2013 Rankings and Scouting Reports


Running Backs


Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

Offensive Tackles

Offensive Guards


Defensive Tackles

Defensive Ends

Outside Linebackers

Inside Linebackers



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13 Responses to “2013 Rankings and Scouting Reports”

  1. Eric Kush Sr says:

    Wow where is Kush

  2. Eric Kush Sr says:

    Aren’t you scouts, lol

  3. Eric Kush Sr says:

    So you aren’t on tape list of agents, you just watch TV. Now I understand your rankings

  4. Eric Kush Sr says:

    Not condescending mis led

  5. Eric Kush Sr says:

    Site says scouting reports not writers opinion. With limited resources

  6. JustinHigdon says:

    Sorry I didn’t write about your son, Eric

  7. JP3 says:

    Eric Kush Sr = Douchebag

  8. donnie brasco says:

    typical a-hole from pittsburgh. Eric Kush isnt goin to CLE and his dad is a caacksucker

  9. Eric Kush Sr says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

  10. Eric Kush Sr says:

    Who wants to go to Cleveland, sentence isn’t it,ha ha ha

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