2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Zac Dysert

December 24th, 2012

Could Miami Ohio’s Zac Dysert be one of the top three quarterbacks drafted in April? (Photo: Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports)

Updated: 4/9/13

DraftBrowns.com Staff Writer: Justin Higdon

Most people in the draft community believe that either West Virginia’s Geno Smith or Arkansas’s Tyler Wilson is the top quarterback in this year’s class.  But if they are the top two, who is number three?  One candidate comes from a MAC school in Oxford, Ohio that finished the 2012 season with a 4-8 record.  Zac Dysert never got much help from his supporting cast, and the Redhawks’ offensive system didn’t do him many favors.  But Dysert is talent passer with a strong arm, and quite possibly the best deep ball in the draft.

Zac Dysert Miami (OH) QB 6’3 228

Dysert’s most impressive trait is probably his downfield throwing ability.  He steps into his throws and his touch on deep passes is as good as any quarterback in this year’s draft class.  Dysert keeps his eyes downfield, rarely underthrows his receivers and he doesn’t miss the open man.  He has an over the top delivery and a good release point.

Dysert has excellent arm strength and can zip the ball with an easy delivery.  He has supreme confidence to try and fit the ball into tight windows.  At times he is getting passes down the field between two and three defenders, and placing the ball where his receivers can get yards after the catch.  Dysert is able to buy time with his feet, roll out to either side, and deliver the ball on the run without sacrificing much accuracy.  He stands tall under pressure, has good movement skills and is hard for defenders to wrap up.  He often keeps plays alive when it looks like he’s in trouble, though he has to be careful not to try to do too much and get careless with the ball.

When Dysert misses, he often misses high.  This could lead to interceptions in certain areas of the field.  Still, his arm strength will make difficult throws possible at the next level.  Dysert hasn’t received a lot of national attention.  Perhaps it was because he was playing in relative obscurity in the MAC.  Perhaps it was due to playing with one of the worst receiving corps in the FBS ranks.  Most likely it was a combination of things.  But Dysert has the physical tools and mentality to be a riser during draft season.

 Zac Dysert’s Passes Charted (click the picture to enlarge it)

Zac Dysert’s passes as charted by Brendan Leister.

Game Notes:


Vs. Ohio State (’12)

  • Dumps one over the middle and gets his WR decked.
  • Leads his WR perfectly on a slant between three defenders but the ball gets dropped.
  • Really like his downfield throwing ability – rarely underthrows the ball and doesn’t miss an open man.
  • Zips a big time throw down the middle between three defenders and leads to long run after the catch.
  • Rolls left, draws in defenders and finds a wide open receiver in the back of the end zone for a drop.
  • Keeps plays alive.
  • Rolls right, lofts a pass between two defenders but yet another drop.
  • Throws behind over the middle and misses high – this will lead to INTs.
  • Throwing really well on the move in this game.
  • Tries to do too much – avoids a sack but loses ground and gets called for intentional grounding.
  • Shakes off a sack and completes a first down pass across the middle with a defender hanging on his back.
  • Appears to have good movement skills and is hard to wrap up.
  • Makes an ill advised INT but by that time the game was in hand.
  • Locks on and throws another late pick


Vs. Ohio (’12)

  • Strong arm, can zip the ball with easy effort.
  • Not a runner but can move in the pocket and buy time.
  • Steps into his throws and can fire the ball but he has to keep the ball down where his WR can get it – tipped pass almost results in an INT.
  • Good form on the deep ball, puts touch on it, finds the open WR for a TD.
  • Keeps his eyes downfield and rolls to his left and hits the WR on a deep post in stride – a terrific throw over the dropping safety.
  • He is routinely betrayed by dropped passes.
  • He has an over the top delivery and a good release point but he still gets a pass batted – not a big deal.
  • Connects on a deep pass even though the ball was wobbly – probably a testament to his arm strength, and he usually throws a tighter spiral.
  • Ugly head first slide on a scramble.
  • Can fit the ball into tight spaces.
  • Perfect end zone fade gets dropped.
  • Gets pressured and makes an ill-advised throw across his body that gets picked in the end zone.
  • Makes another questionable throw to the sideline in double coverage – good zip on the ball but risky throw.
  • Shows ability to lead the WR on a slant over the middle


Vs. Boise State (’12)

  • Miscommunication with the WR on the first pass almost results in an INT.
  • They run a QB draw with him – criminal misuse.
  • Stands in under pressure and delivers a pass down the middle. Misses high and almost gets picked.
  • Perfect strike about 20-25 yards downfield clangs off the receiver’s hands.
  • When he misses, he misses high and he has to be careful about that.
  • Lobs a short pass into the back of the end zone and it gets dropped.
  • Throws wild on a RB screen.
  • Nails a timing route down the sideline – that arm will make throws like that possible at the next level

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2 Responses to “2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Zac Dysert”

  1. TA says:

    He’s a better prospect imo than Barkley. Hopefully he gets invited to the Sr Bowl and he can showcase his talents.

  2. I agree 100%. I don’t think Barkley is even close to as impressive as Dysert as a prospect.

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