2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jamie Collins

March 6th, 2013

After an impressive performance at the combine, how early will Jamie Collins be selected in the 2013 NFL Draft? (photo: bleacherreport.com)

DraftBrowns.com Editor: Brendan Leister

Jamie Collins is one of the most intriguing outside linebacker prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft class.  Collins opened eyes at the scouting combine when he broad jumped 11’7”.  This was the furthest any prospect has broad jumped at the combine from 2006-2013 (2006 was as far back as nfl.com allowed me to compare totals).  The broad jump is a measure of explosiveness and as Collins showed in this drill, he is an incredibly explosive athlete.

At 6’3” tall and 250 lbs., Jamie Collins has good size for an outside linebacker prospect.  He possesses good length (33 ¾” arms), but he doesn’t seem to know how to use it to his advantage consistently.  Collins has a lean frame with plenty of room to add weight without losing any of his athletic ability.  Although he possesses the physical tools you look for in a rusher, Collins is very raw.  There are times when he flashes brilliance, but there are also a lot of times where Collins doesn’t seem to know how to use his athletic ability to gain an edge on his competition.  Collins possesses excellent closing burst.  He’s a very fluid athlete and he looks comfortable dropping into coverage and playing in space.  When the quarterback throws a pass, Collins often shows good awareness and tries to jump up and knock the pass down.  Dropping in zone coverage won’t be something Collins has to learn how to do at the next level.  He has experience doing it and he shows good awareness when he’s asked to do it.  My biggest concern with Collins is that there were a lot of times when he seemed to be disinterested and didn’t give maximum effort.

Jamie Collins has experience playing in a 3-point stance and also standing up during his days at Southern Mississippi.  His best fit is undoubtedly going to be as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense at the next level.

Do not be surprised to see Jamie Collins get drafted earlier than many are currently projecting him to go.  He’s a long, explosive, rangy, fluid pass rusher with enormous upside.  Players with this combination of physical attributes don’t simply grow on trees.  Collins has a long way to go and he needs to be developed properly.  If everything aligns right, Collins has a chance to be one of the steals of this draft.  When it’s all said and done, I expect Jamie Collins to be drafted early in the second round.  However, I won’t be surprised in the least if Collins hears his name called during the middle to late portion of the first round.

Jamie Collins Scouting Notes

Nebraska 2012:

Comes off the LOS unblocked and sacks the QB.

QB throws a screen pass to WR on opposite side of field.  Collins lazily pursues the WR.  The WR cuts back and Collins whiffs on his tackle attempt.

Starts in a 6-technique as the RDE, comes off the LOS unblocked.  The QB reads him and hands off the ball on a jet sweep.  Collins quickly closes down the line and grabs the ball carrier’s jersey and slows him up near the LOS, allowing his teammate to tackle the ball carrier for a loss.

Gets pushed back 4 yards at the snap by the TE due to poor pad level and an inability to use his hands quickly.  Collins then disengaged from the blocker, closed on the ball carrier, and forced him out of bounds.

Doesn’t seem to be attacking the edge often.  Seems that he’s more focused on containing the QB in the pocket.

Comes off left side of LOS unblocked, quickly closes down the line and tackles the QB for a loss.

Western Kentucky 2012:

Lines up standing up as ROLB on LOS.  Explodes off the LOS and uses his length to keep the TE from engaging with him.  Gets into the backfield, picks up the ball carrier, and slams him down on the field for a loss of yardage.

Lines up as ROLB pre-snap, goes upfield a few steps and notices QB throwing a screen pass to WR.  Collins jumps up and deflects the pass causing an incompletion.

Jumps offsides.

DL shifts pre-snap and Collins comes off LOS from 6-technique unblocked.  Quickly closes on the QB and sacks him.

TE moves him back a few yards at the snap, but he disengages and tackles the ball carrier after a 2-yard gain.

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2 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jamie Collins”

  1. Kevin says:

    In fairness to Jamie, Southern Mississippi was an absolutely atrocious team, going 0-12 last year and being blown out in most games. I tend to cut him some slack on being interested and giving full effort all the time, but that’s an honest critique. I do agree that his production does not align with his athleticism and potential. He’s sort of the opposite of Jarvis Jones to me, where there is a boatload of production, but I think he’s a very ordinary player athletically who benefitted from being in the right place at the right time.

  2. I agree 100% about Jarvis Jones being an ordinary player athletically who benefited from being in the right place at the right time. Take Jamie Collins or Barkevious Mingo and put them in Dion Jordan’s role at Oregon or Jarvis Jones’ role at Georgia. They would have wreaked havoc in those respective roles in my opinion. Neither guy was in an ideal situation.

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