2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Quinton Patton

January 5th, 2013

Quinton Patton has impressed the draft community throughout the season (Photo: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

DraftBrowns.com Staff Writer: Justin Higdon

After drafting wide receivers in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft and the 2012 Supplemental Draft (Greg Little and Josh Gordon, respectively), the Browns won’t likely be shopping for another receiver this April.  Still, it never hurts to be thorough, and this year’s draft class is deep with talented receivers.  Louisiana Tech’s Quinton Patton is one player whose stock has risen throughout the season, to the point where some people think he could sneak into the late first round.

Quinton Patton Louisiana Tech WR 6’2 195

Patton is a receiver, but it’s his terrific downfield blocking that stands out immediately.  During one game in particular, he stayed with his man on a run block a good 40 yards down the field.  He is a maximum effort player on each and every play.

Patton is not a burner, but has adequate speed and is a good open field runner.  He gets open by running precise routes and using subtle push off moves to gain separation.  He has reliable hands and can take a hit.

Patton possesses good leaping ability and body control that allow him to get to contested balls and make catches in traffic.  He has excellent concentration and is able to turn and locate, and track the ball in the air.


Game Notes:


Rice (’12)

  • Beats his man deep for a long TD – hauls the pass in on his fingertips and doesn’t break stride.
  • Good balance.
  • Subtle veteran push off move to create separation.
  • Good open field running ability.
  • Stays with his man on a run block 40 yards down the field.
  • Makes a tough TD catch in traffic


Illinois (’12)

  • Stretching the field again – gets open deep and makes a diving catch near the goal line
  • Shows good hands and concentration on diving sideline grab.
  • Beats his man deep again for a long TD catch.
  • Shows more excellent downfield blocking


Utah State (’12)

  • Terrific downfield blocking.
  • Maximum effort player.
  • Good hands.
  • Can take a hit.
  • Makes a contested catch in the end zone but is knocked out of bounds.
  • Lets the ball get into his body and gets it knocked away.
  • Runs good routes.
  • Reliable.
  • Makes the subtle push off.
  • Good concentration – can turn and locate, track the ball.
  • Good body control and holds on when he hits the ground on a couple of twisting catches.
  • Is beating his man deep a few times – might be faster than he first appeared

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