corners in the NFL.

  182. Rob says:

    Brian, fullbacks aren’t ment to get tons of yardage.

  183. Rusty says:

    I found this site today. Thanks guys for good discussion. I don’t claim to be smarter than Farmer/Pettine, but I may be wiser than Banner/Lombardi.

    The Media seems to be obsessed with the Browns drafting a QB this year. To me, if the choice is between drafting your QB then building the team around him, or building the team then adding the QB, I choose the latter. The QBs in this draft don’t wow me. Bridgewater will be good and could be great if he can stay healthy but his thin frame is a worry. Bortles has the size and tools, but he doesn’t have skills yet. If he develops them, he could be the best in this class, but there’s no guarantee he will. Manziel will either be great or high mediocre, there is no in between with him, and that is too big a risk for early first round. Carr was high on my list until USC exposed his flaws in the Las Vegas Bowl. I still like him better than Manziel and maybe Bortles.

    The QB class for 2015 already looks better than this years; Marcus Mariota and Brett Hundley are both big strong guys who were in the discussion earlier but chose to return to college. There are a couple of freshmen who will be eligible for the 2015 draft, Jameis Winston and Trevor Knight (lead OK over AL in the Sugar Bowl) could eclipse them if they can repeat as sophomores. And, of course, more choices will emerge as that draft approaches.

    My point of all this is that I don’t think drafting a QB with the #4 pick is the best way to go. I like either Watkins or trading down for more picks in this very talented (outside of QB) class, or maybe a 1st round pick in the ’15 draft to move up for a QB then. I would be fine with Garoppolo, McCarron, Mettenberger, Shaw, or Renner in the mid rounds this year as a solid backup for Moyer and a latter franchise QB down the road. Heck, we can pick up Kenny Guiton as an undrafted FA. His college major was backup QB.

    We have many holes to fill and this is the draft to gather as much talent as we can. Lets see how free agency goes, then I’ll have a better idea of who I want to see the Browns pick in the draft.

  184. Rob says:

    Mock draft for browns
    1. Sammy Watkins
    1b. Derek Carr
    2. David Yanky
    2b. Carlos Hyde
    3b. Bradly Roby
    4b. Chris Boyd
    6. Devin kennard
    7. Kadeem Edwards
    Up for suggestions and obviously my draft board will change by the draft

    • Brian says:

      We obviously don’t agree with Chris Ogbonnaya . I agree their not big yardage guys. But over a 4 year span an 1 TD isn’t good by any means. But anyhow, I do agree with your mock draft an I would say probably the best one I’ve seen yet

    • Erik Bartley says:

      Roby will go in the second rd. but I like. I only want to say one thing, I don’t like any qb at the forth pick; but if these scouts know anything differently then we do and there is a top ten qb here I think we should get.

    • Rusty says:

      It took me a while to research the names I didn’t know (Boyd, Kennard, and Edwards.) I like this list, and think if they could pull it off, it would likely be a winning draft. Of course, only time will tell for sure. Yanky is ranked by many as the to OG in the draft, as is Hyde at RB. Both will probably go in the 2nd, so getting both would be lucky. Other than that, I’m a little concerned it doesn’t address ILB until the 6th, but I have no argument with any of the selections before that.

  185. Lakota Wolf says:

    Kahlia Mack 1st

    LSU WR Odell Beckham Jr.
    Florida State WR Kelvin Benjamin
    Dante CookWr
    Ohio State CB Bradley Roby

    2nd Dereck Carr or Grapopollo

  186. Louis says:

    I don’t know why mike thinks Watkins is gonna be a successful day one starter. The dude route tree is not up to pair at the moment. He’s most Likely gonna have a year like Cordarrelle Patterson did. The has more realistic mock draft, get the tackle from Auburn. That dude has way more talent and upside then Watkins. And can be move groom for the left tackle. Just in case Thomas is to much to resign.

    • Louis says:

      I forgot to add the fin, when I referred to the other mock draft

    • Erik Bartley says:

      We would have the best line in the game, and grab a free agent wide receiver, even though there are no 1 wr there are a few good number two wr.

      • The_Fin says:

        I dont know about the best line in the game bit adding Robinson and Gabe Jackson woukd make us able to actually executeca play on a consistent level. Running the ball would suddenly start happening…teams would actuallh have to “stack the box” against us to slow down the run…what ms that do for guys like Gordon and Cameron when they are putting an extra man in the box? How would it effect the play actio pass?? I just want a RESPECTED running attack and formidable pocket from which to execute…Im having a REALLY tough time understanding how that makes me an idiot lol.

  187. Mike says:

    Ok why is he being compared to AJ GREEN AND JOSH GORDON.Watkins is not only great at catching the ball he’s a good at blocking in the run game.He’s a complete player .And Greg Robinson is in no way a better than Watkins.They say he’s more polished as a run blocker than he is in pass protection.Witch is not a bad thing the guy is a beast.But better than Watkins tell me where you read about this or seen this I like to se this.Or is this your opinion.? Mine is from the Combine , ESPN, MOCK DRAFTS, AND MOST SCOUTS.PLUS I WATCHED A LOT OF THEIR GAMES EATKINS IS A BEAST.

    • Mike says:

      Louis you and Fin need to chec k out the site Orange and brown report and see what Coach PettIne says about Watkins.look Watkins Combine Report .

      • The_Fin says:

        Coaches show interest in all kinds of first round talents this time of yearas to not show their hand before draft day. Makes your picks a little more valuable I guess if nobody knows exactly what you are going to do with it I guess. But I wouldnt hold much reguard for what Pettine says about prospects in March. Lol…and where have you seen that Watkins can run block?? He dedinitely DOESN’T do a whole lot of that to be exact. And Louis was right about his poor routes…he relys heavily on his quickness to get open…he will need years, as do ALL WRs, to develope. I love you ALL CAP rants Mike…and your explanation of teams approach to the draft was stupid, I was just driving and didnt get a proper chance to point thst out…I would hope that my front office is selecting guys in EVERY round that their research and scouting says they can one day start and be immediate contributors somewhere on this football team. There is TALENT in the later rounds of every draft Mike…its not so rare that you find starters in rounds 4-7 man…hell the team that just won the Super Bowl this season alone makes you sound dumb…they became CONTENDERS by finding 5 STARTERS and 2 contributors in one single draft…MOST starting CBs in the league are from later rounds…look it up…you are a know it man.

        • The_Fin says:

          Know it all ;-)

          • Mike says:

            Dude you are the dumbest and dont know nithing about football.Those are the terms they use to break down the talent the round the player is projected to be in.DUMB ASS.That way they dont pay every player top dollar DUMB ASS..Every round has its dollar value DUMB ASS.Its the same methed they use to pay the players their salery every year.Your starters get paid the bigger salery the back ups get paid less and your bench warmers get paid the bare min.DUMB ASS.But yea your idea is better or should I say DUMB ASS THINKING WE SHOULD JUST MAKE A 1ST ROUND AND PAY TOP DOLLAR TO ALL.DO YOU KNOW WHAT A SALERY CAP IS FIN.Just a few years back they put a salery on the projected rounds becaus players coming out of the draft was getting paid more than the Vets.Its just like we have a class when we pay our taxes.Those TERMS are call HIGH CLASS ,MIDDLE CLASS, LOW CLASS.And I dont thimk im a know it all and I in dont judge everybodies mock draft I dont pick it apart like you do.You have to tell every body they are wrong .I can agree withevery bodies draft on here except yours .DUMB ASS

        • Mike says:

          Ok I get it now we should start drafting our players we have projected in the 7th round first and work our way backwards .Because that where all the talent is..Fin you are a smart man whydont all teams do this……….DUMB ASS
          If you read it again I said you do find day 1 starters in the later rounds.I was just trying to break it down in dummy terms so you can lear about the game of football.

          • Erik Bartley says:

            Arguing about a mock draft, damn. I would say nobodies wrong. At this point neither of use are scouts. I don’t know how to scout as good as these top guys who do and it’s why they get paid. I like each draft, I would prefer the one that has the least bust in it. We need a rg and rt, and yes we need a wr. I would go with either. But we only can get one, and take the player on talent. I’ll take the player who is better. We need both position, I want who is better.

          • The_Fin says:

            You dont even make since dumbass. The arguement was that drafting a cornerback early would be a wasted pick…how does any of that stuff you just said pertain to that arguement? I live seeing how I get under your skin so bad too lol.

  188. Rob says:

    So mike do u agree with my mock draft?

    • Mike says:

      Yes You have playmakers in the top 3 rounds.Isee nothing wrong with it.Love the Watkins pick and Yankey.

    • Rusty says:

      I suspect you won’t be able to get both Yanky and Hyde

      • Rusty says:

        Sorry, cat jumped on my computer…I suspect you won’t be able to get both Yanky and Hyde in the 2nd round. Both may be there at 35, but I can’t believe they will last much longer.

  189. Rob says:

    If we take Watkins with our fourth round pick then that in its self helps the o line because it makes defensive players have to back off the line so there would be less blitzes and that also helps any quarter back out ther on time to through and on having a quay open and it’ll help the defense by keeping them off the field. Go Watkins go Watkins go Watkins. No one better say anything against taking Watkins or they will be shunned.

    • The_Fin says:

      How in the hell do you suppose that drafting a guy that makes us MORE likely to pass the ball on offense is going to help cause defenses to back off?? If Im an opposing defensive coordinator Im dialing up Blitztes to cut down the time these “speedy receivers” have to get vertical before the QB has to get rid of it. Gordon got better on his underneath and crossing patterns last season…but Watkins certainly hasnt shown a knack for running these routrs, which help to keep the blitz in check on passing downs. Arent you tired of watching games where you just wish the other team would quit blitzing just for one series so we could sctually do something…or god forbid our oline actually be able to stiffle it…I certainly am…again I ask, how is Watkins gonna stop defenses from getting to our QB before hes able to get open and even get the ball in his hands…and if you think hes just gonna blow by.guys off the line in the NFL youvare dreaming…and he doesnthave a whole lot of size to keep these long defenders that has become the trends hands off him at the point of attack…there certainly was nothing that popped of charts at the combine to support any theory that he would have these abilities from day one…guys like Robinson and Gabe Jackson will be shovin even the guy that hands them the pen to sign their contracts to the ground. Day one…they start AND actually make us improve from day one.

      • Mike says:


  190. Rob says:

    Guy not quay

  191. The_Fin says:

    Oh yeah…and before I forget guys…a little plus sign on a stick today told me that Im gonna be a daddy come November…so in about 21 years we will DEFINITELY have our franchise QB ;-)

  192. Rob says:

    Fin ur stupid, if they blitz more people then who’s gona be covering the wide receivers, and now they wouldn’t be able to double team Gordon, it all becomes a one on one match up and by watching film, Gordon wins one on one match ups. Oh and congrats on the kid but what if it’s a girl? How will she be the franchise qb. Either way congrats!

    • The_Fin says:

      Linebackers and Safeties arent covering Gordon and Watkins (if we draft him). The fact that he doesnt run clean routes to get open hurts us against the blitz. Im not seeing how you get that thats stupid. It doesnt matter how good the recevers are if our line cant handle the blitz long enough to get it out to them. And Gordon was a beast, for the most part, on garbage time last season…games wereal ready out of reach during the most of his big plays…it was fun to watch and gives us finally SOMETHING to bragg about…but hes not the kind of uncontainable animal youre making him out to be…Gordons a good receiver yes…but uncoverableisnt the reality…and the BEST defense to a vertical pasing game IS pressure on the QB so why wouldnt they send extra guys on the blitz against us?? Its not like we can stop it…and teams already know that. Deep routes take time to develope. So the blitz that doesnt get picked up kills the play BEFORE Hordon anf Watkins can open…putting us in third and long, unable to convert, and throws our defense in a very grueling situation…we need quality BLOCKERS to win football games…football STARTS with blocking…and THATS your lesson for the day boys. Also…if we havent found that QB in the next 21 years then by then they will prolly be ready to giveva daughter a shot lol

  193. Joe Harper says:

    1st Round Pick:Sammy Watkins WR Clemson
    1st Round Pick (IND): Zach Martin OT ND
    2nd Round Pick: Trade to Washington for Kirk Cousins – cut or trade Brandon Weeden, and cut or trade Jason Campbell
    3rd Round Pick: Carl Bradford OLB AZ
    3rd Round Pick (PIT): AJ McCarron QB Alabama
    4th Round Pick: Charles Simms RB WV
    4th Round Pick (IND): Justin Ellis DT Louisiana Tech
    5th Round Pick: Bennett Jackson CB ND
    6th Round Pick: Hakeem Smith SS Louisville
    7th Round Pick: Max Bullough ILB MI State

    I would sign Alex Mack, and try to pick up a decent RB in free agency.

  194. Rob says:

    Then simply if he wasn’t that good then why was he always double covered?

    • The_Fin says:

      I never said he isnt that good…I said alot of his big plays last year came in garbage time. How many games did we win last season relying on the vertical passing game??? Draft Watkins and we STILL have defenders draped on our QB trying to get the ball out to him.

      • Tbone says:

        Thats one thing Hoyer did well. He made them pay. Got rid of the ball quickly. Threw receivers open. Its all a chess game. Browns just need decent qb play. That makes everything look better. It opens up the run game,keeps em honest. Defenses will always load the box and blitz the browns because of our qb situation and until that changes, this argument comes down to personal preference.

        • Tbone says:

          Look at Houston. Great Oline. Top receiver. Top TE. Good run game. Bad qb play. First pick in the draft.

          • The_Fin says:

            Houston teally tapered off on both sides of the ball this season. They are in good shape though because of that line to take a swing on one of thes top three QBs. They get the pick right and they go back to playoff contendenders almost instantly. But they been RUNNING the ball for years now successfully and have been in the mix a few times because of it. They had a bunch of injuries this season and the deterioration of ED Reed REALLY put a chink on the armor of that defense…didnt they lose kushing to injuty too??

    • Erik Bartley says:

      He is good but he was double covered because our second string wide receiver was that bad

  195. Jesse says:

    Re-Sign Alex Mack and T.J. Ward.
    Sign Jon Asamoah (OG) and Sam Shields (CB).
    1st Round Pick: Sammy Watkins (WR)
    1st Round Pick (IND): Derek Carr (QB)
    2nd Round Pick: Bishop Sankey (RB)
    3rd Round Pick: Shayne Skov (ILB)
    3rd Round Pick (PIT): Charles Sims (RB)
    4th Round Pick: Marcel Jensen (TE)
    4th Round Pick (IND): Yawin Smallwood (ILB)
    5th Round Pick: Ryan Groy (OG)
    6th Round Pick: L’Damian Washington (WR)
    7th Round Pick: Anthony Fera (K)

    • Tbone says:

      Nice draft Jesse but first time head coaches paired with a rookie gm generally are uber conservative so a rb 3rd overall let alone 2 in the first three rounds might not happen.

    • The_Fin says:

      Carr is scary pick for me…bit the guy is undeniabley the most NFL ready QB in draft. He comes from the same stock as his brother though…can he handle the pressure? Are we the team (after Weeden) that should roll thedice to find out? I like Skov alot..to me, he is the stud of Stanford in this years draft…I had to sacrafice him for a receiver in my draft…I think you will be a liitle late to scoop Smallwood…but hed be a steal if hes there with our second four for sure. Who would you pkay at right tackle is my only question.

      • Jesse says:

        I’d still play Schwartz at RT for now. He played well his rookie year, then regressed his second. Give him a chance make adjustments and improve. If not, give Chris Faulk a try.

        • The_Fin says:

          Ok…but if youre gonna give Schwartz another go a Right Tackle at LEAST insist that he change his name to no feet mcgee lol

        • Mike says:

          I think Schwartz would play better with a solid gard next to him.But We need to draft a nother tackle to push him .

          • The_Fin says:

            Poor guard play beside him though has nothing to do with him getting blown off the edge like he does…it does however, have something to do with the ensuing sack once our QB steps up in the pocket to avoid “No Feet McGee’s” man…lol…so yeah mayne at least a good guard beside him would make less of his mistakes so costly…but hes gettin beat in this league…that wont change

      • Erik Bartley says:

        Pressure can’t be teached, u either are fine with pressure or your not, that’s what worries me about carr. U can teach, how to make certain throws. But your either scared or not, I hope we can remove the fear.

        • The_Fin says:

          I think Carr is talented bit from weak willed stock. His nerve is probably already broken…them Carr boys is fragile ya know

  196. Tbone says:

    Yes, Houston had injuries as every team does, my point being you can draft whatever you want but it won’t mean anything if the guy touching the ball every snap crackles and pops. Cereal pun. Congrats on the new browns fan Fin.

  197. Anthony says:

    I agree with Jesse
    Resign Mack and Ward
    Sign Jon Asamoah OG & Sam Shields CB
    Sign back Phil Dawson!

    1st Round Pick: Sammy Watkins (WR)
    1st Round Pick (IND): C.J, Mosley (ILB)
    2nd Round Pick: Carlos Hyde (RB)
    3rd Round Pick: Cyril Richardson (OG)
    3rd Round Pick (PIT): AJ Mccarron (QB)
    4th Round Pick: Max Bullough (ILB)
    4th Round Pick (IND): Stanley Jean Baptiste (CB) Nebraska
    5th Round Pick: Jay Prosch (FB) Auburn
    6th Round Pick: L’Damian Washington (WR)
    7th Round Pick: Kirby Vanderkamp (P)

  198. Mike says:

    Awsome mock draft love the Watkins MosleyBullough pick.

  199. The_Fin says:

    Mosely wont still be there at 26 though…It would be awsome if we were though

  200. Benji555 says:

    Resign Mack and Ward.
    Sign Jon Asamoah (OG), Sam Shields (CB), Donald Butler (ILB) and Julian Edelman (WR)

    1st Round Pick: Sammy Watkins
    1st Round Pick (IND): C.J. Mosely
    2nd Round Pick: Carlos Hyde

    So this is what the offense would look like:

    QB: Brian Hoyer
    RB: Carlos Hyde
    WR: Josh Gordon
    WR: Sammy Watkins
    WR: Julian Edelman
    TE: Jordan Cameron
    LT: Joe Thomas
    LG: John Greco
    C: Alex Mack
    RG: Jon Asamoah
    RT: Mitchell Shwartz

    That would be a great offense. We could power it up the middle with Hyde or go over the top with Gordon, Watkins or Edelman.

    • Benji555 says:

      Actually I have a better idea.

      Resign Mack and Ward.
      Sign Jon Asamoah (OG), Sam Shields (CB), Donald Butler (ILB) and Julian Edelman (WR)

      1st Round Pick: Sammy Watkins
      Trade our second first round pick and our second third round pick to the rams for the second pick overall and take Johnny Manziel.
      2nd Round Pick: Carlos Hyde

      So this is what the offense would look like:

      QB: Johnny Manziel
      RB: Carlos Hyde
      WR: Josh Gordon
      WR: Sammy Watkins
      WR: Julian Edelman
      TE: Jordan Cameron
      LT: Joe Thomas
      LG: John Greco
      C: Alex Mack
      RG: Jon Asamoah
      RT: Mitchell Shwartz

      That would be a great offense. We could power it up the middle with Hyde or go over the top with Gordon, Watkins or Edelman.

      • Anthony says:

        Donald Butler already has gotten resigned.

        To get the second round pick we would need 2600 points..

        Our second First round + second third round = ~1000 points, in theory we would need to also trade second round pick and third and one late round to make your trade happen.
        i.e. it’s not going to happen.. sorry

        • Benji555 says:

          Resign Mack and Ward.
          Sign Jon Asamoah (OG), Sam Shields (CB), Jairus Byrd (FS) and Julian Edelman (WR)

          1st Round Pick: Sammy Watkins
          Trade our second first round pick, our second third round pick and our second fourth round pick to the Rams for the second pick overall and take Johnny Manziel.
          2nd Round Pick: Carlos Hyde
          3rd Round: Chris Boreland

          So this is what the offense would look like:

          QB: Johnny Manziel
          RB: Carlos Hyde
          WR: Josh Gordon
          WR: Sammy Watkins
          WR: Julian Edelman
          TE: Jordan Cameron
          LT: Joe Thomas
          LG: John Greco
          C: Alex Mack
          RG: Jon Asamoah
          RT: Mitchell Shwartz

          That would be a great offense. We could power it up the middle with Hyde or go over the top with Gordon, Watkins or Edelman.

          This is what the defense would look like.
          Im not really sure about the front three, any suggestions?
          ROLB: Barkevious Mingo
          ILB: Chris Boreland
          ILB: Any suggestions?
          LOLB: Paul Kruger
          CB: Sam Shields
          FS: Jairus Byrd
          SS: T.J. Ward
          CB: Joe Haden

          That is an amazing secondary, I could use some help with the defensive line, don’t know much about that.

        • The_Fin says:

          These guys that posting these drafy pick tradz obvioysly have no clue about the chart you are referring to mban. We dont need to move up in this draft anyways…unless.its with the 26th pick to move ip into CJ Mosely territory

  201. Titus Dawg says:

    Benji555, I love that scenario, makes alot of sense…the Browns cannot whiff at another first round QB! Not sure about Edelman however, he may demand too much money, but looking for a 3rd WR is a must. Go after E. Sanders from the Steelers! Hopefully the Browns sign Ben Tate in FA and get a shut down CB in the second round!

  202. Rob says:

    1 Sammy Watkins
    1 khalil Mack
    2 Derek Carr
    2 carlos Hyde
    4 Stanley baptiste
    7 Kadeem Edwards
    Trade with the rams our second first round pick and second third round pick for number two over all, trade our first third round pick, first fourth round pick and fith round pick for an early 2nd round pick
    Just an option, not really what I want to do, just an idea, open for good and bad criticism. I like my last mock better.

    • Brian says:

      With all the latest hype, Carr will never make it to the 2nd rd. lately they have been talking him up an putting him in the first rd. I do like Carr more than Johnny football. With all the picks we have this year, I WOULD NOT trade up or down in this draft. I would pick the best player available for what we need him for. We have some really nice picks this year an I expect probably at least 2 Big FA signings this year. We can all speculate, but until it happens, none of us know. As I said previously, I figured they would tag Mack an not Ward. I just hope they get it right.

  203. The_Fin says:

    Khalil Mack is off the board in the top ten rounds of this draft

  204. Benji555 says:

    Resign Mack and Ward.
    Sign Jon Asamoah (OG), Sam Shields (CB), Jairus Byrd (FS) and Julian Edelman (WR)

    1st Round Pick: Sammy Watkins
    1st Round Pick (IND): Derrick Carr
    2nd Round Pick: Carlos Hyde
    3rd Round: Chris Boreland

    So this is what the offense would look like:

    QB: Derrick Carr
    RB: Carlos Hyde
    WR: Josh Gordon
    WR: Sammy Watkins
    WR: Julian Edelman
    TE: Jordan Cameron
    LT: Joe Thomas
    LG: John Greco
    C: Alex Mack
    RG: Jon Asamoah
    RT: Mitchell Shwartz

    That would be a great offense. We could power it up the middle with Hyde or go over the top with Gordon, Watkins or Edelman.

    This is what the defense would look like.
    Im not really sure about the front three, any suggestions?
    ROLB: Barkevious Mingo
    ILB: Chris Boreland
    ILB: Any suggestions?
    LOLB: Paul Kruger
    CB: Sam Shields
    FS: Jairus Byrd
    SS: T.J. Ward
    CB: Joe Haden

    That is an amazing secondary, I could use some help with the defensive line, don’t know much about that.

  205. Rob says:

    D line for benji555
    Athba Rubin
    Billy Winn
    And Hughes
    Those are our current defensive lineman and Craig Robertson is the missing linebacker in ur starting line. (That we currently have)

  206. Rob says:

    Another really good Ilb that we currently have is kitchen. He’s young and looks promising.

  207. Rob says:

    Looks like browns are interested in Khalil Mack, mike pettine was at his pro day along with raiders gm.

    • The_Fin says:

      I think the draft will go this way:
      1.) Texans take Bortles
      2.) Rams take Robinson
      3.) Jags take Clowney

      If thats case…I TOTALLY support taking Mack at four…in fact hes the ONLY player I would consider worthy of being the fourth overall selection if both Greg Robinson and Clowney are off the board.

      Now I HOPE that we are able to really sell the idea that we are interested in one of the QBs…this would make the Raiders very likely to be willing to leap frog us to draft one. Jacksonville is another team that one coukd expect to go QB…so all this being considered, Oakland just might be compelled to throw their kitchen sink at St. Louis’s #2 overall…and St. Louis just might be willing to accept their offer…despite the chance that lose their targeted player (Greg Robinson) to us. Which of course, Id hope we WOULD take Robinson at 4 in that scenario…then the Rams almost undoubtedly take Mack at #5 overall…so it could look like…
      1.) Texans take Bortles
      2.) Raiders take Manziel (via trade with Rams)
      3.) Jaguars take Clowney
      4.) Browns take Robinson

      Another point of interest is the Vikings need for a QB. If the first scenario I laid out is how the first three picks go then two of the top 3 qbs will be their when we pick…they could come calling for that fourth selection to draft themselves a “franchise” qb lol…If they hit us with an offer…I would take it, drop back to 8 overall and select CJ Mosely if Khalil Mack is not there.

      • Joe Harper says:

        Watkins is like AJ Green and Julio Jones – good use of a high first rounder for an offensive skill position. I will admit the draft is pretty deep at WR, but I believe Watkins will make the Pro Bowl 5-8 times before he is through. He has a solid body, is fast, great cuts, and most importantly – and what Cleveland is lacking – catches the ball. Do you remember the number of critical drops we had last year? This is one of the best way to help a mediocre QB core. Since there are no immediate game changers at the QB position in the draft – best to go the game changer WR route. Just MHO.

        • The_Fin says:

          Im not seeing how Watkins keeps drawing AJ Green comparisons…they are two.COMPLETELY different receivers. Watkins relys heavily on his blazing speed to get open. Hes only 6’1″ people. AJ Green is 6’4″ and has always been known for his fluid route running ability with very little decceleration going in and out of his breaks, greens hands are like glue and has a knack for hauling in even the worst of passes…this isnt an ability Watkins has ever flashed in college…I have NO CLUE how he being accused of having AJ green like hands. Watkins relys totally on his blazing speed and quickness to get open. He gets alot of screen plays andhe is NOT the presents over the middle of the field the AJ Green is. He is a REACH at 4. You are drafting a one trick pony when selecting Watkins..and juat as we was dissapointed the last time we took a receiver in the top five…so will we be this time. Watkins is going to have trouble being consiatent in the NFL until his routes get better…EVERYBODY he will face has blazing speed and quickness…hes gonna need more than that gain an edge noteworthy enough to justify a FOURTH OVERALL SELECTION ppl. nd Julio Jones is 6’3″ 229…hes a different animal than Watkins as well…Watkins reminds me more of a Torre Smith…who aint bad…but is a one trick piny.in his own right with all that speed…but not a game dominating receiver.

          • The_Fin says:

            How much did picking up Justin Blackmon help the Jaguars offense. Lol…they are proof that drafting standout receivers before you can.protect your QB isca MISTAKE. And with that I officially rest my case. We need to pass on Watkins at 4.

          • Erik Bartley says:

            I agree, pass on Watkins, we already have a number one wr. It would help to have Watkins there but I believe we can get another wr later that would be helpful. I believe Watkins is worthy of a selection of twelve; but four would be a reach. I would take Mack or robinson. I solid line we would get the run going. Opening play action and more. Lets get the right side of the line fix. If we have the best line in the game. We would have a huge advantage. I remember the online blocking for emit smith in the 90s for Dallas. Emit was a great running back, but if he didn’t have the Oline he would not of hit all those records. Plus the Oline will give the qb more time.

          • Mike says:

            Watkins 6’1 205 …240 Rec…3391 YDS …14.1YDS/REC…..27 TDS in 3 Years.
            Jags oline sucks way worst than ours and cant make up their mind on a Qb poor oline poor QB ONE GOOD WR THEY HAD NO OFENCE NONE ZERO ZIP NOTHING.Look at what we had on offence with tis poor line no qb and one WR.I say our oline is better than you make it out to be.Hoyer is a winner.Camble is a backup Weedumb Who..I beleive Camble held on to the ball to long cant read the defence or routs .Im 100% sure we can win with Hoyer Watkins and a up grade at Right G.And a OT to push for a spot at RT.

          • The_Fin says:

            Cowboys won THREE superbowls thanks to that oline…Mike here keeps talking about “playmakers” he clearly doesnt understand who the “play creaters” are lol. Mack.would be a MUCH wiser selection than Watkins…if Cliwney and Robinson both are not there at 4.

          • The_Fin says:

            How do you explain Watkins sophmore season if he is such an un containable stud?? It was very dissapointing…especially for a potential 4th overall selections….Im looking at these guys you all are comparing him to and Im not seeing where their production ever fell off for a season like his did…AJ Green certainly has never had a dissapointing season since college…Julio Jones has been consustent too apart from his injury riddled year last season. The fact that Watkins has tanked already before in his career throws enough.red flags for me to not want him…thats not the type of production I want from #4 pick…its too high a selection for a guy with such a WEAK reseme

      • Brian says:

        WR is not the only position that is deep this year in the draft. OFfense an Defense is very deep as well. I still don’t think we should trade up or back. The QB class may not be the best this year, but there is some talent there. I think Watkins is the best 1st pick for us at this point. Then QB. I know, a few are going to complain about the Oline an we need to address that first. Well, don’t forget FA…. There’s lots of talent there too. We will fill holes with FA, so don’t be surprised if Watkins is the first pick an not an Oline player.

        • Rusty says:

          To me, the QB class being shallow this year is an argument FOR trading down. If the Viks want to trade up to 4 to grab a QB and offer a 1 next year, gives us flexibility to trade up for one of next year’s crop, which should include Mariota, Hundley, and Winston along with others who emerge (Knight, Petty?).

          • The_Fin says:

            Thats why I wamt Greg Robinson at 4 then Gabe Jackson (G) Mississippi State at 26th overall..then we can TRULY protect Mariota next season after we draft him. Add Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt in the third round this year. I like Garrapolo with our second rounder…but would not be upset if we scoop a linebacker with that selection.

          • Erik Bartley says:

            Qb is not weak and it’s not strong. I guarantee one of the three will do great. But which one, no clue

          • Rusty says:

            If we have any hope of landing one of next year’s top QB’s, we have to have trade up options…or we should be planning to intentionally tank the season from the start. I would at least think about trading down from 4 if we can get someone’s 1 for next year. If we load up on talent this year and enter 2015 draft with 2-1′s to trade up and land the best available QB, this team has a bright 2015-2020. I am opposed to trading up this year, we have too many needs and a wealth of picks to address them. I say target a solid understudy now and worry about the franchise QB next year.

            My thoughts are trade down and target Evans, Beckham, Lee or Cooks at WR; Matthews, Lewan, or Yanky for the Oline; or one of the myriad of top defensive options. We have so many needs, we can afford to take the best available player regardless of position. But come away with trade up ammo for next year.

          • The_Fin says:

            Im not talking about tanking the season…Im just sayin if we draft the protection this year we can justify throwing the kitchen sink at drafting a franchise QB next year…even if we have to offer up our first rounder for2016 I woukd go get Mariota.

          • Erik Bartley says:

            Plus are Oline will be getting old here soon. We need some new blood who doesn’t cost that much. Even the age of the Oline.

  208. Rob says:

    Only thing I can think of to say right now is that I don’t want the browns to take bridgewater, mainly because he’s not gona be much different in the nfl than how he played in college, he doesn’t have as much room to grow as the other quarterbacks . I would much rather have Carr or Bortles.or even gorappolo .

    • Rob says:

      At the other quarterbacks (do)

      • The_Fin says:

        Hes too damn little to put back there in Cleveland

        • The_Fin says:

          He sees the field though…at least he always did in Louisville. I think he will be a good qb for somebody…but we are too hard on young QBs here to have one become successful. A QB must have THICK skin to hold up to the critisism he will get in a Browns uniform

  209. The_Fin says:

    And dont sleep on Travis Benjiman. I look for him to really step up this season as contibutor from the slot. Hes so dynamic, you need only to create opportnities for the little guy. Creative ways to get Travis Benjiman would pay huge dividends for us…its already proven true thus far. Hell Im callng it now…Travis Benjiman will be comeback player of the year this season. His injury hurt us more than.people really realize

  210. Mike says:

    We just let go of Bess I see Little on his way out to.Guys our WR core sucks more than any other unit on our team.And is very thin with only one starter Gordon.Pettine Really values Hoyer as our starter I don’t see us drafting a QB In the 1st or 2nd round.My Mock changed again and will keep changing as more cuts and affter FA IS OVER up till the draft.
    1…David Yankey….can play G/OT/..Zack Martin
    2..Odell Beckham JR/brandon cooks…..Wr
    3…Chris Borland ILB…/Yawinn Smallwood..ILB
    3..Antonio Richerdson…OT..moving up the boards hope he’s there.
    4…Tre mason RB
    4…Max Bullough …ILB
    5..David Fales / Logan Thomas…QB
    I didn’t pick a Qb high this time I see us going in FA HERE ARE MY PICKS.
    Good back up..QB
    Jason Avont..WR..
    Sam Sheilds …CB

    • Benji555 says:

      I’ve been reading all over the place that the browns might not resign Ward. If they don’t Pettine and Farmer are making a serious mistake. Ward had 130 tackles and 2 interceptions this year. He is a key player and leader on the defense and the Browns need him.

    • Rusty says:

      Good thought process. I’m not in total agreement, but I like the approach.

    • Tbone says:

      March 11 can’t get here soon enough. The free agency period would certainly clear up a few things.

  211. The_Fin says:

    Pettine is going to help us land Jarius Byrd I suppose. Hes a hell of a talent…but Ward has made such great strides here in Cleveland its hard to stache letting him just walk. Im torn on the subject of safety.

    • Benji555 says:

      Byrd is a free safety. It would be nice if we could re-sign Ward and pick up Byrd, that would be an amazing duo.

      • The_Fin says:

        FS…SS…doesnt matter…if Byrds on the roster…Ward is expendable in the eyes of Pettine. They do make a giod pair and have played together before back at Oregon is one thing remember…lol…theres even a decent amount of reasons they might both land in Philidelphia…Byrd played at Oregon while Chip Kelly was the OC there and Wards final season was Kelleys first year as head coach. So a reunion that both the Browns AND the Bills end up on the losing end of could be in the works here…and lord I hope not…Im happy with either/ or…if not both.

      • Erik Bartley says:

        We won’t infest twenty million in safety, we might sign both if they cost 7.5 million each. But ten million each. I’ll be happy with just one.

  212. Mike says:

    If Ward don’t sign and we don’t have a winning season Hayden will leave when his time comes.We have to get this draft right.

  213. The_Fin says:

    Either way if we land Byrd it lessons the need for a CB even further cause he is a quality cover safety.

    • The_Fin says:

      Just to clarify I was referring to repkacing Skrine as number two not resigning Haden. Byrds presents has no bearing on our need forvHaden…but he canhelp Skrine out enough over the top to where it shouldnt be as pressing an issue to replace him with an expensive fa or high draft pick.

  214. Brian says:

    The latest news on Cleveland that I just read. Cleveland refused any talks to any QBS at the combine. This makes me think that if they are interested in a QB , they don’t want to give away which one it is. But at this point I don’t see them draft any QB at their 1st overall pick in the draft. D’Quell Jackson just signed a 4 year deal with the Colts. I still expect a couple huge FA signings this year when FA starts . Hopefully they don’t wait till most top FA are gone, like usual. I guess we will see what happens.

  215. Benji555 says:

    Resign Mack and Ward.
    Sign Jon Asamoah (OG), Sam Shields (CB), Jairus Byrd (FS) and Julian Edelman (WR)

    1st Round Pick: Sammy Watkins
    1st Round Pick (IND): David Yankey
    2nd Round Pick: Carlos Hyde
    3rd Round Pick: Chris Borland

    I tried to mix it up and not take a QB early and I think it went well.

    • Tbone says:

      Just a few thoughts Benji555. I think Mack is back but we might have to let Ward go. Asamoah, Shields, Byrd are doable but they won’t pay for Edelman. I don’t think they draft RB 3rd overall and even though Borland is a beast he doesn’t seem to fit the “hybrid” kind of LB their looking for plus he won’t contribute right away like you would expect from someone you draft that high.

  216. megabrown says:

    Mock draft in progress…

    Round 1 Jake Matthews
    Round 1 Odell Beckham
    Round 2 Gabe Jackson
    Round 3 Telvin Smith
    Round 3 Lamin Barrow
    Round 4 Zach Mettenberger (risky pick but could end up being a steal…good pocket presence)
    Round 4 Andre Williams
    Round 5 Charles Sims
    Round 6 Aaron Colvin
    Round 7 L’Damian Washington

  217. Brian says:

    Today Cleveland is looking at Watkins an tomorrow they are looking at Hyde. I would like them both to be on Cleveland’s roster next year

  218. The_Fin says:

    If we get Hyde with our second third rounder or later I would not be opposed…lol…if Watkins falls to.round two or later…I would not be opposed…

  219. Benji555 says:

    I swear if they don’t resign Ward I will go insane. He is too good to let him loose and he wants to stay in Cleveland. I get it Pettine likes Byrd, but Ward is a leader on the defense. They should re-sign Ward and also sign Byrd because that duo would be excellent.

    • Tbone says:

      It would be nice but no team will devote that much money to the safety position. Ward is not a ball hawking safety he is more of a hitter. Good player but not what these guys are looking for.

    • Drew says:

      ward is a great run support safety but isn’t efficient enough in coverage. besides mack is the main target right now and it seems that pettine really wants byrd who is going to cost top dollar. ward will only come back at the right price but i dont think they’ll be able to agree.

      • The_Fin says:

        Ward has QUIETLY become effective in coverage during his time here on Cleveland. He played like a Top 5 safety this past season. No way we land them both.

  220. Rob says:

    Does anyone think ward would be good in th ilb position? He already has lined up ther before with some success, he’s not a great deep coverage guy so I think he’d be better in the middle plus he has the hard hitting trait of a linebacker. Then we could make it more likely to have ward and Byrd.

    • The_Fin says:

      The few times he lined up there it was passing situations and he either blitzed or dropped into zone coverage. Im starting to lean towards letting him walk…pick up Jarius Bird and draft Dion Bailey from USC who has a very unique skills set at safety. Hes one of those hybrid players who played a full season at outside linebacker…but what I love best is he as ED Reed type ball skills…meaming once he he creates a turnover and the ball is in his hands…he has the ability to advance it. Dislpayed a knack throughout his college career for dis-lodging the ball with big hits and forcing fumbles. In this draft he could fall to a third round pick. I want to officially drop Yarwin Smallwood from my plan…the more I read combined with jis mediocre combine showing has me a lot less eager to put him in the middle of our defense.

      • Tbone says:

        This draft is a little weak at ILB. After Mosley it really drops off and I don’t know what it is, maybe its watching all these Alabama guys drafted high in the past, but I really don’t want anyone from Alabama. None of these guys will be able to contribute right away. So if they don’t address it in FA will they draft OLB and move him inside? K. Mack or R.Shazier.

    • Tbone says:

      Ward had a hard time staying healthy at safety, many thought he was a little undersized then for the way he played.

  221. Brian says:

    I would say they will probably concentrate on Defense in FA. But they better be on the ball as sonn as FA starts an not screw around as usual.

    • warreng says:

      rTrade back f clowney or mathews not their or bortels

      1.kali or even going to c.j thats builds more picks atlanta or vikings thursty for qb
      Next beckham
      Next best tackel on board
      Next qb i like mettenburger or gulasp
      Next carlos hy
      Then u fill w.e u need to fill
      Dont watkins dont mrfoozball

  222. steelersrule says:

    guys you are wasting you’re time. The browns are the worst team in the NFl. They would lose every game in the canadian league if they played there. The steelers will go undefeated, because Roethlisberger will be a beast this year.

    • Tbone says:

      Then why waste your time on a Browns site. Loser.

    • Brian says:

      What a stupid f$&king loser……… Not just because cleveland sucks…… Because you think steelers will go undefeated…… You must be the dumbest son of a bitch in the world! Oh oh steelers got 6 rings, blah blah blah………. What a moron stupid son a bitch……..

  223. Drew says:

    My Mock Draft (no trades)

    1st round 4th overall; Sammy Watkins, WR Clemson
    1st round 26th overall; Derek Carr, QB Fresno State
    2nd round 4th overall; Carlos Hyde, RB Ohio State
    3rd round; Cyril Richardson, OG Baylor
    3rd round; Bruce Ellington, WR South Carolina
    4th round; Jaylen Watkins, CB Florida
    4th round; Will Sutton, DT Arizona State
    5th round; Lamarcus Joyner, FS Florida State
    6th round; Marcus Martin, C USC
    7th round; Tre Boston, SS North Carolina

    Please reply and tell me what you think!

  224. The_Fin says:

    Heres a very nice reason to pass on Sammy Watkins…and this guy DOMINATED in the SEC…which is far more competetive than the ACC…critics were expecting a poor posting in the 40 yard dash…he ran an official 4.46 at the combine and an unofficial 4.40…so kids got wheels which contadicts basically all the cons on this scouting report. Jordan Matthews broke SEC records for receiving…and is a FAR safer pick than Watkins…http://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2014jordanmatthews.php

    • Brian says:

      He’s alright. He doesn’t suck. But can he make it in the NFL? I’m not so sure about that? Would he be a number 1? I doubt that. Will Watkins? I believe so. Watkins can grow. Will he? Who knows? Time will tell. I would bet on him though. Watkins the first cleveland browns pick? I would vote for that…..

  225. Joe Harper says:

    Sproles would be a good fit in Cleveland.
    Sproles paired with Simms – a later round pick – would upgrade the RB position tremendously.

    Cleveland lacks a dynamic scoring threat on offense.
    They drop balls in critical situations, can’t block well enough and have inaccurate, late passes coming out of the hands of all QB’s not named Hoyer.
    Picture Sammy Watkins on one side, Josh Gordon on the other.
    Jordan Cameron at TE. Sproles in the backfield.
    A QB from MI State behind the center – don’t care if its a healthy Hoyer, or a newly acquired Kirk Cousins, and a better, through the draft and resigning free agents O line.

    I don’t know about you, but I would be happier.
    I’ll bet the coach would make it into next year.

  226. The_Fin says:

    Why in the hell should we spend a 4th overall all pick on Sammy Watkons when we can get Jordan Matthews in the second round? Matthews had a far more impressive college career in a FAR more competitive conference (the SEC) Once he blew the top off the 40 at the combine there should be no queation as to whether Jordan Matthews shoukd be our top targeted WR in this draft.

    • Brian says:

      Because Watkins is an will have more talent in the NFL……

      • The_Fin says:

        How do you get that when Matthews put up a more impressive career facing SEC quality defenders?? Check their stats…numbers never lie my friend.

        • Brian says:

          Annnnnnd where is Mathews projected to go??!????????? He’s not going in the first round for a reason. Do your homework, then come back with a legitimate arguement.

          • The_Fin says:

            Yeah the reason is all the Tackles, QBs, a few pass rushers, a linebacker, a few corners, and two safeties…notthe mention all the hype surrounding Watkins and Evans…Matthews is projected to the second not for anything related to his play, football I.Q., or his physical prowless. And its jyst a myth amongst spirts writers that he isnt fast enough for the NFL.

  227. The_Fin says:

    Why REACH for a receiver at 4 overall when we can STEAL one in the second round?

  228. Mike says:

    Ok Watkins at 4 , David Yankey Or OT AT 26 then Jordan Matthews in the 2nd round.That way we have 3 DYNAMIC WR for Hoyer.It’s stupid to draft 2 olinemen in the 1st round.Talent scouts don’t even have us going for OT OR G in the 1st round.And I’m sure they know more about football and talent then you.

  229. Tbone says:

    There are several ways the draft could go that I would be happy with. Watkins, Robinson, Mathews, Bridgewaters, Bortles, Mack. I agree with Fin about Watkins, but its not a reach. He is considered a safe pick there,but there are plenty of wr’s. Don’t be surprised if they go defense with that first pick.

  230. The_Fin says:

    Since I dont believe we will get an actual chance to draft Clowney or Robinson, and because some guys increased their value while others did damage to theirs at the combine, as well as the consideration of who we have released and who all we have not yet to re-sign, I would like to make an updated version of my “draft day wishlist.”

    Again…this is with BOTH Clowney and Gregg Robinson off the board at 4.

    1.) Khalil Mack OLB (Buffalo University)
    1.) Antonio Richardson T (Tennesee)
    2.) Jordan Matthews WR (Villinova)
    3.) Dion Bailey S (USC)
    3.) Gabe Jackson G (Mississippi State)
    4.) Chris Boreland ILB (Wisconsin)
    4.) AJ McCarron QB (Alabama)
    5.) Terrence West RB (Towson)
    6.) Dontae Johnson CB (NC State)
    7.) Trey Burton FB/WR/ TE (Florida)

    • The_Fin says:

      And sign Jarius Byrd in free agency

      • Rob says:

        Also go after Sam shields in free agency, also Julian Edelman.

        • The_Fin says:

          I dont want shields or Edelman…Skrine improved well enough last season to earn another a season as the #2 corner in my opinion. I believe the meltdowns late in the season from our secondary last year came mainly due to the fact that we couldnt A.) Convert on offense and B.) Stop the run and generate an adequate pass rush on defense. I want us to focus on improving those three aspects of our team…THEN, in my opinion, we can get a proper measure of how good, or bad for that matter, we are in the secondary. Skrine last season was in the top five in targets his way and passes defended.

        • Benji555 says:

          Rob Shields was resigned today by the Packers so you need to look at someone else.

        • erik b says:

          I like shields but would rather put the money elsewere, but wouldnt be opposed to signing shields. Not to much an edelman fan, but this draft is deep. There will be players like mathews that will be available in the second rds. Were if this draft was last years he would be a late first round pick. We already have a number one wr and I hate putting a first rd pick on a number two wr.

  231. erik b says:

    Steelers are on a fall, they will not be in the playogfs next yr. The season after big ben tore his rotator cuff they have a bad yr. This will be worse, I used to 90 miles plus until I tore mine. Now I can hardly hit 80. Big ben has lost the ability to throw the long ball and for now on will be on the decline. It is inevitable, everyteam has a winning season sometime and the browns will be there soon.

  232. Rob says:

    Fin I think since our defense on average only allowed like 95 yards per game I don’t see a real big problem there. Also we only had two or three teams go over 100 yards rushing. Fin are U really a browns fan because u have the stupidest ideas for the team, no offense, but u would be the worlds worst GM ever! Plus u pretty much aren’t even picking a qb in ur mock draft because AJ Mcarron is not goin to last till the end of the 4th round. If they cut Campbell and when they cut weeded all they have left is hoyer, do u really want them to take Shaub or Vic? U yourself said not to take some bodies has beens. Ans if Jordan Mathews is so great then why would he last till the second round and why is Watkins and mike Evans rated ahead of him. Skrine didn’t improve that much plus he got burned a lot. He was top five because they usually only threw to his side, instead of Haden’s. So he got a whole lot more times to go against the pass. Also u never gave a reason why u didn’t want Edelman. Tell me why u wouldn’t take him since we only have one maybe two wide receivers right now in Gordon and maybe Benjamin, bess is gone and little is gona be gone, if we take Watkins we still need another wide receiver. Plus Benjamin is coming off an ACL tear and isn’t very big and doesn’t fight for the ball when thrown to if he’s not wide open. He’s gona be a designated punt and kickoff returner.

  233. The_Fin says:

    We were 8th in the league last season against the pass and was 18th against the rush and teams averageged 111 yds per game against us. I saw Skrine get out jumped by Fauria from Detroit Twice and once each by Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jefferies for Chicago…I didnt see him burned though. And I saw him play well dropping into zones as well…his tackling as I have mentioned before , isnt much to be desired but his ability to cover the pass and close distances while the ball is in the air is undeniable. Am I saying he is a HOF?? No…bit hes scrappy enough and he DID IMPROVE look at his numbers (his pentalties nearly vanished) enough to earn another season as our number two, so long as his performance in training camp constitutes it still. I dont feel this pressing need to go out and sign high dollar corner. Im not stupid, Im reasonable. A rationalist. And our defense agaibst the run last season…especially on THIRD DOWN where it counts…KILLED us down the stretch. What was you watching. Look up Matthews stats if you want the scoop on him its speaks for itself. He will fall to second round because of the hype surrounding Watkins and the fact that despite his stellar 40 time, the “draft experts” still think hes slow. Look him up, watch some clips of him, hes a very polished receiver in a very competetive conference.

  234. Rob says:

    Dude u can’t even get his name right ur so stupid and don’t be putting Brady up on a mountain.

  235. Rob says:

    Go to hell fin. Maybe u can be a good rationalists there. I feel bad for ur kid that ur gona have, ur gona be the worst father ever if these are the ways u think. I’m sorry if that hurts ur feelings, get over it, I’m just stating facts. Go cry in a corner, because ur not always right so stop trying to make ppl feel like there stupid because u think ur omniscient. I hope u can understand that word, if not look it up in a dictionary. U think ur ideas are the only right ones, at least I’ll listen to peoples suggestions and make amendments to my own ideas to get what would be the best over all for the browns. U probably think we shouldn’t take Byrd either do u.

  236. Rob says:

    U should also respect ur elders, also I work in the browns organization so I think my opinion is more important than ur pathetic one.

    • erik b says:

      Well maybe its time for the browns to fire u, we have sucked at getting the draft right, just joking. Personally I think our mantality has always been wrong at picking draft picks. I think were always worried about the next season instead of how our draft picks do over five. I also am pissed that in over ten years we have not found a legit qb. When u do a simulation of every player in the nfl, the first twent plus picks are always a qb. If u cant find someone to fill that role than u are lost. If the browns cnt find a top twent qb in ten years then were looking at something wrong.

  237. The_Fin says:

    Lol…that rant had me crackin up hahaha.

  238. Rob says:

    Dude how old are u? 4? Never mind I don’t care ur just a dumbass who doesn’t know what he’s talkin about. Oh and that rant was a joke because I couldn’t think of anything to do and I was really bored. No hard feelings?

  239. The_Fin says:

    Mammas handsome baby boy’s turnin thirty in a few days man…can ya beleive that?? Should be able to tell Im a little up there in age by the politeness of my debate. Lol I tend to be a bit contrary and have more of a “matter of fact” demeanor to me…bit I cant really see where Ive actually put anybody down. Critisized the players…yes…but Im a fan with the God given right to do that. I buy Browns Tickets/ Merchandise every year…in my mind…that makes me a shareholder…sadly my opinion can only be heard amongst my fellow sad schmucks (who should have stopped caring years ago) like you and all the other guys posting “mock drafts.” But I see erik b at least unferstands the reasoning we SHOULD be using when approachng every draft…not just this one. We gotta finding the “bricks” to this house on the draft and stop just filling the holes in with mortar…wich always washes out once the rains come. Investing now into the oline and our defensive front seven will only pay us dividends for years to come.

  240. The_Fin says:

    So….Free Agency srarts tomorrow…my list if guts we should target in order.
    1.) Jarius Byrd S
    2.) Eugene Monroe T
    3.) Hakeem Nicks
    4.) Josh McCown
    5.) Daryl Smith ILB
    6.)Jason Hatcher DT

    • The_Fin says:

      And of course match any ofger made to Alex Mack

    • Benji555 says:

      Monroe is a left tackle, why would we need him?

      • The_Fin says:

        Monroe could play the right side just the same…that way when our QB drops back to throw the ball deep to your boy Sammy Watkins, he wont have immidiate heat in his face from Schwartz getting blown off the ball. Monroe isnt as consistent of a run blocker as I would like to have over there….but if they add a talented guard on the right to play beside of him he could thrive in this zone blocking schem. When hes been good in the run.hes been excellent. Theres more than a few MJD highlight reels from the past 5 years where you see bog number 75 riding out blocks inthe second level. His athleticism is through the roof…he would make for a good sign…might be a bit expensive though if other teams view him as a pro bowl caliber LT. Hes yet yo make one playing that position…so we will see. I know Miami is hot on his heels and of course the Ravens would be best suited to land him long term to carry over some continuity from last season over on their left side. Im not saying they will sign Monroe but I wouldnt be caught complaining if they did. And I realize its highly unlikely…but this is a “wishlist” so…

  241. Rusty says:

    For wholly esoteric reasons, I would like to see the Browns pick up FA Geoff Schwartz and pair him with is brother on the right side. The Schwartz name is derived from the German schwarz which means black or dark. That would give the Browns Oline a “dark side.” Think of all the jokes that could generate. :)

    • Bud says:

      Rusty, good idea on Schwartz!
      Here is my take on all ten picks. If we don’t get his brother, the OG Yankey from Stanford is top rated OG, could help the OL tremendously.
      Bud’s Browns Big 10 Pick Predictions
      (with ESPN’s Scouts Player Rating noted)
      Pick 1/4: Sammy Watkins, WR 95 rating
      Pick 1/26: Darqueze Dennard, CB 92
      Pick 2/35: Chris Borland, ILB 85
      Pick 3/71: David Yankey, OG 73
      Pick 3/83: Derek Carr, QB 60
      Pick 4/102: Jerick McKinnon, RB 52
      Pick 4/123: Joel Bitonio, OT 65
      Pick 5/133: Shayne Skov, ILB 62
      Pick 6/164: Ahmad Dixon, S 61
      Pick 7/195: Aaron Colvin, CB 58

  242. Benji555 says:

    The Browns have taken a serious interest in Donte Whitner. He has the same hard hitting run stopping game as T.J. Ward, but he is better in pass coverage. He may take a little bit of a pay cut to return home to play for Cleveland. With that extra cash we can sign Jairus Byrd also. We would have one of the best secondaries in the league with Jairus Byrd’s ball hawking ability and Whitner’s ability to stop the run.

  243. The_Fin says:

    That sounds good as hell to me. Lets hope it happens

  244. Dom says:

    With the start of free agency approaching I feel the Browns have an understanding of what they want. Here are my projections plus a mock draft. Feel free to comment!
    Sign-jon asamoah, whitner and/or Byrd, Brandon spikes and let ward walk.
    rd1#4 Sammy Watkins (WR)
    rd 1#26 Brandin Cooks (WR)
    rd 2 Bradley Roby or Verret CB)
    rd 3 Gabe Jackson (G)
    rd 3 Jimmie Ward (S)
    rd 4 Ka’Deem Karey (RB)
    rd 4 Shane Skov (RB)
    rd 5 Aaron Murray (QB)
    the rest are best available. Tell me what you think

    • Mike says:

      Dom thats awsome.I beleive we can sign both.Whitnir and Byrd My only differnce would be Carlose Dansby.Sign Jon Asamoah And we have to lock up Mack.So I think we should give a Mack more trust and beleive that Browns mean Buisness and Sign Eric Decker.Decker can be our slot WR.I would take yor picks to Awsome.
      1…Sammy Watkins..WR
      1….Zack Martin…OT
      2….David Yankey…G
      3…..Roby /Varret…CB
      3……Borland /Yawinn Smallwood.MLB
      4….Tre Mason…RB
      4….Cyril Richerdson…G
      7…..best available

    • Dom says:

      Shane skov is a LB

  245. Mike says:

    We can try this to Sign Whitner and Byrd , Dansby trade our 2nd 1st round pick for Revis .Sign Asamoah and Decker…This is with keeping Mack..Wish list..Dream..
    2…David Yankey…G
    3…Bishop Sankey…RB
    3…Borland /Yawinn Smallwood….ILB
    4…Ryan Shazier …OLB
    4…Antonio Richerdson…OT
    So our offence would look like this.

    That a dream come true!!!!!!!!!

  246. The_Fin says:

    Lol…your dream would be a nightmare for me to wake up to hahaha…Browns trade First Round Pick for a Corner past his prime…those headlines might make me want to start rooting for the Bengals! I definitely like the Whitner/Byrd combo.

  247. Mike says:

    Revis is not past his prime seems you need to wake up and learn the game of football.Or just keep rooting for the Bengals.I knew you was not a true browns fan at heart..Most guys on this post is die hard we bleed brown and orange.Plus we might not have trade for him .They might just have to cut him for salerycap reasons.He is due 26 mill

  248. The_Fin says:

    You would honestly trade the 26th overall for Darrell Revis if thats what itd take to get him here??? Laughabl my friend.

    • Mike says:

      I can careless what you think.Finyou get no respect from nobody on here your not a browns fan.And your opinion means nothing to nobody ..

  249. Rob says:

    Mike are u like readin my mind or something? I was just about to write about the exact players u said. Oh and fin ur not past ur prime at 28 years of age, he also has possibly 8 years left, I think he’s in the middle of his prime, he just needs the system which he did have with pettine before with the jets so he already is familiar with our system so he will thrive again and right now he doesn’t have to worry about his knee like last year, and if we got Byrd and as I hear the browns are close to a deal with whitner already we would have the top safeties. With Hayden-Revis and Byrd-Whitner combos we could have the best defensive tandoms in history. How would a team game plan against Hayden, Revis, Byrd, and Whitner, teams would have almost no where to throw to, we could sufficate them into submission, we would have the boa constrictor of defenses. If a team can’t score againsts us how would we lose? It worked for the Seahawks hasn’t it. We could possible have a better defense than Seattle! We are supposedly close to a deal now with Arthur Moats an Ilb.

  250. Mike says:

    Yes we have been on the same page.Great minds think alike.Look like browns are heading into the right direction.Now just amagine if we get Watkins and Gordon and Cammoren on ofence.Man lovethe way this ishaeding.Fin go crawl in shell stop talking about the Browns .BENGALS FAN.

  251. Benji555 says:

    I like having a defensive minded coach because we will probably get players like Revis, Byrd and Wihtner. Rob and Mike I think we should wait a little for the the Revis trade though because the Bucs might cut him and we wouldn’t have to give up our second first round pick. But if they don’t cut him I would do the trade still because we would have two of the best corners in the league and two of the best safeties in the league it would be beautiful.

  252. Benji555 says:

    I just read that the Browns have signed Dansby to a 4 year 24 million dollar deal!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOO looks like Pettine already fixed the ILB position.

  253. Mike says:

    Its better we do the trade that way he has no say with his contract till he gets to Us.If he gets cut then we will have no choice to pay top dollar.plus I think if Byrd sees this and Mack they know we mean buisness. And we want to win now.

  254. Bummie says:

    With Dansby and Whitner, if we can get a guard, slot receiver and Revis for a total of a 40mil hit I’ll be beyond pumped. How much cap room do we need for those we draft? I left 9mil….not familiar with that though.

    Draft Watkins, Carr, then take Shazier if hes there in the second or grab a RB. We’d have a solid chance at making a run for the division next year.

  255. Brian says:

    Good start Cleveland. Keep up the good work.

  256. The_Fin says:

    Finally off work to see what they have done…lol…theres a Billboard off 315 driving through Columbus with Pettine on it quoting “We’re gonna be the toughest team on the field.” We just picked up two of the toughest hitters in football right now! I didnt put Dansby on my list cause I honestly didnt believe he would sign here. He cam cover, blitz, hes a real mother effer when he hits ya, and best of all…his ability to do these things has been both NFL tested and PROVEN!! Great sign…I have no complaints. Donte “W. Hitner”…the only sad part to this is that they ruined the surprise by breaking the news last night :-/. The void left behind will go unnoticed now. And Arthur Moats…please COME ON DOWN!! =) Got my fingers crossed for a guard or tackle by the end of the night. Or maybe a little Emanuel Sanders action thrown in would be nice…I cant stop smiing right now!

  257. Tbone says:

    Browns not done yet. Might be getting Revis.

  258. Mike says:

    Bucks might want to swap our 4th for their 8th plus maby our 2nd and one 3rd annd 4th round pick.Seems like a good deal me.we wil still keep our 2 1st round picks.We might loos Watkins so that make Evans next in line .Hope Watkins will fall to 8th but I doubt it.

    • The_Fin says:

      Too many picks…Im all for swapping back from 4 to 8 (but damn sure not to draft Evans), I just wouldnt throw in that 2nd rounder. Swap firsts, give back the fourth they are losing to the jets and our latter third….still a stiff price but definitely more palitable. Even IF Revis has 8 more years in the tank they wont all be great years (ppl age ur not gonna argue that too are you) and they Cleveland more than likely wouldnt be his last stop…that 2nd rounder though COULD be a guy we have around contributing for the next 6-8 years. Thats the only point Im trying to make…draft picks (when gotten right) solidifies a teams future. It looks like they are laying a nice foundation in free agency right now though…I havent been this exvitef about Cleveland football since the emergence of Peyton Hillis hahaha!

  259. The_Fin says:

    No way we get Bird AND Reevis…and if we sign Byrd it would not be neccessary to spend such a high draft pick on a guy thats gonna make like 14mil or so on his current contract to make THIS defense tough to scheme against. I just read a report that hed be expected to command closer to 10 million if reased to free agency. If hes so “dependant” on Pettines system than I would guess the familiarity would be a chip we already have on that bargaining table. Im not againstcReevis in the lineup, I just hope they wouldnt give up a first round pick to make it happen is all. And I can handle you two nimrods questioning my intellegence, accusing me of being a bad father, and even the fact that you guys seem to take personal any shred of criticism i throw at the pkayers you suggest…but if one you ever call me a fan of ANY team not named Cleveland Browns….Imma crawl through this screen and so help GOD (Bernie Kosar) I will RAPE CHOKE YOU…..OUT!

  260. Rob says:

    Hey fin sorry about the father thing, I know nothing about u to say anything like that and I actually found something that I agree with u with, when u were talking about pettines quote and making a tough teem and liking the start they made in free agency, sorry for taking the criticism a little to personally, I just really love my team and want the best for it. Also I just found out that ward has now signed elseware (broncos) so we might really at least I think so need Byrd. Oh also I agree about the trade with Revis and our second first round pick might not be worth it, but if we do do it, I won’t be to mad about it, Revis would thrive in our defense though since he already knows pettines scheme. Any suggestions fin? I’m actually open to what ever you have to say, I think I’m gona broaden my perspective on every thing.

  261. The_Fin says:

    So picture what could be transfolding for our Clevland fall. If we do get Moats to gill the other linebacker spot, and land jarius byrd to play safety…then we TOTALLY should draft Khalil Mack at 4 to complete this “what could be” VERY potent defense. Imagin we line up in a 3-4 lookin like this:

    Skrine Rubin. Taylor. Bryant. Hayden
    Kruger. Mack
    Moats. Dansby
    W. Hitner

    Throw Revis in like you suggest mike and that (on paper) in a defense without much of a chink in it you would have to agree…add Mingo in situational blitzes from the 3-4 look and Sheard to relieve Mack and Kruger (either/or) and you got some dynamics there that woukd be tough to deal with. Next lets take a look at what the 4-3 looks would pan out to on paper.

    • The_Fin says:

      That didnt work like Id hoped…try this for the 3-4
      RE Rubin
      DT Taylor
      LE Bryant
      ROLB Kruger
      RILB Moats
      LILB Dansby
      CB1 Revis/ or Hayden (If we sign Revis)
      CB2 Hayden/ or Skrine (if we dont sign Revis)
      SS W. Hitner
      FS Byrd

      • Bummie says:

        I like everything you have here except two guys. I think with what we would pay Byrd, we would get only him or Revis, especially if we want the shot at grabbing any other guys (slot receiver, RB, guard…). BUT…GOOD LORD what a secondary we would have with Byrd, Whitner, Revis, and Haden. Unmatched…hands down. I feel the Bucs would be happy getting a 3rd rounder and Revis off the cap. He doesn’t work in that system, weighs them down, and I’m sure they would love to give the Jets a 4th rounder if Revis is done tomorrow and get a3rd rounder from us…just my opinion.

        As for Khalil Mack, I would LOVE to see him in Cleveland. …but, I have this feeling Pettine will flip Mingo’s switch and given how free agency has gone so far, I’d like to see some offensive power come from the No. 4 pick. Either way, This D has me drooling at this point in the week. Can’t wait to see what comes of the next few day.

    • The_Fin says:

      I made up a word lol…I meant to put “transpiring” bu was thinking “unfolding” and typed…transfolding.

  262. The_Fin says:

    Now the hybrid defense looks even more formidable while showing the 4-3

    RE Sheard (back to his natural position as a down lineman where hes a bull rushing animal)
    DT Rubin
    DT Taylor
    LE Bryant
    LOLB Kruger (with Mingo coming in for most of the 4-3 looks in passing situations)
    MLB Dansby (Moats can give him breaks in these looks as well)
    ROLB KHALIL MACK ( with both all three, Kruger, Mingo, and even Sheard sometimes filling in)
    CB Hayden or Revis
    CB Skrine or Hayden
    SS W. Hitnet
    FS Byrd

    Just think of when we line up in 4-3 with sheard bullrushing in front of Mingo just completely setting the edge on fire blitzing behind him…this defense could terrorize this entire league!

  263. Bummie says:

    Though I like Dansby and Hitner, why cut Jackson and Ward and sign replacements at more salary with aruable equal skill sets and older age? I can only see it as Dansby and Whitner are better in coverage. I hope it wasnt just to fill holes they should not have created.

  264. Mike says:

    Ward was a safty who was great in playing the box.sad to see him go.But he didn’t fit our new defence sceam.Whitner plays the box well and helps in pass coverage.For our new defence Whitner is a better fit.Plus Ward wanted more money .Byrd is going to denver not to worry we still have Gibson.we just need to sign Revis in FA tomorrow.Hawkins might be our slot WR thats solid pick.Draft needs to on be OFENCE.

  265. The_Fin says:

    Dansby is an upgrade over Jackson. Does well for a linebacker in coverage (19 passes defended and four picks last season…as well as two touchdowns), stout against the run with two seasons conecutive over 100 tackles, and hes KNOWN for packing a wallop.
    Whitner is of equal skillset even in coverage compared to Ward if last season waa amy indication of how Ward will play the past moving forward in his career. These are just two peices though….WEED NEED MORE!! Lol

  266. The_Fin says:

    Jarius Byrd to the Saints :-(

  267. Bummie says:

    Yeah I wanted byrd. 9.2 mil a year…Verner is gone too, along with the two top guards. It all comes together if we get revis. If not him we need to fill our WR or RB void. I have felt since the regime change that we are a solid offseason away from being a 9-11 win team, and thats with an average quarterback. I dont think that happens if we go into this season with a rookie RB, G, and WR and no change at CB and ILB. We need one more staple.

  268. Benji555 says:

    With Byrd gone there is no doubt that we will have enough cap space to trade for Revis and still pick up some other big names out there. With Revis and Haden we will have two all-star CB’s and Donte Whitner at SS.

    Please excuse me as I imagine nobody being able to pass against the Browns

  269. Bummie says:

    That would be huge. Theres ILB value in the third round. Running back value in the third round. Okay guard value in the second round. A QB and WR in the first. I then see this all coming together as hoped.

  270. The_Fin says:

    Most of the mocks Im seein dont have any “true gards” coming off the board til late n the second to third round. So we should have ample opportunity at drafting one.

  271. The_Fin says:

    There wont be any “Reevis trade” I just read…he is unwilling to agree to reduce is $16 million ayear contract as part of a stipulation of the trade. Hes gonna get cut before Thursday though so we should have a crack at him in free agency…but I wouldnt hold my breath…sounds like hes out to get PAID…

  272. Bummie says:

    The original deadline to cut him was bad info. Heard on nfl network tonight that its wednesday at 4pm. Given Talibs contract of around 9.3 mil a year with the Broncos, Revis could probably pull in around 12. We have cap room to leave open to sign Thomas and Haden in the coming year(s) even with signing him. I say pay the man and tune our offense in the draft. It would only increase the chances of our QB having the ability to win while developing.

  273. Ryan J says:

    Browns GM for a day…

    1) trade 1 of 3rd rd picks to NE for Ryan Mallett
    2) 2 options…
    A. Pick Sammy Watkins at #4
    B. Trade #4 to Minny for #8 & 4th or 5th rd pick
    #8: Mike Evans, Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan
    3) Sign Knowshon Moreno for 3yrs, 8mil (4grt)
    Re:good pass protection/good veteran presence
    4) #26: Carlos Hyde or stud corner(Gilbert/dennard)
    5) 2nd rd pick if no Hyde at 26…rb…seastrunk, sankey, carey
    6) fill out lines and lb with all other picks.

  274. Dom says:

    Dansby and whitner are good starts. Hopefully we can pry Hawkins from Cincy, all I remember is him torching the Browns numerous times. Revis is key! If we can get him we will more than likely use all of our picks on offense. N if we get Revis and Hawkins I would give the browns free agency an A+. We need to add some depth at safety and lb in the draft as well

  275. Rob says:

    Hey guys don’t forget that there’s supposed to be another salary cap next year by supposedly 15 million or something

  276. Rob says:

    *salary cap jump*

  277. Rob says:

    The browns just signed Former jets cornerback Trufant.

  278. brownie says:

    i think the browns have a good chance at getting to the postseason. They will have a godd draft and get revis. #brownssuperbowl2014

  279. Bummie says:

    A special teams/backup CB signing. Ballin! Lol.

  280. Rob says:

    I’m just keepin all the signings up to date.

  281. Bummie says:

    I wasnt commenting on the quality of your post, but on the type of prospect the browns signed.

  282. Erik Bartley says:

    Love the signings, first time in a long time I believe we’re better off after the free agency. I still would like to see one or two more splashes.

    • The_Fin says:

      They did pretty well on gree agency last year too. Bryant was Hit…Kruger played well on most Sundays.Speaking of Desmond Bryant does anybody know hiw hes doin…I know he missed the last part of the season cuz they discovered an itregular heartbeat. We NEED that cat to be healthy for thus dedense!

  283. Rob says:

    Ben Tate is meeting with browns today and most likely will sign with them because there the supposed front runners and he’d become an immediate starter here.

    • The_Fin says:

      We add Tate and a quality RG as well as resign Mack…and we are running tge football next season…which is going to make Josh Gordon potent in REAL time as opposed to garbage time.

      • Rob says:

        Exactly and I know u disagree with taking him but if we do then Watkins could benefit from it to. So would Cameron and any other wide receiver.

        • Brian says:

          It would be nice if we pick up Hawkins . Great receiver . Great hands. Hopefully we get Watkins and Garrapolo an beef up the Oline. Damn , I’m getting ahead of myself, but I smell playoffs. Come on Cleveland.

        • The_Fin says:

          Im still more for adding stud right tackle, stud right guard, skipping on Tate all together if hes high dollar, and rolling with Lewis, Edwin Baker (The Touchdown Maker), and a late round selection…I like the kid from Towson…I like Mack at 4 or a trade back for CJ Mosely (Dansby is 32) to really fill out and “complete” this defense. Mosely is interesting because he coukd play either inside or out and many believe Mack could too. This scenario here is about the only one that I could stomache drafting ANY receiver in history (with his future performance still unknown of course) other than Calvin Johnson whos measurables plus intangeables FAR outweighed any rookie prispect at receiver…EVER. SO…if we:
          A.) Sign Moats, or another young linebacker with upside
          B.) Sign Lamar Woodley
          C.)Get Alex Mack back!
          D.) Add a STUD at the RG position
          Then take Watkins at 4 ….no…fuck that…I tried, but I cant get on board with Watkins. Sorry…lol.
          But Watkins at four IF they plan to sign Antonio Richardson at 26 or another road grader run blocker who can handle his own in protection at RT wouldnt be a COMPLETE disaster in my mind…we would at least be able to fall back on our running game while Watkins goes through the growing pains of learning how to get open in the NFL.

          That scenario could lead to Garrapolo in the second (I hated pulling him off my mock) instead of Jordan Matthews which I like. Butveither one will make great value picks in the 2nd.

  284. Bummie says:

    Reports are the lions want to trade into the top 5 for Watkins. I agree Watkins is no Calvin Johnson, but hes be described as one of the top receiver prospects in the last 10 years. We could wait 10 more years for another Johnson, why not take a the best playmaker available at the position in the year we NEED a receiver?

    That said, I say we trade down to 10, take best player available. This would give us 2 first round and 2 second round picks. We could trade pick 26 and the Lions second round pick and move up in the first round if needed. I think that opens a lot of possibility in the first 35 picks. We could walk with a QB, WR and solid G/T, CB or LB.

    • The_Fin says:

      I would LOVE to move back on this draft if its to snag up CJ Mosely. Him beside Dansby, with W. Hitner behind him…thats a tough center of a defense.

      • Bummie says:

        Man im with that. If we drop to 10 we’d have a lot of options. I like Mack, Mosley and Shazier. I think Shazier would he HUGE at 26 if we take another position at 1. Good 40 time and 42″ vert. Pure athlete. Just waiting to see what we do with Tate, Alex Mack and a WR. Adding sanders or Edelman would take the pressure off Gordon and take the pressure off a big WR pick, which would allow us to get the ILB, QB and G/T we want.

        Solidy the D to allow the QB a better chance to succeed and build confidence (like Seattle). Solidify the line to allow the QB to throw. They’re making all the right moves right now.

        • The_Fin says:

          Im not homer enough to like the. “Constantly burnt in coverage” linebacker from OSU. Shazier is great sideline to sideline but hes nit the guy to plug runs up in the middle, I never saw much from him blitzing wise while a Buckeye…he had a lot if tackles…but much like Deqwell Jackson…they were mostly five plus yards up the field. I want a libebacker that gets into backfields from this draft.

        • The_Fin says:

          I agree with you though…a great defense is a young developings QBs best friend!

  285. Rob says:

    Finally the browns have just now released weeden!

  286. Anthony says:

    My thoughts, after Dansby and Whitner signings:

    Sign CB Brandon Browner, Big man, Can come for cheaper due to his 4 game suspension.
    Sign WR Emmanuel Sanders, a perfect fit with gordon and most importantly it will be weakening the Steeler’s!

    Draft Needs for first 6 picks becomes QB, ILB, G/OT, RB, WR, CB

    1.) Teddy Bridgewater If there: Johnny Manziel if not (Both are prospects that can turn us into winners)
    1.) C.J. Mosley ILB Alabama
    2.) David Yankey OG Stanford
    3.) Which ever WR drops to us be it Kelvin Benjamin, Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson.
    3.) Jeremy Hill RB LSU
    4.) Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB Nebraksa
    5.) Best Available WR, RB, Safety
    6.) Best Available FB?
    7.) Best Available K or Punter

    So this is what the offense would look like:

    QB: Brian Hoyer, Johnny Manziel
    RB:Jeremy Hill, Dion Lewis, Draftee
    WR: Josh Gordon
    WR: Emmanuel Sanders
    WR: Draftee Kelvin, Jarvis Landry, Allen Robinson
    TE: Jordan Cameron
    LT: Joe Thomas
    LG: John Greco
    C: Alex Mack
    RG: David Yankey
    RT: Mitchell Schwartz

    Quality Players at every position on offense.

    This is what the defense with depth would look like

    LE: Rubin / Winn
    NT: Taylor, Kitchen
    RE: Desmond Bryant, Armonty Bryant
    ROLB: Jabaal Sheard, Barkevious Mingo
    ILB: Karlos Dansby
    ILB: C.J. Mosley, Craig Robertson
    LOLB: Paul Kruger, Quentin Groves
    CB: Brandon Browner, Skrine as Nickleback, Mcfadden as Dime
    FS: Tashaun Gibson
    SS: Donte Whitner
    CB: Joe Haden, Jean-baptiste

    That is a stellar defense that can win in the playoffs.

    This might end up being one hell of a year for the brownies.

    • Bummie says:

      Im not sure what the biggest turnaround for a team in one year is, but we very well could go from 4 wins to playoff bound. I keep telling myself im not insane in thinking this.

    • The_Fin says:

      Big Daddy Hughes no longer with us?? And Schwartz is a swinging gate right tackle.

  287. Rob says:

    Just saw the leaked photo of browns free agency list but it only shows like half of it. It lists:
    Revis, caroll, moats, grossman, Hawkins, Edelman, Verner, Tate, the ones that look to be covered are most likely Whitner, Dansby, and Trufant whom of which they’ve already signed.

  288. Bummie says:

    Do you have a link for that? Been trying to find it.

    • Rob says:

      It’s on an app I got called bleacher report, the photo of the white board with all the names has a Caucasian male standing blocking some of the board and ray farmer stands to the right of the board. U can also go on bleacherreport.com, when u see it tell me what u think.

      • Rob says:

        Oh and bummie ur not insane on thinking the browns could be playoff bound! It’s gona happen! Either this year or next there but we are pretty much there if we continue doin good in free agency, and do right in the draft!

  289. Mike says:

    I don’t like Ben Tate as much as I do nushawn Mareno from Denver.Not saying I wouldn’t want Tate .He would be a great pick up.Just like mareno more he’s not injury prone he will just make a better fit.Cheaper wih allmost the same talent as Tate.Would be happy with either one.

  290. Benji555 says:

    Revis signed with the Pats. :(

  291. Rob says:

    Revis is out of the question now since he signed a one year deal with New England patriots.

  292. Rob says:

    I think we should go after Dominique Rodgers clomartie oh and Tate is finalizing a deal with the lions.

  293. The_Fin says:

    Dont sign a RB…DRAFT one.

  294. The_Fin says:

    I think this secondary will be good as is if we can start stuffing the run on third down and consistently getting after the QB, meaning pressure EVERY game not just afew here amd thete where we get LOTS and then long droughts where we get little. I KNOW Pettines gonna have us schemed to get after them this season…that CREATES turnovers boys. Even if Tom Bradys throwing the skin, if hes drenched in defenders while hes doing it, theres bound to be a few tosses per game where even you or I could pick it off! When I think about Nrowns football Ive always envisioned a team that has a wall for a defense with olbs acting as QB seeking missles. I want guys that can jump the snap count, frustrate lineman to the pont they are picking up personal fouls after the whistle and shit, guys that light backs up behind the line of scrimmage, and guys in the secondary who stay home done there jobs…acting like buzzards over a dying mule…ever circling, just waiting for that one opportunity scavage a turnover off a desperate heave. I want a TEAM defense that stands guys up and works together to pick his pocket and plunder away any wealth (the football) that he might possess. Guys that make backs timid to carry out fakes. And on offense I want only one thing…to be able to run the ball consistently and effectively enough to set up the play action pass. Recent trends in the NFL can kiss my ass…you RUN to set up the pass…look ALL the years of football…its a way higher percentage of running teams than passing teams that produced champions.

  295. Joe Harper says:

    Now all the Browns need to do is not draft Johnny Manziel.

    Teddy Bridgewater is worth a shot with their first pick.
    Sammy Watkins is worth a shot with their first pick.

    They can get a QB prospect later in the draft – as, IMHO other than Bortles and Bridgewater, this draft is full of QB prospects. I even think they would be the 4th and 5th QB prospects in another year.

    Or, take Sammy Watkins, suck another year, and get Famous Jameis.
    He is worth a #1.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately, with the current line up, the Brown’s are not going to suck enough to get #1, even if they do not sign another notable QB.

  296. Rob says:

    Browns are reportedly going after Julian Edelman now.

  297. Bummie says:

    Who remains out there that would improve the right side of our line? Anyone we could trade for or sign in free agency? I like drafting to fill the need, but also think we could patch the hole and draft high next year to get a solid rookie in.

  298. Brian says:

    Ben Tate visited Cleveland. Not a word afterwards. I think the signing of Ben Tate has fizzled. But I would like to see them sign Edelman. Knoshawn Moreno is still available. I think he would be cheaper an maybe a little better, cause of Tate’s injuries. But I still think we should draft a RB also. I think they should take Watkins with the first pick. Unless somehow Bridgewater is available. If not, wait for Mcarron or Garapolo. But at least we got rid of Weeden. Not sure what took so long to do it, but finally…… Cleveland is making great strides with the moves so far. They need to figure out a way an sign Mack to a long deal. We have finally got a great chance to get things right an I believe most of it is Farmer.. Lets go Browns

    • The_Fin says:

      Id say Tate wants too much bread. Kyle Shanahaans system will PRODUCE us a running back…almost as here birthed from the grassy turf on opening day, to rise immediately (still covered in after-birth) and pick up 5-7 yrds finding the soft spot through the zone blocking scheme in front of him. They have done it too many times in their history for me to get discouraged if Tate signs elsewhere. The Redskins suckef ballz n dick last season, but Id humbley eat crow if they didnt have a runner go over a thousand yards their backfield (I havent looked up the stat yet). Ole Baby Shanahaan has a strong history of tough running attacks…which I loved the pick up to begin with. The Shanahaans always get what they want from a runmimg back when they have their lineman in place…when you add a good WR (Rod Smith), a great QB (John Elway), and tight end with a strong prresence over tge middle (Shannon Sharp) what does their philisophy equivilate to? If you guessed multiple superbowls…you are correct. So we have the TE and the WR for that equation…hell now that I think of it, Id say Rod Smith is the best comparison yet to our young Josh Gordon. We need only this season to get that zone blocking system established. Then find the QB, I dont think the right one is available this season. If this defense meshes well we could be pickin in the middle of tge pack in 2015 realistcally…very exciting times.

      • Brian says:

        Come to find out, Ben hasn’t even been to Cleveland yet. The weather was bad Wednesday. Then the rumor was, he was there on Thursday an wasn’t . Sooooo, not sure what’s going on?

  299. Rob says:

    Browns came out in a press conference and stated that Tate never was there yesterday nor was scheduled to.

  300. The_Fin says:

    Id say Tate wants too much bread. Kyle Shanahaans system will PRODUCE us a running back…almost as if he were birthed from the grassy turf on opening day, to rise immediately (still covered in after-birth) and pick up 5-7 yrds finding the soft spot through the zone blocking scheme in front of him. They have done it too many times in their history for me to get discouraged if Tate signs elsewhere. The Redskins suckef ballz n dick last season, but Id humbley eat crow if they didnt have a runner go over a thousand yards their backfield (I havent looked up the stat yet). Ole Baby Shanahaan has a strong history of tough running attacks…which I loved the pick up to begin with. The Shanahaans always get what they want from a runmimg back when they have their lineman in place…when you add a good WR (Rod Smith), a great QB (John Elway), and tight end with a strong prresence over tge middle (Shannon Sharp) what does their philisophy equivilate to? If you guessed multiple superbowls…you are correct. So we have the TE and the WR for that equation…hell now that I think of it, Id say Rod Smith is the best comparison yet to our young Josh Gordon. We need only this season to get that zone blocking system established. Then find the QB, I dont think the right one is available this season. If this defense meshes well we could be pickin in the middle of tge pack in 2015 realistcally…very exciting times.

    • The_Fin says:

      Yep. Morris went 1200 last season.

    • Bummie says:

      Our needs right now. Qb, G/OT, WR2, ILB, CB, RB.

      I would love to go about this like a normal team and rebuild for 2 years but hell with that, we’re always “rebuilding,” we should get all pieces this year and MAINTAIN going forward.

      Sign Moats and sign Knowshon. We stay well under cap and have money to offer guys contracts next year.

      Now we need a QB, G/OT, WR2, and CB. IF our QB is there at 4, take him and sacrifice quality on either a WR or CB. Take G/OT at 26 and make the best move possible to maximize the quality of WR and CB we get. IF our QB is not at 4, trade down to 8 or 10, then take the best G/OT and “move heaven and earth” to take our pick at 26 and 2 second round picks (acquired in the trade for pick 4) and get our QB and a solid CB and WR prospect.

      Just my take as of today. I dont see why that wouldnt make us a contender day one, and lay the foundation for future years.

  301. Rob says:

    There sayin that cinch is unlikely gona match our offer for Hawkins so we might end up with him and Edelman

    • The_Fin says:

      I read earlier that cincy was expected to match the offer…lemme browse through my history I will post tge link.

      • Bummie says:

        Just released they are likely yo not match the offer; something about a bonus due if the Bengals resign him. I think he’s ours.

        • The_Fin says:

          Hawkins and Travis benjiman in the slots in 4wr sets coud become a prolific formation for us. Either side of the field becomes subject to quick screens and the REVERSE!! Both got WHEELS and both catch fairly well…with all the attention they will command on the underneath Gordon will plenty of opportuntities over thetop. Defenses will be on their toes dealing with this.

  302. Bummie says:

    Tight end Jim Dray signed by Cleveland Browns as a free agent

  303. Benji555 says:

    Tate is still visiting with the Browns. He is going to Cleveland thursday night instead of wednesday because he was delayed by the weather.

  304. Mike says:



    • Mike says:



      • Erik Bartley says:

        I like him but I think he we cost to much. Only pay a man the amount he will command if there starters. Vick plays like Johnny football and will always be hurt (Be lucky to get half a season out of him). If it wasn’t for his 3 years in jail he would of been seriously hurt long time ago. He would of not had that pro-bowl year he had. I would take him as a backup for under 2.5 million.

        • The_Fin says:

          Vick would bring a media circus to town…weve had enough “publicity” with all the firings….nows the time to quietly build a contender while the rest of the league pokes fun and makes jokes…not just sale seats.

    • The_Fin says:

      Where are getting that Antonio Richardson will be available in the third. Hes gonna go on the first maybe the second on most drafts I see.

      • Erik Bartley says:

        It’s a long shot but he may fall to the third round. Which he would be a great third round pick. But I’m with u, he will go in the second.

        • The_Fin says:

          More than like in tbe first from what Im seeing.

          • The_Fin says:

            I was high on smallwood early just going off stats and conference but aftet the combine and reading some articles on him…Im not so high on him. Boreland, Skov, and Bullough ate three I like past CJ Mosely.

  305. Mike says:

    I know I’m just hoping he falls.Nobody mock is 100% correct.If he don’t fall then still pick the best TACKLE on the board.

  306. The_Fin says:

    Mel Kiper Jr. released one last night…hes predicting Khalil Mack to be the Texans #1 overall. Followed by Gregg Robinson to the Rams at #2, Jadeveon Clowney #3 to Jaguars…and….Blake Bortles at #4 to the Browns. Lol…Id be trading back for sure if this is how it really goes down! My top three prospects for the Browns would be gone…so then its time to target CJ Mosely…not a quarterback!

  307. The_Fin says:

    1.) Sammy Watkins WR Clemson
    1.) Antonio Richardson T Tennessee
    2.) Jimmy Garrapolo QB Eastern Illinois
    3.) Gabe Jackson G Mississippi
    3.) Jaylen Watkins CB Florida (Sammies older brother)
    4.) Chris Boreland ILB Wisconsin
    4.) AJ McCarron QB Alabama (Micheal Sam DE/OLB Missouri fits here too)
    5.) Terrence West RB Towson
    6.) Willie Snead WR Ball State
    7.) Trey Burton FB/TE/WR Florida

    • The_Fin says:

      Clowney, Robinson, and Mack would all jave to be off the board…and I would want Moats signed in FA as well as Ben Tate if possible…I could get excited for that roster I guess

    • Brian says:

      I can’t believe this mock draft is The_Fin’s……. It’s the best one I’ve seen you have ever. Great job!

      • The_Fin says:

        Lol…thats not my preference for the draft…I was just sayiing IF we draft Watkins…I hope it goes down like that at least. After our free agent signings I love the idea of Clowney or Mack becomong a Brown with the fourth pick.

  308. Benji555 says:

    The Browns need to make a move in free agency before all the good players are gone!

  309. Mike says:

    Sammy Watkins posted a pic of himself in a browns uniform.

  310. Benji555 says:

    The Browns have signed Tate to a 2 year deal!

    • Anthony says:

      Much Cheaper than expected to! 2 year 7 million.

      That leaves a lot left in cap space for hopefully a CB like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie!

    • Mike says:

      2 year 7 mill ..Now we just need to get the right s8de of our line beefed up and KEEP MACK..
      3…best FS
      4….AJ MCCARRON

      • Mike says:

        Here is a trade.Trade with the lions at 10 take Their 1st next year their 2nd 3rd this yaer.so they can take Watkins.
        2..JORDAN MATTEWS ..WR
        3…GABE JACKSON ..G

        • Mike says:

          With this trade gives us trade bait for our FRANCHISE QB next year.TAYLOR LEWAN is fast has quick feet and will be a great fit for our new offence. And now we can have 3 great WRs instead of Watkins.Alltho I WOULD RATHER HAVE WATKINS.I LIKE MY 1ST MOCK BETTER WHAT DO YOU THINK.?

        • Tbone says:

          Lions signed Golden Tate didn’t they?

        • Rusty says:

          This idea echos my first post on this site. I posted on 3/1, but it took 3 days for my post to appear, and I’m pretty sure most didn’t even see it to read it. I am therefor cut and pasting it below.

          I found this site today. Thanks guys for good discussion. I don’t claim to be smarter than Farmer/Pettine, but I may be wiser than Banner/Lombardi.

          The Media seems to be obsessed with the Browns drafting a QB this year. To me, if the choice is between drafting your QB then building the team around him, or building the team then adding the QB, I choose the latter. The QBs in this draft don’t wow me. Bridgewater will be good and could be great if he can stay healthy but his thin frame is a worry. Bortles has the size and tools, but he doesn’t have skills yet. If he develops them, he could be the best in this class, but there’s no guarantee he will. Manziel will either be great or high mediocre, there is no in between with him, and that is too big a risk for early first round. Carr was high on my list until USC exposed his flaws in the Las Vegas Bowl. I still like him better than Manziel and maybe Bortles.

          The QB class for 2015 already looks better than this years; Marcus Mariota and Brett Hundley are both big strong guys who were in the discussion earlier but chose to return to college. There are a couple of freshmen who will be eligible for the 2015 draft, Jameis Winston and Trevor Knight (lead OK over AL in the Sugar Bowl) could eclipse them if they can repeat as sophomores. And, of course, more choices will emerge as that draft approaches.

          My point of all this is that I don’t think drafting a QB with the #4 pick is the best way to go. I like either Watkins or trading down for more picks in this very talented (outside of QB) class, or maybe a 1st round pick in the ’15 draft to move up for a QB then. I would be fine with Garoppolo, McCarron, Mettenberger, Shaw, or Renner in the mid rounds this year as a solid backup for Moyer and a latter franchise QB down the road. Heck, we can pick up Kenny Guiton as an undrafted FA. His college major was backup QB.

          We have many holes to fill and this is the draft to gather as much talent as we can. Lets see how free agency goes, then I’ll have a better idea of who I want to see the Browns pick in the draft.

          • Rusty says:

            1a Trade down to 8 with Minnesota so they can draft a QB. With the 8 take Evans
            1b The best available athlete at a position of need; Mosley, Shazier, Yankey…
            2 Continue as above, best available athlete at a position of need
            3a AJ McCarron (to be groomed as the reliable game-managing 2nd QB)
            3b Best available RB
            4a & 4b Round out the positions of need with the best available
            5-7 High risk/high reward projects and/or skilled role-players

          • Rusty says:

            oh, and of course, get Minnesota’s 1st round in 2015 to combine with our own to trade up for one of the better QB choices next year.

          • Rusty says:

            Oh, and one last thing, if not Minnesota at 8, maybe Atlanta at 6 who will want Clowney, or Detroit at 10 who will want Watkins.

          • The_Fin says:

            I think Minnesota is the best option of all the possible trade partners. Signing Freeman last season shows how desperate they were to hit on a QB. Which as of now and come draft day more than likely they still will have no found their man.That mixed with the fact that they took advantage of a desperate Cleveland Regime in 2012 selling us Richardson (people forget he cost us MORE than just a first round pick), Minnesota is highly likely to try and barter a deal with us to move up and thus even the table of sorts, repaying the debt of 2012 by furnishing us at the least a second 2nd Round pick in 2015, maybe even an extra first rounder (not sure what jumping four spots would actually cost). I know we jumped one spot to #3 in 2012 and it cost us #4 pick, some back end picks that same draft and a 2nd round the following draft in 2013. The Lions almost undoubtedly would have to give up their 1st round pick in 2015 to move up to four and “snag” Sammy Watkins. That probably will prove to be too steep a price in the end for Detroit to be willing to pay.

        • The_Fin says:

          I like the trade back but I would go:
          1.) CJ Mosely ILB
          1.) Antonio Richardson RT
          2.) Jordan Matthews WR
          3.) Gabe Jackson RG
          3.) Jaylen Watkins

          • Rusty says:

            I have to admit, I really want Evans, even more than Watkins. With Sammy you have another WR like Gordon. Between Gordon, Hawkins and Benjamin, we have the burner type WR covered. Evans gives you, without a lot of drop off in speed, a big guy with great hands who will FIGHT for every reception.

            Our red zone scoring record is horrendous, because we haven’t had a credible running threat, and because we haven’t had a receiver who can catch the ball even while blanketed with coverage. Tate and a Hyde/Seastrunk/Mason answers the first deficiency, Evans answers the second.

          • The_Fin says:

            Alfred Morris came from the 6th round and has went over a grand rushing in both his NFL seasons…his nubers are going to drop this season I bet. Hes a product of Shanahaan. I dont see us drafyimg a back high with all the other needs we have here in Cleveland. I look for Kyle to mine us a gem out of the later rounds.

  311. Joe Harper says:

    What about trading the fourth pick, and their second round pick for the #2 pick and drafting Bortles? If he is available then.

    They can pick up a good receiver, address their O line, and even get another running back later in the draft.

    The Browns will have Hoyer at QB to carry the early load, which lets Bortles watch and learn.

    • Tbone says:

      I like Bortles, but I’m not trading up for him, and will a team who drafts him that high let him sit? I would, but that’s just me. Would be interesting.

  312. Anthony says:

    Our first 5 picks will need to be at the positions of QB, WR, ILB, G/OT, CB in any order.

    Hopefully we grab the best available guy in each of these positions

    1. Mack, Groom him to play ILB
    1b. David Yankey
    2. Allen Robinson
    3.AJ mccarron
    3b.Pierre Desir

    • The_Fin says:

      Yankey is projectected by almost everybody to come off the board in round 3. Taking him in round one wouldbe a disaster…hes a technician who uses knowledge as a tool on the field to make up for missinb abilities…has a chance to be serviveable at guard in the NFL…but he wot be a dominant mauler. Hes the second bedt option at guarf in this draft…but first round is 60 some picks too early in this draft for Yankey,

      • Anthony says:

        I agree with you.

        More Thought out version, tell me what you think

        Draft Needs QB WR OG CB ILB with coverage abilities

        1a. Trade back with Detroit for their second rounder C.J Mosley ILB
        1b. Xavier Sua’Filo
        2a. Derek Carr, Johnny Manziel if hes there
        2b. Bradley Roby CB
        3a. Allen Robinson, Jordan Matthews, Kelvin Benjamin, Best Available Wide Receiver.
        3b. Jeremy Hill RB

        • The_Fin says:

          I dont think we should go guard with that second first. Id like to see the hole at right tackle filled first. I LOVE the idea of trading back with Detroit to target Mosely. The extra first rounder aquired from them will come in handy to land Mariota. I think Robey will be a liability in coverage in the NFL, much like ge was last season for OSU…a lot of off field issues with that cat as well. Derek Carr and Manziel both will be gone by the second round. Jordan Matthews in the third would be huge but hes prolly gone in the first portion of the second round. Ans after signing Tate I dont wanna see a RB until the last three rounds. I like Terrence West from Towson.

  313. Mike says:

    Only one QB is going to be drafted in the top 10.Some scouts are saying Manzel stock is falling jags will prob. Go oline we will go WR TAMPA SIGNED a QB so that leaves Vikings to draft one.Thats either Bortles or Bridgewaters going to the Vickings.Then you have Raiders They have no WRs they have mor needs than all teams put together.I see them going WR OR OLINE CBand wait for the 2nd round to draft a QB.The QBs this year is not top ten talent thats what scouts are telling Mel Kiper , T8d Mcshay, .

  314. Mike says:

    Hey what draft sites do you look at.Most mock drafts only show the first round.I would like to see some thatshow more.

  315. Mike says:

    I did some research and I seen David yankey in the 1st or 2nd round what site are you looking at Fin.