2013 Browns Draft Picks

Players that the Cleveland Browns selected in the 2013 NFL Draft:

1st Round (6): OLB Barkevious Mingo-LSU

2nd Round: WR Josh Gordon-Baylor (Selected in 2012 Supplemental Draft)

3rd Round (68): CB Leon McFadden-San Diego State

6th Round (175): S Jamoris Slaughter-Notre Dame

7th Round (217): DE Armonty Bryant-East Central Oklahoma

7th Round (227): OG Garrett Gilkey-Chadron State

Traded picks:

7th Round Pick (Traded to PHI with David Sims)

6th Round Pick (173) (Traded to SF with Colt McCoy)

5th Round Pick (164) (Traded to MIA in Davone Bess trade)

4th Round Pick (111) (Traded to PIT for 2014 3rd Round Pick)

5th Round Pick (139) (Traded to IND for 2014 4th Round Pick)

2012 Browns Draft Picks / 2014 Browns Draft Picks

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  1. Jake Bible says:

    How about Damontre Moore? DE/OLB Texas A&M for our first round pick??? Then CB for our 3rd (not sure who), 4th round guy go grab, Robert Woods From USC if he is there still………………

    • Fangs says:

      Woods will be gone 1st round. Ryan Swope will be there though

      • Mark Austen says:

        Woods will be lucky to get drafted in the 2nd round……Why would the Browns draft Moore when they have Sheard and Kruger already playing the two OLB in the new 3-4?

        • Shane says:

          Lombardi always had tons of pass rushers to rotate in and out. Also, the Giants have been very successful with their rotation so adding pass rushers is very likely. Finally, no one knows how Sheard will transition to a 3-4 and many experts expect he will be traded for a 2 round pick.

        • Jonny says:

          Sheard is not a 3-4 OLB

  2. Branman says:

    Could be wrong but I thought I saw that we now have PHI’s 6th round pick for Sims. Love the site btw.

  3. Bleed Orange says:

    Take B. Werner, D. Moore, or J. Jones at number 6. Jones might be the best, but has spinal injury that scares me. Werner should be a J.J. Watt type player, and Moore is similar to Mario Williams.

    If all three guys are gone, which is possible but unlikely, try to move back and get a 2nd pick, or take D. Milliner, the cb from Alabama.

  4. Chris says:

    I would like to see them pick Milliner with the 6th pick if he is there. If he is gone, try and trade down to acquire a 2nd round pick. Sign an OLB/Pass Rusher throuh Free Agency instead of picking one with the 6th overall pick. I wouldn’t mind if they drafted one later, but I think drafting Milliner at #6 is the best option for the Browns.

  5. HOTDawgs says:

    Here is how I see things unfolding in Berea…
    We got a 1yr TE in Kellen Davis… still a need In long run.
    CB not Crucial any more. WR still young and under sized.
    DL… well we spent alot of $$ Sheard moves to SLB.
    OL Good. That leaves… how the draft goes.

    Pick #6… Jonathan Cooper (OG)- UNC
    Pick #68… Mike Glennon (QB)- NC State
    Pick #101… Zaviar Gooden (LB)- Missouri
    Pick #132… Christine Michael (RB)- Texas A&M
    Pick #163… Tracy Moore (WR)- Oklahoma St.


  6. Zero says:

    HOTDawg, your nuts. Did you watch the games last year? How can you say a CB isn’t crucial any more? The only CB we have that is good is Joe Haden! All of the other CB got burnt all season and this is a passing league.

    The Browns will have to address the corner and free safety position in the draft since we do not have starters for either spot and most of the good free agents have signed by now.

    Pick #6 Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama
    Pick #68 D.J. Swearinger, S, South Carolina
    Pick #101 Vince Williams, ILB, Florida State
    Pick #132 Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma
    Pick #163 Oday Aboushi, G/OT, Virginia

  7. Brian.Strollo says:

    Pick #6 (Round 1) – Jarvis Jones (LB – Alabama)
    Pick #68 (Round 3) – Baccari Rambo (S – Georgia)
    Pick #104 (Round 4) – Landry Jones (QB – Oklahoma)
    Pick #139 (Round 5) – Ryan Swope (WR – Texas A&M)
    Pick #164 (Round 5) – Jake Stoneburner (TE – Ohio State)
    Pick #175 (Round 6) – Mario Benavides (OL – Louisville)
    Pick #227 (Round 7) – Johnny Adams (CB – Michigan St)

    • Brian.Strollo says:

      NOTE: If Jarvis Jones scares you, the Browns could always trade down as far as they can go (in the first round), pick up as many draft picks as possible, and take CHASE THOMAS (LB – STANFORD) late in the 1st or early in the 2nd. Some scouts have stated that Chase Thomas could be the next Clay Matthews. He recorded 229 tackles, 28 sacks, 9 ff, 1 fr, and 2 interceptions in his collegiate career. According to many analysts, Chase Thomas is projected to be a 2nd round pick. Who knows… By trading down, the Browns could acquire an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick, and possibly more…

    • Shane says:

      I like your picks for the most part except I feel we should take Tyrann Mathieu instead of Baccari Rambo in the third. Safety isn’t as big of a need and Mathieu would be a first rounder if it wasn’t for his drug problem. Also, Nick Kasa will be taken before Stoneburner and Jones went to Georgia, not Alabama.
      Still, for the most part, I like these picks and would be happy with just a few changes to them.

      • Brian.Strollo says:

        Thanks Shane!

        Bear in mind… The Cleveland Browns did release (2) veteran safeties this year. They cut Usama Young, and they failed to renew a contract with Ray Ventrone.

        So now it’s just TJ Ward back there, all by himself… I don’t like it… It scares me. Yes, Eric Hagg and Tashaun Gipson have shown glimpses of success, but neither of them are “starters”, and I feel fairly confident in saying that…

        What makes matters worse is that there isn’t a seasoned veteran (or a quality prospect available) on the other side of Joe Haden. Personally, I don’t think there are too many cornerbacks available in this years draft, and frankly I doubt any of the cornerbacks are going to be an immediate impact regardless of the team that selects them. In my opinion, it’s slim pickins here at this position, however, there is a considerable amount of depth at the safety position… So why not get another safety who can help the secondary right away…

        Why do I like Baccari Rambo?? Well, if you look his numbers, and the toughness of the schedule(s), it’s a no brainer. Bacarri Rambo has as many interceptions than the top 3 safeties combined (Kenny Vaccaro, Jonathan Cyprien, and Matt Elam). That’s right… I said combined. Bacarri Rambo racked up a total of 16 interceptions in the SEC. He also had 235 tackles and 6 forced fumbles. I really like this guy…. Alot!!!

    • Justin Williams says:

      a CB at the 7th round… you do know that’s our biggest need right?

      • Brian.Strollo says:

        I feel CORNERBACK is a HUGE need for the Cleveland Browns. Unfortunately, I just don’t see anybody in this years draft who could fill this need and truly make an impact, at least… not right away…

        Demarcus Milliner, scares me because of his injuries, and the (4) surgeries he’s had. I personally think that Xavier Rhodes and Desmond Trufant were much better (in college) and will most likely be more productive in the NFL anyway. I would be OK with either of these two guys (Rhodes or Trufant), but I just don’t see the Browns drafting any of these guys — based on what I’ve heard. And to be honest with you… After these (3) cornerbacks are gone, there really isn’t too much left. Nobody else worth drafting within the first three or four rounds, but that’s just my opinion.

        Frankly, I would like to see a Clay Matthews / James Harrison style linebacker join the roster. Somebody who has a proven track record for getting to the quarterback. Somebody who can start right away and make things happen. That’s why I’m partial to Jarvis Jones and/or Chase Thomas.

        Regardless, GO BROWNS!

  8. Ceazzo says:

    Trade back wit Mia or S.D.

    pick up Tavon Austin

    Reid from LSU in 2nd if he’s still there

    3rd Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu

    • Shane says:

      Austin doesn’t fit into Turner’s offense. We need big receivers who can get vertical. He probably won’t be there at 11 or 12 either.

  9. DawgNuts!!! says:

    I agree with Ceazzo, i think that would make us better. Give Weeden a dynamic weapon like austin in a Norv Turner offense. with these defense players to feel wholes, i think we could compete.

    Dawgnizzles out!!!

  10. Shane says:

    1. Jarvis Jones – OLB – Georgia
    Jones is expected to slide so the Browns can trade down and pick up one of the best pass-rushing LB’s. If Dion Jordan falls to 6 though, I would pick him up because he’s lower risk.
    2. Kyle Long – G/OT – Oregon
    The Browns pick up interior help and create one of the most elite offensive lines in the league. Kevin Minter is a possibility too.
    3. Tyrann Mathieu – CB/KR – LSU
    Mathieu would be a first rounder if he wouldn’t have been suspended. However, he’s completed rehab and looks like he could be a great weapon at KR.
    4. Tyler Bray/Matt Scott – QB
    Zac Dysert would be another option here. Not too impressed with QB’s except for Geno Smith and E.J. Manuel, who will be gone by now and aren’t worth as much as my previous picks.
    5. Nick Kasa – TE – Colorado
    Kasa is a little green, but could develop into a great TE and become a dynamic weapon for Norv Turner’s offense, which features a TE.
    6. Latavius Murray – RB – Central Florida
    I’m not in love with this pick but he is an interesting prospect. If they take Minter in round 2, they’ll probably pick up Brian Winters or a different Guard to strengthen the O-line.

  11. Brad says:

    Trade #6 for 11 and 45
    1st pick – Rhodes or Jones
    2nd pick – Werner or Moore or Woods or Allen
    3rd Rambo
    4th Mathieu
    5th Winters and dysert
    6 Kasa
    7 Kicker

  12. Brady says:

    Geno might now fall to the late first or early second round trade up or hope he falls to 68

  13. Brian.Strollo says:

    After (3) rounds into the NFL draft, I can honestly say that the Browns have completely let me down… Again!!!!

    Why is it that every team in the division drafts better than the Browns? Other teams, like the Steelers, Bengals, and Ravens draft players that actually perform well, whereas the Browns like to draft players who simply “have potential” — instead of a proven track record and a collection of stats to back it up.

    Every year, regardless of the coaches and/or ownership, we get the same crap…. Why can’t Cleveland turn it around?

    If we wanted a “pass rusher”, we should have taken Jarvis Jones, like Pittsburgh did… If we wanted a “coverage guy”, we should have taken Matheiu, like Arizona did. If we wanted a true safety, we should have taken Rambo. If receiver was the position in need, then Stedman Bailey was the guy.

    The Browns suck! I think I’m going to retire this year (as a fan).

  14. RANDY says:


  15. Brian.Strollo says:

    Where is Jimmy Haslam’s true allegiance?

    Is his allegiance truly with the Cleveland Browns, or is Jimmy Haslam still a “die hard” Steelers Fan, strategically lined-up to sabotage the Cleveland Browns. After watching the news for the last several months, and watching this draft, I am now beginning to wonder…

    First of all, let’s look at his character. If you haven’t been paying any attention, he’s been recently in the news, and is being investigated by the FBI and the IRS for charges of fraud. Apparently, he’s the type of guy who will offer you a rebate, and not pay you on it… And yes… He was fully aware of what was going on… This shows us where his “ethics” lie…

    Now let’s turn to the draft…

    The Browns had the ability to trade down (with the dolphins), and they balked. This deal would have moved the Browns from the 6th overall pick to the 12th overall pick (6 slots), and as a bonus, the Browns would have acquired the 10th pick in the 2nd round. Not too shabby, huh??? Well, I guess the Browns didn’t like the idea of grabbing a 2nd round draft pick. Instead, they went ahead and grabbed Barkevious Mingo (aka momma’s boy), a guy who if it wasn’t for “his name” and possibly his vertical leap, would be a 2nd-3rd round draft pick at best. Somehow “the analysts” were able to pull a fast one and promote another “stiff” into the first round, and the Browns “bought it” hook line and sinker…


    ROUND 3
    Then, in the 3rd round (62 picks later — which is practically 2 rounds), the Browns select Leon McFadden, one of the shortest cornerbacks in this years draft (69″), a guy from San Diego State who many analysts projected going in the 4th and 5th rounds.


    If you look at his statistics, and you look at the schools he played against, you will see that kid was just an average cornerback who played in a mediocre division. So why this pick, when there was SOOO much more talent on the board?

    ROUND 4:
    The Browns had a 4th round pick — past tense. Although, before I explain how this went down, let me break down what happened in the 2nd round… Sadly, the Browns did not have a 2nd round draft pick this year, but they did replace “Mo Mass” with Davone Bess. However, in acquiring Bess, the Browns had to trade spots with the Dolphins in the 4th round (trading the 7th for the 14th), and they had to give up one of their two 5th round picks for a Dolphins 7th round pick. Ouch! That latter part kinda hurt, but hey! You had to replace Mohammed right? Then, you find out that the Browns trade their only 4th round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers of all teams, for their 3rd round pick next year.

    In the first four rounds of the draft, the Browns only acquired 2 new rookies (Mingo and McFadden), and each one of these guys, in my opinion were way drafted way too high.

    Now let’s look at the rest of the division (first four rounds)… I have put a letter grade next to each team, representing how I would grade their draft selections.

    Pittsburgh: A
    1. Jarvis Jones (OLB)
    2. Le’Veon Bell (RB)
    3. Markus Wheaton (WR)
    4. Shamarko Thomas (S)
    5. Landry Jones (QB)

    Cincinatti: B+
    1. Tyler Eifert (TE)
    2. Giovanni Bernard (RB)
    3. Margus Hunt (DE)
    4. Shawn Williams (S)
    5. Sean Porter (OLB)

    Batimore: B+
    1. Matt Elam (S)
    2. Arthur Brown (LB)
    3. Brandon Williams (DT)
    4. John Simon (DE)
    5. Kyle Juszczyk (TE)

    Cleveland: D
    1. Barkevious Mingo (OLB)
    2. Leon McFadden (CB)

    For a team that has so many needs, how could the Browns do this??? Could Jimmy Haslam (and his crew) be setting up the Cleveland Browns for failure? We shall soon see.

    • JrS says:

      U r an idiot Brian.

      • Joseph says:

        I second that, and also I could bury you with your comments but don`t have the time goofy!!

      • MADDENKING1980 says:

        I think he’s on point, the browns have totally screwed up this draft and free agency. Every year they get out maneuvered by the Steelers and Ravens and now they are trading draft picks to teams in their division, how did that work out a few year ago when we traded with the Ravens (we got stuck with Wimbly).

        I was hoping the change in ownership would turn this team around but the new guys seem as incompetent as Mike Holmgram.

    • JustinHigdon says:

      If you think Jimmy Haslam spent a billion dollars to run an already downtrodden franchise deeper into the ground, then I suggest you seek some counseling for your paranoia.

    • Mike Hoag says:


  16. WholetDawgsOut says:

    so how many picks do we have for 2014draft now?

    would like them to pick up osu stoneburner before he goes

  17. WholetDawgsOut says:

    dont know if they are trading all their drafts so they have more picks and better choices to go after in 2014 draft… and just waiting. for other teams to make their cuts and pick up people..i think thats their game plan…

  18. Bigdaddy40 says:

    I can not believe they did not address the o-line needs….SMDH!

  19. MADDENKING1980 says:

    Browns waste another draft…same old story here in Cleveland.

  20. glatt says:

    Browns are setting themselves up for first pick next year, just may have locked it.

  21. Brian.Strollo says:

    Lombardi always “thinks” he’s smarter than the rest…


    • JrS says:

      I’m sure ur much smarter right? That’s why u work at Ohio Carbon Skank & not in the Browns front office! U need a hobby, & stop parting ur hair down the middle!

  22. Brian.Strollo says:

    I must be… Atleast smarter than you… Please humor me, and take a look at the file I attached (above), and now look at the following draft grades that I’ve collected throughout the entire world wide web… I am not too far off from the popular opinion of the masses my friend.. I’ve been following football my entire life, and I feel that the skills that I’ve acquired in the military (as an analyst), and as an engineer, give me the ability to analyze data – thank you very much…. and quit being a stalker JrS.

    Chris Burke (Sports Illustrated)
    Cleveland (D+), Pittsburgh (B+), Baltimore (A-), Cincinnati (B+)
    Vinnie Iyer (Sporting News)
    Cleveland (D), Pittsburgh (A), Baltimore (B+), Cincinnati (A-)
    Peter Berkes (SB Nation)
    Cleveland (C-), Pittsburgh (B), Baltimore (B+), Cincinnati (B-)
    Ty Schalter (Bleacher Report)
    Cleveland (C-), Pittsburgh (A-), Baltimore (A), Cincinnati (B)
    Anonymous (NFL.com)
    Cleveland (C), Pittsburgh (B), Baltimore (B), Cincinnati (B)
    Mel Kiper (ESPN)
    Cleveland (C+), Pittsburgh (B), Baltimore (A-), Cincinnati (A-)
    Rob Rang (CBS Sports)
    Cleveland (C), Pittsburgh (B+), Baltimore (A), Cincinnati (A)
    Alex Marvez (Fox8 Sports)
    Cleveland (C+), Pittsburgh (A-), Baltimore (A), Cincinnati (B)
    Ira Kaufman (Tampa Tribune)
    Cleveland (D), Pittsburgh (B-), Baltimore (B+), Cincinnati (A-)
    Evan Silva (NBC Rotoworld)
    Cleveland (C), Pittsburgh (C+), Baltimore (B+), Cincinnati (B)
    John McClain (Ultimate Texan)
    Cleveland (C), Pittsburgh (C+), Baltimore (B+), Cincinnati (A)
    Randy Covitz (Kansas City Star)
    Cleveland (C+), Pittsburgh (A-), Baltimore (A), Cincinnati (A)

    If you take the mean average of these (12) grades, the grades would be the following:

    Cleveland (C-), Pittsburgh (B), Baltimore (A-), Cincinnati (B+)

    • Brian.Strollo says:

      I personally gave the Browns a D-, particularly for what they did in the middle and latter rounds of the draft… The Browns claimed that that they were done drafting (due to a weak draft), and then they turn around and pick up a damaged conerback who never even expected to get drafted. Then, in the 7th they picked up the drug dealing defensive end (from East Central Oklahoma), and I’ve never even heard of that offensive guard named Gilkey. Quite frankly, I’m not impressed with their first (2) picks either… I would have passed on Mingo and McFadden.

      • Brian.Strollo says:

        I know that hind sight is always 20/20, but knowing what I know now, here what I would have liked to have seen the Browns do in the 2013 draft.

        Rnd 1 / Pick 12 (from Miami) – Jarvis Jones (OLB – Georgia)
        Rnd 2 / Pick 10 (from Miami) – Johnathan Banks (CB – Miss State)
        Rnd 3 / Pick 06 (natural pick) – Stedman Bailey (WR – W.Virginia)
        Rnd 4 / Pick 07 (natural pick) – Landry Jones (QB – Oklahoma)
        Rnd 5 / Pick 06 (natural pick) – Baccari Rambo (S – Georgia)
        Rnd 5 / Pick 31 (from San F) – Ricky Wagner (OL -Wisconsin)
        Rnd 6 / Pick 07 (natural pick) – Michael William (TE – Alabama)
        Rnd 7 / Pick 07 (natural pick) – Joe Kruger (DE- Utah)

        If I was drafting for the Browns, yes, I would have traded down with the Dolphins, and picked up their 2nd round pick… That was a no-brainer in my eyes… We still could have gabbled up a Jarvis Jones (before Pittsburgh did), and I think the Browns fans would have loved it!

    • JrS says:

      U ever played football? Didn’t think so. And what does being a military analyst have to do with football? Absolutely nothing! Experts said Tom Brady would never be a NFL quarterback but guess what, 3 Super Bowl victories! Enough said.

  23. dewon says:

    the browns should of got geno smith

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