2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Blidi Wreh-Wilson

December 29th, 2012

UConn cornerback Blidi Wreh-Wilson could be a target for the Browns on Day Two of the NFL Draft (Photo: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports)

DraftBrowns.com Staff Writer: Justin Higdon

With Sheldon Brown getting up in years and not expected to return next season, it stands to reason that the Browns will be looking for a cornerback to team up with Joe Haden.  Spending another high first round pick on the position seems unlikely, but shopping for a corner in the third round makes sense.  Connecticut’s Blidi Wreh-Wilson appears to have many of the traits Cleveland values in its defensive backs, and would be a good fit in Round Three…if he’s still available.


Blidi Wreh-Wilson Connecticut CB 6’1 190

Wreh-Wilson has experience lining up in man and zone coverage.  He shows good ball skills, and ability to turn and locate.  Wreh-Wilson is a tall, lanky corner with questions about his speed.  May be best suited for zone coverage.  Some teams may look at as a safety, and he even has experience lining up back there, but he has the ability to play corner.

Wreh-Wilson is a similar prospect to 2012 draftee Casey Hayward.  He’s an aggressive cover man, and while he’s not the best tackler, he is willing to come up and play the run.  He shows the ability to wrap up, he just needs to be more consistent with this facet of his game.

Wreh-Wilson does a good job breaking on the ball and defending passes.  His instincts, timing and long arms will serve him well in defending the big, tall receivers he’ll face in the NFL.  He is able to stay with his man down the field, and shows the ability to cover end zone fade routes.  With his size and skill level, he’s likely to come off the board on Day Two of the draft.


Game Notes:


Vs. Louisville (’12)

  • Lines up in man and zone.
  • Shows good ball skills, ability to turn and locate.
  • Tall, lanky CB.
  • Good break on a ball but drops the INT.
  • Does a nice job to stay with his man down the field in coverage.
  • Stays with his man on end zone fade and gets an INT


Vs. Rutgers (’12)

  • He’ll come up and play the run but he needs to wrap up.
  • Really knows how to play the ball.
  • Aggressive approach.
  • Odd positioning, lined up in zone but standing perpendicular to the LOS – needs to eliminate this from his repertoire.
  • Shows a look where he lines up at safety and comes up in run defense


Vs. Rutgers (’11)

  • Comes on a CB blitz but doesn’t wrap up – his teammates clean up the sack.
  • Covering Mohamed Sanu often in this game – breaks up a pass near the goal line.
  • Does a nice job anticipating and breaking on the ball in coverage.
  • Looks like he has long arms.
  • Has tight coverage on 6’5 Brandon Coleman on a deep jump ball, but Coleman makes the catch – still a good example of maintaining coverage down the field.
  • Sometimes turns his body too much to one side or the other – turns to the sideline and gets his hands into the WR trying to break inside, and it’s an easy pass interference call.
  • Doesn’t have track speed but makes up for it with good timing – times a jump to break up a pass in the end zone.
  • Gives too big of a cushion in the red zone and gets beat to the inside for a TD.
  • Next time down, gets inside position on the WR on a similar play and makes a diving INT

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