2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Bacarri Rambo

January 18th, 2013

Would the Browns take a chance on Bacarri Rambo’s talents in the 2013 NFL Draft? (photo courtesy of sicemdawgs.com)

DraftBrowns.com Editor: Brendan Leister

There aren’t many defensive prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft class that have made as many impact plays during their college careers as Bacarri Rambo has.  In his four years at the University of Georgia, Rambo produced 16 interceptions (3 returned for touchdowns), 6 forced fumbles, 7 tackles for a loss, and 1 sack.  The Browns have a need at the free safety position and Bacarri Rambo is an ideal fit.

Rambo is a rangy free safety prospect with a nose for the football (as previously noted).  He possesses good size for the position at 6’ tall and 210 lbs. and he’s also a very good athlete.

Rambo has tremendous ball skills.  He’s the type of safety that quarterbacks have to take note of on every play because of his playmaking ability.

Rambo is very adept at stripping the football and creating forced fumbles.  He’ll deliver big hits at times.  Although, he shows good effort in run support on most plays, effort isn’t there in run support on every single play.  He is susceptible to taking lazy angles at times when pursuing ball carriers.

Rambo has some experience covering the slot, but he’s at his best when covering deep zones.  Rambo relies on his range and ability to read the quarterback’s eyes to cover the deep areas of the field.

After a four-game suspension in 2012 for a reported failed drug test, Rambo has some questions to answer.  Teams will have to determine if this will be a recurring theme throughout the rest of his career.

Bacarri Rambo should undoubtedly be under consideration by the Browns if he is still on the board on the third day of the 2013 NFL Draft.  His talent and skill set make him a great fit and an excellent complement to TJ Ward.  The Browns have to keep adding playmakers to their roster and Bacarri Rambo has the ability to make plays early and often in his professional career.

Scouting Notes:

Alabama 2012:

Comes up from single high safety position and separates WR from the ball with a huge hit.

Goes up to try to high point the ball 1-on-1 with a WR, but the WR gets up higher and brings the pass down.

Comes up quickly in run support from deep safety position, attacks RB’s outside shoulder and gets him on the ground.

Took a couple of poor angles when coming up to get ball carriers on the ground.  Gets out of control at times.

As deep safety, reading QB’s eyes, slow to react to deep ball to seam route on the opposite hash.  A better throw may end up in a TD.  Must react faster.

Chasing RB downfield, gets pushed by the RB and gives up more yards before getting him on the ground.

Playing deep middle, keeps his eye on seam route and the WR gets behind him and scores a TD against the CB.  CB seemed to expect help from Rambo over the top.

Georgia Tech 2012:

Takes a poor angle at first coming up in run support and overruns the RB.  RB gets in a crowd and is slowed down.  Rambo hustles to the RB and rips the ball out of his hands at the 1-yard line.

From single-high safety position, runs with WR on deep route and naturally intercepts overthrown pass.

Comes up in run support, gets blocked out of bounds by pulling OL while trying to set the edge.

Florida 2012:

Comes downhill from single-high safety position and tackles RB after short gain.

Pursues from opposite side of the field and closes on the QB running toward the sideline, tackles him near LOS for short gain.

Drops in coverage in end zone on right deep half, reads QB’s eyes and runs toward the left as the QB scrambles that direction.  QB throws back across his body into the end zone before going out of bounds and Rambo intercepts it.  He returns it out of the end zone to the 10-yard line.

Blitzes through the right A-gap untouched with a running start and sacks the QB.

Takes a poor angle, dives, and misses a tackle in space.

Quickly pursues outside run and attacks ball carrier’s outside shoulder, forcing run back inside.  Missed the tackle in space, but slowed ball carrier down and allowed teammates to make a play.

Kentucky 2012:

Comes up and tackles slot receiver to limit YAC.

Pursues slot receiver after catching bubble screen and tackles the player in space after a short gain.

Auburn 2012:

Recognizes screen pass, comes up and lays a big hit on ball carrier in the flat.

Runs to WR to limit YAC downfield, goes to tackle the WR and strips the ball inside the 10-yard line.

Drops into deep zone, reads QB’s eyes and comes up to cover WR running post route.  Ball is overthrown and Rambo picks it off.

Ole Miss 2011:

Doesn’t hustle on throw to running back in flat on opposite side of field.  Takes lazy angle and has to accelerate quickly.  Almost catches up, but doesn’t.  Results in touchdown.

Comes up from deep safety position and meets running back 3 yards from LOS after setting edge.  Makes tackle.

Offense runs a reverse pass.  Rambo has eyes in backfield and allows wide receiver to get behind him for touchdown.

Intercepts poorly thrown deep ball.  Catch wasn’t contested at all.  Easy play.

Jumps up and intercepts pass as receiver tries to fight him for ball.

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